At my camp, we were in dorms and we had little fridges in the rooms. One day someone told us she thought her fridge coughed. Yes you read right, coughed. Knowing me, my first thought was STORY! I went through a list of characters quickly and thought it would be perfect for Maureen and Joanne. Enjoy my strangeness!! (and sorry if this is short! Don't melt me!)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the RENT characters. I do own a RENT playbill though.

"Eeeek" screeched Maureen causing Joanne's eardrums to burst.

They were curled up on the couch eating popcorn and watching the most random scary movie they could find; Attack of the House. Joanne was fairly tolerant with Maureen screaming at the scary parts, but she had had it.

"Honeybear! Must you always do that when we watch a scary movie?"

"It's a scary movie for a reason you know!"

"Scary movies are simply a mix of special effects, good actors, and imagination."

"That's not all! This is a true story! Someone once did get eaten by their house. They were in a cabin in the woods and they didn't treat their house right and...CHOMP!"

Maureen grabbed Joanne by the shoulders. Joanne raised an eyebrow and took away the popcorn.

"Okay Maureen. The double-ultra-butter has gone to your brain. A house can't eat its owner-or renter. It just doesn't happen. Everything can be explained reasonably. Now calm down or neither one of us will get any sleep. And I have work tomorrow."

"Alright," said Maureen as they both went back to eating the butter-slathered popcorn and watching the movie...for a little while.

One chapter of my very very very strange story. I have been eating lots of chocolate! Yum! Sugary yumminess! Goodness knows sugar rules! Goodness knows I LOVE sugar! REVIEW PLEASE! MORE CHAPTERS WILL COME IF YOU REVIEW!!