This is yet another of those "what will happen next" fan fictions. This is my first real one.


"blah" – Speech

'blah' – Inner thoughts

NO JUTSU – Technique being used

Blah – Stuff that is done or said in the past

-[CHAPTER 1]- Evolution

Their battle had been a long one. It's been a battle full of power and emotion. Once allies they now oppose each other with fierce determination. Both shinobi had taken the fight to the next level and beyond. In front of Naruto stood a Sasuke fully powered by the level 1 cursed seal. The look in his eyes was nothing but full of intent to kill.

'If we're friends why are we fighting?' Naruto thought to himself.

Sasuke looked at his opponent with malice to kill. But what was the appearance that had taken form?

'I've seen it before but what is it?' Sasuke thought to him self as he looked upon a Naruto with piercing red eyes coupled with fangs and claws.

"You know Naruto I could have chosen anyone, even killing Sakura would have been enough," Sasuke stated calmly.

"What did you say?"

"Just as long as it's a friend I can achieve my goal." Sasuke sneered in a twisted smile.

"I WON'T LET YOU HURT HER, BASTARD!!" Naruto roared as he charged Sasuke.

"Then lets end it here" Sasuke whispered as he activated the Chidori.

Back in Konoha a certain masked had just heard some un settling news.


Kakashi burst into Tsunade's office door. "Why are you yelling so loud?" questioned a now deaf Tsunade.

Kakashi looked at Tsunade breathing heavily. Once he had heard of Sasuke's defection from Konoha from Gai he rushed to Tsunade's office for answers.

Tsunade broke the silence, "from your reaction I'm guessing you've heard."

Kakashi recomposed himself, "Gai told me."

He walked closer to Tsunade who was sitting at her desk. "Sasuke left for Orochimaru," he could barely get the words out, "and you sent Naruto and the others to retrieve him." Kakashi's eyed narrowed, "I should have been told about this right away."

Tsunade rested her chin on her clasped hands, which were situated on the desk, "the situation is being taken care of."

Kakashi responded agitated, "you sent a team consisting of a chunnin and genin on a highly dangerous mission, those children are going to get killed."

Tsunade leaned back in her chair, "those children are some of the most talented genin this village has ever seen."

Kakashi angrily looked at Tsunade, "excuse me Hokage-sama but there is some business I must attend to." He turned around,

"Kakashi! I sent Naruto on this mission for a reason. If anyone can save Uchiha Sasuke from the darkness he's in, it's that boy."

Kakashi looked at the floor. Tsunade got up and walked over to old photos of herself and Dan as well as one of her and her younger brother, "that boy has an un-natural talent at saving people even when they don't want to be saved, so I know for sure that he won't fail this mission."

Kakashi kept his sight on the floor and walked out the office door. Tsunade looked out her window to the Hokage monument, "besides he still hasn't become Hokage yet."

"CHIDORI!!" Sasuke shouted as he ran towards Naruto on top of the water.

Naruto held his hands together 'WORK!' Naruto yelled to himself, "RASENGAN!!." Chakra began to swirl around Naruto's palm. 'Work!' a ball of chakra began to form in Naruto's palm 'I have to save all my power for this attack, I can't use Kage Bunshin' the Rasengan finally formed.

"All Right!" shouted Naruto. The two charged each other at furious speeds.


They both yelled as they got within arms reach of each other. Naruto reached his arm back ready to drive it into Sasuke

Please Naruto I beg you! You're the only one who can bring Sasuke back!

Naruto flinched in mid attack. "Now!" screamed Sasuke.

Sasuke reeled his arm back and drove his Chidori into Naruto. Blood sprayed all over the water, Naruto's eyes widened in horror. Sasuke's arm was now completely going through his heart. Naruto coughed up blood on Sasuke's shirt and face. Sasuke pulled his arm out of Naruto quickly, which caused even more blood to spew out.

Naruto grabbed a hold of Sasuke's shirt in order to not fall down. His eyes changed back to their usual blue color but were hazed over. His claws and fangs retracted slowly. Sasuke looked away with an evil smile on his face,


Naruto's vision became unfocused and darker

Please I beg you Naruto

'Sorry Sakura-chan looks like I can't keep my promise.' Naruto saw Sakura crying and begging for his help, he looked at Sasuke, "Y... you...made....h..her..cry.......idiot."

Naruto let go of Sasuke's shirt and began to sink into the water, his blood mixing with the water. He continued to sink into the water with his arm still reaching for Sasuke.

Sasuke looked down at the now blood filled water as Naruto sank deeper into the water and out of sight. He looked at his hand and touched the blood on his face, "I...I did it."

He began to laugh hysterically, "Ku Ku Ku, I .. ACTUALLY DID IT!!!!" Sasuke gripped his hands tight in celebration. A flash of pain went through Sasuke's heart, "but what is this pain?"

He gripped his chest, "why does it hurt so much?"

Flashes of the Uchiha massacre went through his mind especially that of his parent's death. Sasuke looked down at his blood-covered hand, which was now shaking and saw beyond his hand at his reflection.

"What's that?" He looked down and saw his brother with an evil smile. The reflection changed into Sasuke's reflection.


Sasuke's screams echoed throughout the forest. He looked up to the sky, eyes flowing with tears. His Sharingan shrank into his pupils and then burst outward, spreading into the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Sasuke looked back down at his hands and began laughing, "Ku Ku Ku, so this is the power, the power of my brother."

Sasuke looked down at the blood filled water.

"Sorry Naruto but it seems you can't accomplish your dreams, but thanks to you I can fulfill my ambitions."

Sasuke looked one last time at the water and remembered his past and what awaited him in the village of the Sound. He turned and jumped onto the ground at the edge of the river. All of sudden a loud churning noise began behind Sasuke. He turned around to see what it was.

A whirlpool had formed where he was just standing. Out of nowhere a strong feeling hit Sasuke, "t...this feeling."

"This feels just like.." flashes of Gaara's transformation flooded Sasuke's mind.

The water within the whirlpool and around it began to boil causing massive amounts of steam to rise into the air.

"What's going on!?" Sasuke yelled at the mysterious scene unraveling itself in front of his eyes.

Sasuke snapped back to his senses.

"No, it can't be! No matter how strong he is that's im ..."

A loud roar of sounds from the water erupted as the waters become more and more violent. The splashes were now reaching as high as ten to fifteen feet high. All of a sudden Sasuke felt a huge chakra filling his surroundings. It was large, no enormous, like nothing he had ever felt before it was ..... inhuman.

A low toned but loud hissing sound echoed throughout the entire valley and traveled through the forest where it and the chakra caught the attention of Gaara and Rock Lee who were both resting.

Lee looked up in surprise, "you feel that?"

Gaara didn't respond but looked in the direction of the great power with interest. Lee continued despite the lack of response.

"That's coming from the direction that Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun went."

Gaara stood up and began walking, "Let's go."


So that's the first chapter entitled "Evolution." I'm still trying to get used to typing this is story format. One thing I will say about this story is I have it planned out for the long haul if my interest keeps up and college doesn't get in the way. I'm going to try and keep it as accurate to the manga as possible, unfortunately since I have no clue what direction the creator will take next I can only guess. If it takes a different direction than mine we'll just say this is an alternate universe. -

Also I had written this prior to the release of chapter 228. So if you think I got the dialogue wrong for the conversation between Kakashi and Tsunade its because at the time the manga chapter didn't exist. I wrote this two or so weeks ago during my lunch break.