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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I hope that you will enjoy this fanfic and please, please, please REVIEW! Anything in brackets are translated language, From Pokemon language to English. Anyway, things you need to know: Ash, Misty and Brock have travelled a long journey from Pewter City to Virdian City, let's see how our heroes are going!

"Hey, Guys we're at Virdian City!" Ash announced.

"Okay Ash... could we sleep first, I'm so tired!" Misty said.

"No, Misty. How about we look at the ladies first!" Brock was dribbling while he spoke.

Misty got furious and shouted, "Brock stop going on about your x-rated fantasies!"

Brock sarcastically said, "Oh I'm so sorry Misty(!)"

"Hey guys, cut it out!" Ash shouted, "Stop arguing it's annoying when you always argue!"

Pikachu suddenly spoke, "Pika-Pik-Chu." - ("Aunty Misty, please could you stop arguing. I'm scared when you shout at Brock!")

Misty suddenly looked shocked.

"What is it Misty?" Ash quickly said.

"Where did Brock go!?" Misty cried.

Pikachu burst into tears, "Pika-Pik-Pikachu" - ("Uncle Brock has gone!")

Ash looked relieved.

"There he is. Talking to that Nurse Joy!"

"Thank God! I'm really gonna kill him!" Misty exclaimed.

As Misty walked over to Brock, Pikachu said, "Pik!" - ("Misty Don't!!")

But Misty ignored Pikachu pleas and shouted, "Brock, will you come with us?! We were worried when you walked off, and -"

"Huh?" Ash said. "That's not Brock!"

The confused man looked at them.

"Who are you?"

Misty replied, "Sorry Sir, I thought you were a friend of mine."

"Ash, where did Brock go?"

"I don't know, what are we going to do?" Ash asked.

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