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"NOOO!" cried Ash.

"What's wrong?" May asked looking worried.

"Look at my pokeball. There's nothing inside it!" Ash whimpered.

"Oh, God not again!" May rolled her eyes. "Get real!"

"FINE, IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME THEN LOOK!!!" Ash shoved the poke'ball to her face, he was right, the ball was empty.

"Uh-oh!, What are we going to do now?" May groaned.

"Look, let's go and find Brock and Misty, maybe they can help." Ash said.

"Okay, Come on let's go." May said.

A little while after...

"Are you sure that you never dropped the ball and the Poke'mon just escaped from the ball and you picked it up again thinking it was still there?" Brock asked stupidly.

"Oh, come on Brock, why would the Poke'mon escape from Ash anyway?" Misty said.

Ash was really upset, he could never ever be the Pokemon Master anymore, and worst to come, he couldn't take part in the Tournament without any Pokemon.

"Hey! My other Pokeballs might not be missing!" Ash said.

"Oh Yeah!" May said.

"Why didn't I think of that?" Brock said scratching his head.

"Come on let's go!" Misty cried.

Ash's house...

Ash nervously picked up the ball and thought: Please say there is a pokemon inside, Please.

Ash threw the poke'ball and it landed on the carpet.

The Ball was empty.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ash cried, "Where my Pokemon???"

Ash threw all the others, But it was all empty.

Ash was heartbroken. His Pokemon lost forever.

"The Tournament starts in just four more days!" Ash said. " I won't be able to participate."

May suddenly had an idea. "I've think of got it!"

"What?" said Ash excitedly.

"Someone must have stolen it!" May said.

"Who would?" Brock said.

"Isn't that obvious?" May said.

"Who then?" Misty asked.

"Team Rocket, of course!" May said as if it was the most obvious answer on Earth.

"How comes I couldn't think of that?" Ash said. "Come on Guys, let's go!"

Rustboro City...

As Ash walked through Rustboro City, Ash decided to stop at the Museum, Misty, Brock and May reluctantly agreed.

Inside the museum they could see lots of statues of famous artists, Trainers, pokemon and all sorts of stuff.

"Why do you wanna go here for?" Misty moaned "This place is a dump."

"HEY!!! That's my Pikachu!" Ash snarled at a man. " I recognise that birthmark!"

"Wow, what an amazing coincidence Ash, nice to see you here." The man said.

"Who are you?"Ash shouted.

"I'm from the Team Aqua, and we will take over this museum!" and the man cackled.

"Give back my Pokemon NOW!" Ash shouted.

"Unless, you can win me in a battle, if you lose you give me your pokemon." The man said.

"I haven't got any Pokemon to fight you with, stupid!" Ash shouted.

"I'll fight you Aqua Man!" May shouted.

"Ha-ha! What a laugh! A girl trying to face the ultimate Team Aqua member? Utterly impossible!" The man laughed.

"You'll be sorry, that you said that." May snarled. "Go Combusken!"

"This will be a two pokemon use okay? Go Crawdaunt!" The Man said.

"Combusken, Fire Spin!" May ordered.

The fire didn't seem to affect Crawdaunt.

"Crawdaunt, Bubblebeam!"The man commanded.

Bubbles blew out of Crawdaunt's mouth and went straight towards Combusken, For a few seconds, Combusken looked ready fight, but then it collapsed.

"Oh no!" May cried. "Return!"

While she returned the fainted Combusken, she was thinking of a plan to defeat the powerful Crawdaunt.

Crawdaunt is a water type pokemon, I used Combusken and water is strong against fire so....GRASS!

"That's it!" May cried. "Go Ludicolo! Razor leaf!"

The Crawdaunt was hit with a powerful Razor leaf, which nearly caused it to faint!

"Grr... Now Bubblebeam!" The man ordered.

"Ludicolo, dodge it!" May commanded.

Bubbles shot at Ludicolo's direction but Ludicolo jumped and it completely missed.

"You stupid Crawdaunt!" The man said.

"Now nature power!" May shouted.

Then Crawdaunt collapsed to the ground.

"Go Sharpedo!" The man yelled. "Crunch!"

Out from Nowhere, Sharpedo crunched on Ludicolo, But the Ludicolo still looked quite strong.

"It's my chance! SOLAR BEAM!" May shouted.

The Ludicolo shot out a powerful beam which instantly knocked Sharpedo out.

"You useless pokemon!" The man said, As he returned the fainted Sharpedo.

"Well, Give back Ash's pokemon." May said.

The man reluctantly agreed and threw out dozens of pokemon to Ash.

"Next time, You'll won't win!" The man said, and he walked off.

"Yay! May thanks a lot!" Ash said happily, and he kissed her.

Misy was looking like a volcano, about to erupt.

"WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME ASH?!" Misty screamed at the top of her lungs.

"May looked angry. "He only likes me, not you!"

Then Misty and May was wrestling on the ground.

"Cut it out!" Ash shouted. "Can you stop arguing for once?"

With that, they stopped. They were still glaring at each other with their beady eyes.

"May, If you never defeated that guy, I wouldn't of made it to the tournament, so thank you again.

While they walked back Ash was thinking

Well, this is it, the big challenge I'm ready to go!

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