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It was dark. So dark that he couldn't see. The air was heavy and made it hard to breathe. Or was it the air at all? Perhaps it was just the lack of air moving through his lungs that made it seem thick and unnatural. It wasn't the air at all, but the lungs that refused to move it throughout his aching body. "Ana?" he called out, hoping for some sort of response. There was none.

The pirate captain trudged forward with much difficulty, forcing his legs to move and using the wall for support. If someone had asked him then what had happened, he couldn't have told them. He didn't know. "Ana Maria, where the 'ell are ye, luv?" he mumbled to himself as he forced himself another step, find that his foot caught an unmoving object and he tumbled down. Reaching forward, his hand came into contact with long, soft hair. A dim light moved into the room, and Jack Sparrow did not have the time to look and see who it might be that held it. His eyes rested on his lovely Ana Maria that was stretched out before him, blood pooled beneath her. "No..."

"I'm afraid yes, Captain," a familiar voice echoed through the cave.

Jack turned his dark eyes to see the man who held the only light source in the cave. "Yer dead."

"Aye, that is true," Barbossa said with a smirk on his aged face. "As dead as the girl lyin' there."

"She's not dead," Jack argued, though he knew she must be. No one lost that amount of blood.

"Check 'er."

"She's not bloody dead!" Jack yelled, standing in his place. "She can't be..." His knees gave way as his lungs ceased to give him the air his body craved and he fell. He felt Barbossa next to him and he shuddered involitarily.

"Makes ye think twice 'bout goin' back, don' it?"

Captain Jack Sparrow woke in a sweat, breathing heavily. He lay there for a moment, getting his bearings. He was in his cabin. In his bed. Ana Maria was dozing beside him. She WAS dozing, wasn't she? "Ana? Luv?"

She stirred and yawned. "Wha' is it, Jack?" She blinked several times until her eyes came to focus on him. "You all right?"




"We still goin' to the island?"

Jack thought for a moment. "'m not tha' readable, am I?"

Ana grinned at this, reaching over to slide his hair from his face. "Nah. I just know ye far too well, Cap'n."

"Then wha'm I gonna say?"

"Yer gonna say tha' dreams are just yer mind playin' tricks an' we're goin' anyway."

The pirate captain grinned. "Aye. Ye know me well."

"Know what else yer gonna say?"

"Wha's tha', luv?"

"How much you love me."

His grin grew mischivious as he kissed her. "Aye, luv, I am goin' to say tha'. Over an' over an' over."

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