A/N: Maybe this is what Miku was thinking at the end of the first game. Warning: There's mention of... a different coupling in this one. Yeah, you probably get the idea. Please no flaming if that offends you.

I wish... that... If only....

If only wishes were horses. Then fools would ride.

You stood in front of me, talking, explaining to me why this had to happen. And I was deaf to your words. You touched my shoulders, shaking me slightly, smiling, and I was numb to your touch. You frowned, concerned, and touched my chin. I pulled away, blind to your feelings.

You were blind to my own. Why should I care?

I heard you apologizing, shouting out your weak cries for forgiveness, and I denied you the one thing you needed to have. My understanding. I tried to give you everything but now you wanted the one thing I couldn't give you. I would never understand.

How could you be so blind? Don't you see how much I love you? I came through hell just to rescue you and you turned your back to me, saying that she needed you more. Bullshit. Bull fucking shit. I needed you, always needed you, always will, and you were abandoning me.

I ran, ran from you, ran from her. Images played through my mind, of you hugging her, touching her, kissing her, and the tears that had been forced back for so many years finally slid down my cheek. I love you. I love you! I don't care if I'm your sister; I love you! I want you, I need you, and you were staying with another woman!

Maybe the worst part was that I knew you loved me too. But we always danced around each other's feeling, denying what we felt, and now it was tearing us apart at the time we couldn't afford it to. You wouldn't last alone, despite your words of how you needed to protect her. And I wouldn't last away from you.

So I wish and I cry and I pray. If only. If only my wish would come true and you would come back to me, my Knight in Shining Armor. If only my cries were heard and you would realize that you needed to protect me, not her. If only my prayers were answered and I would see you standing before me, laughing about how gullible I was. If only...

If only you would come back to me.