Summary: She had the voice of a Siren; He had the instrumental talent of Mozart. Alone their music was addicting but together proved to be the most spectacular sounds to ever grace the fragile ears of humanity. Darien and Serena live next door as their bonds grew closer as did their music together. At even a young age they new what they felt for each other as love, but what happens if fate rips them apart. How much can one change as the years pass on? What happens when they reunite, can love and music bring them together or will it be the vary thing that separates them... read and ring out

Yet another Demonic Yoshii production, Albeit I was hoping to release this once I got more reviews from Blood Stained Tears I'll just have to deal with the fact that it is not liked...tears. Anyways I hope you like this Story yet another Romantic Drama... This is more based on teenage love rather than adult but I hope you like it just the same. The Rating will be for language and adult content thanks everyone happy reading.


"Serena you have a pretty voice. We should make a band." Darien sayed playing his guitar as a little Serena sang along, her melodic voice matching the notes he played for her.

"Do you really think so Darien?"

"Of course, I don't want any other lead singer for my band it has to be you." Darien told her being sure not to take his eyes away from the cute eight year old girl in front of him.

"Fibber! Darien if you found some one who could sing your songs better you would take that person in a second. It's all about the sound of music to you." Serena declared as she gave him a defiant stare. She had known Darien all her life, they've been neighbors since they were born. They were the same age and bonded easily due to their individual talents. Darien had been gifted with the ability to easily learn to play any instrument that took his interest allowing him to be able to compose music easily. Serena was blessed with an angelic voice of the gods and was also talented in poetry/songwriting. She help make and sing the music that Darien made notes too.

"You're right but you don't have to worry about that since there is no one better than you." Darien looking down to his guitar as he played music fully aware that Serena liked him best when he played his guitar for her.

"How would you know? Have you met ever singer in the world to judge?"

"I just know Serena." He looked up from his guitar and into her pale blue eyes. "Nobody will be good enough for me unless it's you." He smiled at her while strumming away at his guitar. Serena felt the hairs on her baby soft skin stand on end due to his flattering. She was in love with Darien. She kept telling herself she was too young to love but as often as she denied it to herself in teh back of her mind she knew that it just had to be love. She in her heart she knew that there would be nobody else for her. Little did she know that Darien felt the same sensation for her? "Sing for me my Serena." he whispered to her, his ears craving to hear her beautiful voice.

"Let the rain fall down and feel the flow.

Let it take us to a world unknown.

Let it be the guide that takes our hand.

And let us stay together in this land.

It's raining hard tonight.

Let this be our time to take flight.

It raining hard tonight.

I know you want it, let's fly out of sight.

And it's raining hard tonight.

One last go it could be the last time... it could be our last time." Serena sang to him and then stoped abruptly. Darien takes note to her silence and ceases his strumming as well.

"Why did you stop? That was great we had a real flow going there." Darien questions her

"Well that's all I could come up with sorry."

"Don't worry its ok. We have tons of time to make great songs. Well it's getting late I guess I should go home."

"Darien..." Serena stoping him before he could exit her room.

"Yeah," Darien takes her hand causing her to jump slightly out of nervousness. "What is it Serena?"

"Oh nothing just forget it." Serena pulls her hand out of Darien's. She felt as her hand sparked within the confinments of her skin, these tingle often did occure when Darien so much as touched her. Serena tried to turn away from him to no avail. Darien chuckled lightly taking amusment in her timid reactions and takes her hand in his once again.

"Sorry Serena." Darien mumbled softly moving closer to her. Serena's body tensed up against her will.

"For what," she managed to say trying to catch her breath

"For not giving you a good-bye kiss," before Serena could even react. Darien bent down and gently linked their lips together in a chaste kiss, they both feel their steaming blood gather in their cheeks. Serena placed her hand on her pounding lips as he pulled away gantly from her. Darien, her love, had kissed her. This was sure to be her most precious and happiest memory of him, she thought it would last. Who knew that her happiness would be ripped away from her in several hours?