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Unforgiven and Unforgotten

Chapter 1: Introducing Sydney

Sydney sighed and sat down on a stool for a bit of rest. She had been on her feet all day and she was very tired. All too soon, her boss was in front of her, yelling at her to get back to work. She had no choice but to obey.

Sydney was a waitress at a pub in Tortuga. She had been working there for about a year and every day she hated it even more than the day before. But it was the only way to make a living seeing as being a whore had never been and never would be an option for her. She would sooner kill herself than do that for a living. It was sad really, she was only twenty-two and was already sick of living.

She got up from her stool, grabbed a few mugs of rum and put them down on a table packed with drunken men. Sydney ignored their comments and their eyes travelling up and down her body as she turned to leave.

Sydney sat back down on her stool to think. How did I get to be here of all places? She thought sadly. Suddenly, the sadness was replaced by anger. This is his fault! Jack Sparrow, if I ever see you again, I'll kill you! She laughed at that thought. She knew she would never kill him. She loved him too much for that.

The young woman's thoughts were interrupted by another waitress plopping down on the stool next to hers. Sydney knew that the other waitress' name was Emily and that she seemed like a pretty nice woman, but she had never really talked with her before.

"Hi there!" Emily said brightly. "You're Sydney, right?"

Sydney nodded.

"Well, you probably know this already, but I'm Emily," Emily said. "You know, I've seen you around here for awhile now, but you never talk to anyone."

Sydney shrugged.

"Listen," Emily said lowering her voice. "I heard that you've had problems with Jack Sparrow and I just wanted to let you know that it's okay. Almost every girl around here has had problems with him."

Oh, that's comforting, Sydney thought.

"You know, I can tell that with you and him, it was more than just a one night thing," Emily said kindly. "You can tell me about it if you want. I won't tell anyone."

Sydney didn't know why she decided to tell Emily her story. Maybe it was because her feelings had been bottled up for so long and she just had to tell someone. So, she made up her mind and began to tell Emily everything.

"Okay, I'll tell you," Sydney said uncertainly. "But you can't tell anyone, all right?"

Emily nodded.

"Okay," Sydney said again. "It all started..."

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