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-CHAPTER 27 - "The Beginning of the End"


A sudden explosion filled one of the rooms of the underground structure with smoke and dust. The dust slowly cleared revealing a room full of large clay statues. The subjects for the statues varied but a common theme of animals and creatures could be pointed out easily. In the center of the room two blurs landed on opposing statues.

"Man I walk into the room and get attacked……this is troublesome." Shikamaru wiped a drop of sweat from his forehead. He looked at the figure in front of him. "So, I beat you and I get my pass out of here right?"

"Emm!" Deidara grinned, "but that is no small task, yep!"

Shikamaru frowned at looked around the room and then at his opponent, 'Geez, I knew this was going to be a bother but geez. This person…..' "You're the one who kidnapped the Kazekage right."

Deidara nodded, "That one was quite the problem. It was hard to fight him without killing him, yep."

Shikamaru sighed, 'Damn it all. Why did I get the one that took out that person?! More that, this person uses some sort of weird jutsu. Even more troublesome….' He looked up and down Deidara, "You……"

Deidara looked at him, "Hmm?"

Shikamaru's eyes became a little serious, "You……wouldn't happen to be female would you?"

One of Deidara's eyes shot up in confusion, "Haa? Isn't it obvious?"

Shikamaru shook his head, "Not at all." 'To be honest I'm tired of fighting girls.'

Deidara smirked, "I'm a male but I can understand you're confusion, like my art…" He threw a clay bird, which flew at Shikamaru at a high speed. Deidara raised his hand with his index and middle fingers raised, "… appearance is beautiful!"


"Seems like Deidara has begun. He can be careless with his artworks." Kaijin was looking up after the ceiling of the cave room they were in began to tremble. He looked down at Naruto.

Naruto was gritting his teeth. Kaijin smirked, "What's with that look? They're your friend's right?"

Naruto looked at Kaijin with unforgiving eyes, "That's right. They are my important friends."

Kaijin sighed, "Then you believe in them? Those who are closest to you, you trust them? Then why say something like don't harm them?"

Naruto was a little surprised, "Wha……Of course! They will beat the crap out of you guys!!"

Kaijin looked at the Hoshi no Tama, "Friendship and companionship……such things are meaningless in the shinobi world. One who is your friend today will become your enemy tomorrow. Such is the way of the shinobi."

Naruto didn't hesitate, "What do you know?! Even if that's how things are I don't buy it. Everyone says stuff like shinobi don't need emotions but if that were the case….then why….." Images of Zabuza crying filled his mind, "….why are we human?"

Kaijin looked at the boy for a while, "heh, seeing you now reminds me of the old days. That man used to spout such idealistic nonsense. But unlike you, he knew that when it came down to it he could kill his heart and become a true shinobi."

Kaijin stood and walked towards the Shukaku statue, "Let me ask you. You all suffered the hatred and shunning of your villages but why are you the only one who never took action against them. This one…..the one tail, he killed those from his village. He destroyed his human heart and found a sanctuary in the nature of his beast." He turned, "But you seemed to have gone in the opposite direction. Instead of taking it out on them you just tried to prove to them that you weren't the trash that they thought you were. You could have gotten their attention like he did, so why?"

Naruto lowered his eyes and then raised them back to Kaijin, "Back then it crossed my mind and I was reminded of it when I met Gaara but after I thought it over I came to the conclusion that becoming a great and strong person would force them to notice me. As long as I became someone great then I'm sure they would notice me……because I did the same thing. When I was young I would always look up to the Fourth Hokage…"

Kaijin's eye twitched, "Is that right……I find that humorous."

Naruto sneered, "Why's that, bastard?"

Kaijin smirked with pure evil in his eyes, "the one who doomed you to become a monster. The reason behind your isolation and your current situation was none other than your hero the Fourth Hokage."

Naruto's pupils dilated and he grew silent. His head lowered. Kaijin smirked, "Don't worry. That man was no hero. Just more of the usual trash."


Kaijin looked down at Naruto as the boy raised his head, "….why do you speak as if you know such things?"

Kaijin looked off into space, "That man….he is the reason for your suffering……a lot of people's suffering……"

He turned and looked at Naruto. He touched the scar on his face and then realized something, "ah…..I forgot. Since I was in that village I thought it best to get the jutsu in place. I had become so used to it that I had forgotten."

Naruto was confused but didn't say anything.

Kaijin smiled, "I wonder if you'll be surprised. He raised his hand with his index and middle finger raised. A surge of chakra came from his body and then an explosion of smoke surrounded him.

Naruto was even more confused, "…a henge?"

"No…." the smoke cleared. As it did Naruto's eyes dilated even more than from before as his jaw dropped open and his skin turned pale. "…..I dispelled the henge. This is my true appearance."

"hah…..hah….Damn this is tough." Shino wiped a drop of sweat from his brow. His insects were swarming around his body. 'This guy……he keeps popping in and out of the ground. Not only that but he seems to be able to fuse with the trees.'

Suddenly several vines shot from the trees. They pierced through Shino's heart and shoulder and implanted into the tree behind him. Zetsu began to come out of the branch that Shino was standing on, "Is that the extent of his power?" "No"

Suddenly Shino's body began to crumble turning into bugs, which shot at Zetsu. Zetsu dodged to the left but suddenly Shino appeared with a kunai in his hand. He slashed at Zetsu's throat but in a puff of smoke Zetsu's body turned into a large tree root. Shino gritted his teeth and looked around, 'in the ground again?'

Shino stood up straight, "I have a question. What is your objective? Why were Naruto-kun and the others taken?"

"Foolish. If you're trying to find me by my voice then give up." Zetsu's deep voice echoed through the room bouncing off all the trees. "Unfortunately telling you such things is pointless. If you wish to know then kill me and then you will find your answer."

Shino turned his head. Zetsu, who was on the other side of the room, noticed his head turn. His yellow eyes glowed, 'He turned his head in this direction' "Coincidence?"


Zetsu's eyes bulged and turned his head to spot Shino above him on a branch. His eyes went to where Shino was and discovered that the Shino he was watching was a Bunshin created from bugs. 'Clever….he was never fighting in the first place….'

Shino dropped from the branch and shot towards Zetsu's head. Zetsu who should have been worried grinned, "the fly is snared…" Suddenly the flytrap like jaws opened wide and chomped as Shino approached near them. A large splatter of blood fell from the tree and painted the ground a dark color of red.

'It's dark……..crap!!'

Chouji looked around as if he could see, but he couldn't. 'Damn, usually even if it's dark your eyes adjust but there isn't any light at all to be reflected.' He began to move but stopped himself, "Not only that but in this darkness there's no telling if there are traps or something……DAMMIT!!! Why couldn't Neji fight this guy?!'


Kurei's voice came from the darkness. Chouji tried to locate its origin but couldn't, "heh, when I was a child darkness terrified me. But I got over that easily enough." 'Well this guy should be in the same boat as me at least.'


Chouji was still looking around, "So you're saying that as long as there is light, darkness is nothing to fear? True enough when we're children even if the darkness terrifies us then all we need to do is turn on the light."

"I……had………such……comfort…….as…….a…….child…….since…….I……..was…….born……into……..darkness….." Suddenly a gust of wind blazed by Chouji. He dodged barely but his cheek was cut causing blood to drip down. He looked around frantically. 'Shit! That was metallic. I can tell from the smell. That means he uses weapons. This is even worse than fighting him hand to hand. Now he can take me apart from far away. But he shouldn't be able to see in this dar…….' Suddenly Kurei's words hit him, "No way! You were blind from the began to sweat, 'Damn that means in the situation he has the advantage.' "No matter."

"Let…….me…….ask…………" Kurei's voice was once again echoing off the walls. "Why……go…….this……far……..for……..a……..jinchuuriki?…….He……..can't…….be……..important………………….then…………why?"

Chouji thought back to his childhood, "Naruto……he was also isolated. I really don't know why but for some reason I felt that we were alike. Although he said the same things as everyone else he didn't treat me like a person who wasn't wanted. I think he understood what it was like to be looked down on. So when I heard that he had been taken I didn't hesitate to help. Because……." He looked up and smiled, "…..he's my friend."

Kurei stood silent for several moments. "Very……..well……..I…….thought…….you…….only……..another……..fool…….but…….person…….like…….you……."

Suddenly a small light began to glow in front of Chouji. Kurei finished speaking. His words were the last in the fight and the most meaningful, "from……here…….on…….out……..we……..fight……..seriously…….I……..will………….you……..your…….fate…….and…….then……..we……shall……see……your…….strength…….of……..friendship……."

Suddenly the light grew, illuminating a ten-foot area. Chouji's eyes widened in horror. Surrounding Chouji was a room full of floating needles. They started about three feet from Chouji and ended at the back of the room. They were rotating in a clockwise motion and pointed at Chouji. He began to sweat. Kurei looked at the Chuunin, "I…..can…..control…..these…..flying…..needles……….will. With…..little….effort….I….can……have……them…..attack…"

Chouji looked around, 'Damn! There's no way I can avoid these. Even if I assume that the ones behind this guy wont attack the rest will easily kill me. It's better if I talk with him and think of something. Since he's so willing...' Chouji looked at Kurei's face as was a little shocked when he saw his eyes, "'re blind?"

Kurei's eyes were completely whited out. Kurei nodded, "I…….have…….never…….seen…….the…….light…….of…….day…….since…….my…….birth…….Have…….have…….never…….seen…….the…….warm……. image of young Kurei appeared in Kurei's mind. He was crying, surrounded by darkness. His sobs didn't even echo.

Chouji, still trying to find a way from being pierced my hundreds of needles, looked at Kurei with a confused expression, "...why are you telling me all of this?"

Kurei had a somewhat loosened expression, "I…….said…….before…….that…….you…….felt…….the…….same…….as…….I…….You…….must…….have…….suffered…….a…….fate…….similar…….to…….my…….own…….I…….cannot…….see…….you…….but…….from…….your…….aura…….of…….chakra…….I…….can…….tell…….that…….you…….have…….lived…….such…….a…….life."

Chouji for the first time forgot about the needles and images of his childhood appeared in his mind. "Aaa...but..." Chouji's expression changed from a somewhat distant one to a more resolute face.

Kurei was taken back by this sudden change. It wasn't that he could see the change but he felt a change of a mellow flow to that of a surge of warmth.

Chouji remembered Shikamaru standing up for him, "I decided that isolating myself would do nothing but deny myself true living. When he offered his hand in friendship I chose to take it and follow him no matter where he goes. To stand by his side and protect him when he couldn't. In doing so I made other friends and the small light grew and grew until the darkness disappeared. So here I am now. I'm going to save my friend and no matter my opponent I will crush them with my bare fist."

Kurei had a very understanding yet sorrowful expression, "I…….see…….I…….was…….wrong…….The…….aura…….I…….felt…….was…….not…….yours…….but…….my…….hopes…….to…….find…….another…….The…….you…….with…….the…….aura…….similar…….to…….mine…….is…….no…….more…….But…….no…….matter…….your…….resolution…….I…….cannot…….let…….you…….pass…….Although…….we…….are……. lowered his eyebrows, "No...I"m sorry..."


Suddenly all the needles shot at Chouji. The ones behind Kurei went around his massive body and also made Chouji their target.

"...that you couldn't also be saved by someone from that darkness."




Several explosions shook the large room filled with clay sculptures that Shikamaru and Deidara were fighting in. "Stop running!" Deidara yelled as he threw three more homing birds.

Shikamaru jumped from sculpture to sculpture avoiding the birds, 'This bastard. With such long range weapons. There's no way that I can get within range to use Kagemane...' "Tsch!...tireesome..."




The three birds exploded, destroying the sculpture of a large lizard. Shikamaru used the explosion and smoke to hide himself behind several statues. 'Well on a positive not, with all these sculptures I can expand my Kagemane to cover the room, but...' he looked up at Deidara, '...that guy is using that large clay bird to fly around and target me. I can't reach him like this...'

Deidara scanned the room and lifted his bangs from the left side of his face revealing a small camera covering his eye, 'I thought this would be fun but he keeps running. Not only that but he was only been using kunai and shuriken. Don't tell me this guy is a talent less hack?!'


His camera click brought a smile to Deidara's face, "There you are!!" He reared back and threw two kunai and Shikamaru from above.

Shikamaru noticed at the last second and dodged as the two kunai lodged into the ground where he had stood. He looked down at them, "I'm kind of disappointed. I expected a bit more from Akatsuki..."

Deidara smirked, "You'll come to understand that everything isn't as it seems..." He grinned, "...actually you won't!" He raised his hand causing Shikamaru's eyes to widen. He looked down at the kunai the moment the two exploded. As if in slow motion his expression was lit up by the explosion.



"You..." Zetsu looked in amazement at Shino who was holding the jaws of the flytrap open with his forearms. The teeth of the jaws dug deep into his flesh. Zetsu's face was somewhat of a concerned all though his words did not seem that way, "heh, what will that accomplish? Now you are caught and are unable to use jutsu like that. Even if you attack this body with your feet you can't kill me that way."

Shino looked down at him, "No...this is fine..."

Zetsu's eyes widened, "Eh?"

All of sudden an army of bugs flooded from inside Shino's body. The bugs dropped down and covered Zetsu's body. "GAHH!!!!" Zetsu squirmed trying to relief himself of the chakra sucking insects. In his efforts he loosened his grip on Shino. The young Aburame prodigy jumped away and smirked.

Zetsu stopped moving and began to sink into the ground. As he did the bugs were left on the ground. After Zetsu had completely vanished into the ground Shino looked around, 'so even if the bugs are attached they can't follow him into the ground...but with this it's obvious what your weakness is.'

Shino raised his arms but suddenly they twitched caused him to flinch in pain, 'Guh as expected. But with this I should be able to finish it...' He forced his hand to one of the wounds and smeared some of the blood off with his thumb. He did several hands seals and slammed his palms to the ground, 'KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!!'

Without warning a large cloud of smoke filled the forest filled room. Zetsu, who was watching from a tree far away, questioned the action, 'A summon? I don't know what he plans to do but if he's using something for tracking then it's impossible. That is true about attacking as well. As long as all the trees are connected to the ground, I can transfer to any one of them in an this his limit? Is he just trying to use all that he has left?'

As the smoke settled, the figure of a large creature appeared. It was a giant scorpion that was about the size of a tank. Shino landed on its back. The creature had a black body with red markings similar to Gama Bunta all over. Shino looked around, 'It took all my remaining chakra but this should be the end...' "I'll ask again, where is Naruto-kun? And why has your organization taken him?"

Zetsu spoke but each time a word came from him the location would change, "That's interesting. If I didn't know better I'd think you thought you had won...If that's the case then it means you have a final plan. Very well I too will end it with this next clash. As to your question...I won't answer beyond that he is beyond the door that will open once one of us is dead."

Shino was shocked at this statement, 'one of us? That means it doesn't matter who? What's the meaning of this? Why such an indiscriminate rule?' "It seems you don't have anything else to say...then I'll end this and go to my comrades..."

Suddenly several vines shot from the ground and wrapped around Shino and the legs of the scorpion. Zetsu, inside a tree, did several hand seals, 'Piercing vines no jutsu!'

Several of the vines shot towards the now confined Shino at an alarming speed with Shino's vitals as their targets. Shino looked at them approach with a nonchalant attitude. "Do it…."

Suddenly the scorpions tell rose and shot a green fluid straight into the air. The fluid reached its peak and began to flow downwards in the form similar to a fountain. The vines collided with the fluids and instantly began to melt. With steam and rancid odor the vines stopped and retracted back to the trees from which they came. The vines holding Shino and the scorpion also melted and retracted.

"I see….so that creature can spray acid from its tail…." Zetsu's voice echoed.

Shino removed the fragments of the vines from his shoulders, "That's not all." He looked at the forest, "Girtab, you know what to do!"

Girtab raised its tail and began shooting blasts of acid into the forest. As the acid hit the greenery it began to melt and dissolve. When one area was completely dissolved the direction of the blasts was changed.

"An interesting idea. By randomly shooting the acid into the trees you plan to hit me." Zetsu's voice once again came from several angles. Suddenly his voice changed, "But while that thing is attacking you're defenseless. You'll be dead before your luck saves you!!"

Without warning thousands of leaves shot off of the trees and spun at a high rate and shot at Shino. Shino knelt down and shot into the air. The leaves approached the spot he had been but then suddenly changed direction to follow him into the air. As this was going on the scorpion still shot its acid into the forest. A burst of the acid hit a tree next to the one that Zetsu was hiding in. Zetsu slowly crept out of the tree, 'Though I said he wouldn't get lucky that was pretty damn close…..' 'We must hurry and end it so that our ambition can be complete."


Shino used a kunai to block all of the leaves. He landed back atop of Girtab as the scorpion continued its barrage. Shino looked around the forest as the trees that were hit by acid melted away. All of sudden a blur shot through the trees, 'is that him?'

Zetsu shot through several trees on occasion he jumped out of the trees and placed a piece of paper on the trunk of the trees. 'Even if the shots are random, the sheer number is becoming a problem.' 'Fear not. Only one more talisman and the jutsu can be preformed.'

Zetsu stood and went to fuse with the nearby tree but stopped in his tracks, "Wh…what" Zetsu's eyes widened as he realized that everything surrounding him was melting away. He turned his head and as he dilated his eyes he could see a vast expanse of the forest, "All of it. There isn't an inch that isn't covered." "This…this…."


Girtab suddenly landed behind Zetsu, "As you said randomly shooting would unlikely hit you, but if you have no to escape then hitting you won't become a problem….."

Zetsu slowly turned around.

"… it's over!" Shino did several hand seals. To his surprise Shino saw Zetsu doing the same thing, 'too late. There's nothing you can do!'

Zetsu completed his hand seals first by smacking his palms down on the last talisman on the ground, "Earths Sneer no Jutsu!"

Shino's eyes widened as the ground beneath him began to rumble. He looked down as the ground bulged and split as if it were a mouth opening. "Girtab, JUMP!"

Girtab began to jump but the land rose in a surge and swallowed Girtab and Shino whole. After swallowing them the surge of land subsided and returned to normal. Zetsu smirked, "Its over isn't it." "Yes, but…….."

Zetsu looked around and his lips slowly turned into a frown, "How are we going to get out of here?" The realization that not an inch of land was uncovered in acid sunk in.

"You can't move around anymore…….it's over…."

Shino's voice though muffled caught Zetsu completely off guard, "YOU!!"

The ground tore open with a violent tearing sound. Out from it Girtab and Shino arose. But Shino looked quite a bit different. His entire body was solid black. It appeared to be an armor of sorts. But this was no ordinary armor. This armor wiggled and squirmed. Zetsu narrowed his eyes, "you covered yourself with the bugs which acted as a shield against the ground's pressure….."

"Correct….." Shino jumped off Girtab and landed on the ground. Upon impact all the bugs which had covered his body dispersed in an instant. This caused Zetsu quite the amazement.

"H….how are you able to walk on the acid?"

Shino walked with a slow confidence. A stride which had the pace of someone who knew that there was no need to hurry. "Simple……Girtab can not only create acid but an anti-acid to counteract its effects. Now… I said before. ITS OVER!"

He suddenly charged Zetsu. The Akatsuki member braced himself. He knew full well that he had no where to go. "ABOVE YOU FOOL!!"

The deep voice suddenly rang out causing Zetsu's head to jerk up in reaction. 'I see….I was so involved in my own curiosity of his walking on the acid to have noticed…..'

Above his head the swarm of bugs buzzed a deadly sound. In an instant they shot at him. Zetsu with his failure to notice the bugs also made another grave mistake. He became afraid. "NOOOOOOOOO" His jaw gaped in horror. As he did the swarm of bugs shot into his mouth. Zetsu's eyes widened in horror as he choked on the massive horde of bugs now making their way down his throat.

Shino watched slightly as he listened to the gurgling sounds of death coming from the doomed Akatsuki member. After a few minutes of struggling Zetsu's movements halted. His body suddenly dropped to its knees. His body did not fall over but rather stood erect from the waist up. His head cocked backwards. Shino looked down and to the door. As he did the bugs shot out of Zetsu's mouth. Shino not showing any more concern for the foe began to walk away. As he did he dispelled the summon of Girtab. In a poof of smoke the giant scorpion disappeared.

'Even though they did dampen the damage I still can feel several of my bones creaking.' Shino's walk was slow and wobbly at times. He made it to the door and turned around to survey the damage. He turned his eyes to former opponent. Slowly his mouth dropped in disbelief.


His eyes were fixated on the body of Zetsu, but something was missing. Something that should have set off warning alarms from the very get go.


The giant venus flytrap that had previously been around Zetsu's body was now in midair. At an incredible speed the plant flew at Shino.



Shino's sunglasses hit the floor and was followed by a heart chilling silence.

"Ara ara It seems all I've been doing is walking." An almost bored Kakashi walked down the corridor he chose. He had activated his Sharingan in case of a trap but thinking back on it he might have regretted the decision.

Suddenly he arrived at the door. On it a strange symbol seemed to be painted in blood. He opened the door and stepped into the room. Considering he was entering the realm of a dreaded Akatsuki member he walked in nonchalantly. The Jounin observed his surroundings. There seemed to be a lot of the symbols covering the wall. But the thing that stood out the most was a giant statue against the back wall. Next to the statue Kakashi spotted a door.


All of sudden the white haired slacker genius stopped. "I know you're in here. There's no point in hiding."

"Hiding? I was doing no such thing. Just praying."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow, "Praying?"

A shadowy silhouette that was by the statue stood, "that's right heathen……praying to my god…" The figure got closer and closer to Kakashi. As he did Kakashi began to ready himself.

"……I'm praying that I be granted an opponent capable of killing me so that I can kill em……praying to Jashin!"

The figure stepped into the light given off by a candle in the room. A man stood in front of Kakashi. Roughly the same height. He had whitish-silver hair which was slicked back and his cloak opened to his chest with his headband around his neck.

A demonic smile filled his face, "…The name's Hidan…..PLEASED TO KILL YA!"

'It can't be….there's no way'

Several thoughts could have run through his head. At the same time none could come to mind as if blank. Naruto was just numb. His eyes fluctuated rapidly. His breathing became heavy and sweat poured from him like a dam wall springing a leak.

"You look surprised monster. Speechless?" Kaijin smirked after dispelling his henge. The joy he had from seeing Naruto's reaction was obvious in his own reaction, "….so are you going to say something?"

Naruto couldn't find the words. But suddenly as if a gut reaction it finally came. Like when vomit suddenly comes out of no where.

Flashes of his memories flooded his mind. How many times had he seen it? Traced the image into his brain and etched it there. It was plain as day. Like smelling something you were always used to after a long withdrawal. The images gushed forth. Four places over. The fourth face. The fourth clump of mountain in a row. Without thinking the words came to his lips, "Yo……n…."

Kaijin smirked changed, as if he knew what the next few words would be but wanted to hear them for himself.



I found the hardest thing to do in this chapter and all the next couple of chapters is making a good fight between the rescue group and Akatsuki. Lets be honest a bunch of teens probably couldn't take out Class S criminals but hopefully I got a grip on how to pull everything off.

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