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Maureen opened her eyes and yawned. She looked around to see the familiar loft and remembered the night's events. Joanne was gone, probably at work. Mark sat at the table, drinking much needed and caffeinated coffee as he fiddled around with his camera. Maureen sighed.

"Typical Mark. Fiddling with his camera instead of girls."

"Oh! Hey Mo. You're up. Want some coffee?"

She looked down to see pink, fluffy bunny slippers on his feet.

"Bunny slippers?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow and not acknowledging the question.

"My mother." he muttered, "And the loft is cold. And I'm too cheap to buy different slippers. And they're comfy."


But before Mark could respond, Roger came in, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Hey, I'd like to say thanks,"

"Wow." half-yawned Roger. "Maureen giving gratitude. But for what?"

"Don;t you remember Rog? We went over to Mo and Jo's to help them with their mouse problem."

"Mice?! Where?" jumped Roger.

"Roger...are you scared of mice?" grinned Mark.

"No! No! No. Maybe. Kinda. Yes."

"Ha! The short, skinny, Jewish boy prevails!"

"Don't you remember anything Rog?" asked Maureen.

"How awake did I seem?"

"Well, not very."


"Um...okay. Hey Mark? I think I'm gonna leave you and Brainiac here, and check on my apartment."

"Do you want us-I mean me-to help you?"

"No. I'm fine if they're in cages. C'ya!"

Maureen skipped out, leaving Mark and Roger to scratch their heads at the strange inter-workings of Maureen's mind.

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