I know I kept you all waiting for this one and for that I apologize... but I was preoccupied with several things that delayed me in writing this. Another friend of mine just died... He was closer to me then the other one that died earlier on this summer. But Tonito the one that died a week ago was a good friend his sister and I were very close. He died in a car accident... It was late at night, there were hardly no lights on the roads over here, he was speeding, and here on the mountain to roads are all curves. He was also drinking so that didn't help the situation at all either. It's sad because he did not die on impact. His seat belt was actually the one that caused the most damage, because on impact he completely crushed his chest. There was some one in the car with him he came out of the car walking and just the mark of the seat belt what also gets to me is that fact that he had to call the police three times before the finally believed him and no other cars on the side of the road stopped to help. If the police had gotten there sooner he actually might have survived they aren't sure. But he died and there is nothing we can do about that. I just wish that all of you who read this understand why I am late writing this and now realize the dangers or driving while drunk. The that I used it 3doors down and I am using it in dedication to Tonito, and his morning sister who I love with all much heart thank you very much for your understanding I hope you enjoy this chapter... much love from PR.

Chapter 4

Being taken off guard Darien actually dropped his guitar in astonishment. His mind was reeling in just how captivating she looked. The girl that walked in had stunning beauty. If her voice matched her appearance her singing talent was bound to be as astounding. The blonde girl walked into the room shyly her eyes locked onto his, he couldn't help but gaze back at her, those glossy azure orbs that held such familiarity within them. They reminded him of someone that haunted him for eight years, 'How can some posses eyes such as those?' He thought to himself engulfed in the sudden warmth that enveloped his body upon seeing her. He was so sedated he hadn't noticed Andrews cold glare piercing the back of his head.

Andrew at the moment was terrified and ire; he knew that this moment was bound to come and then they would most likely rekindle their once lost relationship they shared. But it wasn't fair to him. 'How can they just pick up and start over after so many years? How can they be happy together when my heart is the one that suffers, that is always suffering? How can they both be so blind as to not realize how much I loved her, not Darien, I loved her and devoted my entire soul to her. I have never indulged myself with the pleasures of sleeping with other women like Darien has. I have never even tried to forget her such as Darien has. I have embraced this silent torture of never being able to be with anyone but her nor forget her with. I have accepted this torture with a smile on my face while my brother just went form woman to woman trying to find momentary satisfaction.' Andrew questioned to himself. The whole situation that was taking place was unfair in his mind, 'I at least deserve a chance...' he thought to himself taking one last glance at Serena's and Darien's direction before diverting his attention to the ground not being able to take the pain anymore. Seeing them like this hurt too much, seeing them easily rekindle what the once had was turning out to be too painful for him.

"I know I am late but can I still try out." Serena asked her voice flowed easily out of her throat, it was extremely soothing, Darien felt her could survive the rest of his days listening to her voice alone. Darien cleared his throat so his voice wouldn't be tainted with his raspy surprise he wanted his voice to have the same affect her had on him, and for this he need to sound suave, and cool.

"I guess we could make time for one more audition especially for cutie such as yourself." Darien responded smiling playfully allowing his natural charm to take form, he rejoiced when you noticed that she was slightly taken back. He hadn't noticed Andrews hissing.

"You... you don't remember me don't you," Serena whispered solemnly.

"Am I supposed to sweetheart?" Serena could feel the tears forming in her eyes, out of all the people she once knew she had expected him to remember her. She hadn't realized she had changed that much. She did the only thing that she could do to answer him she shook her head, no. She broke eye contact with Darien and noticed Andrew in back of him he seemed angry for some reason.

"Andrew are you okay?" She asked meekly causing him to look up to her. Their eyes connected with one another and she felt something she never thought he would cause her to feel, electricity. An unexpected chill slid down her spin that caused her to shiver. Andrew took not to her shivering and assumed her to be cold. With out a word he walked up to her and laid his jacket on her shoulders. He took one of her small hands and led her over to the microphone.

"Sing whatever you want." He said to her before reluctantly letting go of her hand and walked back to Darien's side. The two brothers glared at each other in jealousy before turning their attention back to Serena.

"A hundred days had made me older since the last time

that I saw your pretty face

A thousand lights had made me colder and

I don't think I can look at this the same

But all the miles had separate

They disappeared now when I'm dreaming of your face

I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

The miles just keep rolling as the people either way to say hello

I hear this life is overrated but I hope it gets better as we go

I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

Everything I know, and anywhere I go

it gets hard but it won't take away my love

And when the last one falls, when it's all said and done

it get hard but it won't take away my love

I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams"

Everyone one in the band were gawking by now; if their tongues could go as far as touching the floor they would. Her voice was ten times better than any of them had expected it to be. Serena flushed lightly realizing that she was being started at by everyone there. Darien quickly regained his composure and was the first one to break the silence. "Well, we can see that you have... a great deal... of talent, but it seems we have a lot of other talented auditions that could make it on time. So why don't you give us your number and as soon as we decided we'll call and let you know our decision." Darien stated evenly as if her singing didn't affect him. The band members thought their jaws couldn't drop any further, but were proven wrong when the listened to what Darien was saying.

Serena was taken back, she hadn't really considered the thought of anyone else being better than her, and the mere mention of it shocked her like never before. Serena cleared her face of any emotion she pulled out a piece of paper and jotted her number on it. She made sure not to write her name on it. If Darien were to find out it would have to be on his own, so he was chastise himself for being a jerk when they first meet again. Serena handed the paper roughly to Darien. "Thank you for your time." she spat out curtly before turning her attention to Andrew. "Andrew I was wondering if you could accompany me home. I don't live near here, so I was forced to walk. It's late now and I don't want to walk alone." She huffed avoiding Darien's jealous gaze. He had promised himself not to have anything with the new girl but he couldn't help but feel attracted to her, she was beautiful. He disliked the fact that she preferred his brother over him, but remained silent knowing that he had brought this upon himself.

The moment the two left the rest of the band attacked Darien. "Why the hell did you say that dip shit?" Chad questioned not bothering to hide his bile tone.

"Well because it always fun to see how the best singers react to those kinds of comments, they always get so touchy feely, it's funny. Besides she was late and if she's going to be a part of this band she is going to have to learn I make exceptions for no one. Our practice time is our life line if she's late we're the ones that end up behind schedule. You have to let them know whose boss sometimes."

"You still acted like a dick, anyways what was that thing with Andrew I've never seen him like that." Greg commented while nonchalantly tuning his guitar.

"He obviously likes her and by the looks of it she likes him as well." Chad added earning himself a scoff from Darien. Darien knew he vowed not to touch but found it extremely hard not to be jealous of how Andrew and she were getting along. "What the hell man? I thought you were happy to hear that your brother has finally found someone."

"I am it's just that... I don't know... she just seems so much like Serena it's just hard to not be attracted to her, she's gorgeous."

"You got that right." Greg added while putting his guitar away. "I would be just as jealous if I didn't have a girlfriend. She's got a perfect body and a voice to match. Andrew has found himself a catch."

"Your right he has... I'm happy for him. I'll do anything in my power to help those two get together. But first I need to find myself a playmate before I seriously think about stealing her from him." Darien joked, he had meant what he said. He would do anything to help his brother get the girl of his dream. He only wished the girl of his would return to him. But until then he would distract himself, and forget about the new girls similarities to Serena for now...

Meanwhile Andrew decided to drive Serena home. The trip to her house was silent except for the occasional moments when Serena would explain the directions to her knew him. He wondered why she hadn't told Darien her identity yet. He knew that Darien was the main reason she came back but if that was true why hadn't she jumped in his arms and tell him. Why had she kept it from him? He decided to shrug the lingering questions off for now. She was with him, she had sought him out not Darien and that was all that really mattered.

They soon made it to her apartment building. Serena was about to leave the car with out a word being said until Andrew got out of the car himself deciding to walk her to her apartment. "You know you don't have to walk me. I'm capable of walking myself." She stated smiling playfully at him.

"I know you capable but I find it hard to be out of your presence it's been so long Sere." Andrew said huskily as he took her delicate hand in his firm grip. She blushed slight but allowed him to hold her hand as she led him inside. They walked slowly to the elevators and found it somewhat ironic that they were alone in it. After a minute of awkward silence Andrew decided he had had enough he needed for her to know how he felt about her before anything between her and Darien happened. "I still do..." he mumbled loud enough for her to hear.

"You still what Andrew?" She inquired moving closer to him with out realizing it. He could lean down and kiss her if he wanted to but decided to wait.

"Do you remember what I told you before you left for New York Sere? Do you remember how I told you I loved you, well I still do Sere."

"Oh Andrew I still love you too, nothing has ever changed our friendship." She stated not realizing that he wanted so much more than what she was offering. The moment she said 'friendship' he snapped. He was frustrated by the fact that she still believed that he had only cared for her as a friend. He didn't want her just as a friend; he wanted her and everything she had to offer not just friendship. If that wasn't clear before he would make it damn clear now. Unexpectedly he pinned her to the elevator wall. His face centimeters away from hers, his husky breath fanned over her kissable lips. His lustful dark eyes stared into her shocked light ones.

"You don't understand, but I will show you what I mean." And with that his lips covered hers, bruising them in the process. He kissed her with all the passion he had pent up inside of him for all these years. He made no attempt to prod her mouth with his tongue just yet he would allow her to open it willingly for him. For now he would just seduce them, he'd part form them for seconds at a time and then covering them fully once more. Andrew sucked on her lower lip, sedating her in the pleasure of his kisses; he exulted when her heard her lustful moan escape her throat. It was then when she started to react to his kiss by fully kissing him back. She shyly opened her mouth to him, silently inviting him. He couldn't hold the triumphant chuckle that escaped his lips before sliding his tongue over hers. Serena wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him further down to her in an attempt to push his tongue further in her mouth. She could help but enjoy the way his tongue expertly played with hers, making her lips throb for more contact. Andrew was feeling the same he wanted more, one of his hand made its way to her face tilting her heard allowing him to enter her mouth more efficiently. Their lustful tongues danced together for a little while longer before they pulled apart gasping for air. "I should have done that a long time ago." Andrew stated resting his forehead against hers as his eyes closed and he sighed to himself in bliss, she did the same.

"You probably shouldn't have. I most likely would have called you disgusting and accused you of giving me cuddies." They both laughed lightly before opening their eyes again, dark forest clashing with bright ocean. They stared into each others eyes trying to read the others thoughts. This went on until they were interrupted by the sound of the elevator doors opening. She giggled and took his hand pulling him out and towards her door. When they got to her door Andrew playfully pinned her to it much like he had done in the elevator. He pecked her lips soundly before moving lower to her jaw line. He followed hit to her left ear. She giggled again as his breath lingered there for a while, but it quickly ceased and turned into a moan when he took her earlobe into his mouth nibbling lightly. He soon traveled down the side of her neck licking lightly between hot kisses. His kisses turned into sucking when he decided to stop in the junction between her shoulder and neck. She tasted so sweet to him it was addicting and he knew he might never get enough of her. Soon he had created a quite large love bite, he list his tongue glide over it lovingly.

Andrew sighed contently while resting his forehead on her collar bone. "God Serena, please say this isn't a dream. Tell me I'm really here with you, kissing you, and you letting me kiss you. I've wanted nothing but this since you left."

"It's not a dream." He smiled and brought his lips back to hers kissing her gently, tasting her slowly. Both of their hearts were racing in their chest, it was amazing how they both enjoyed tasting each other. They pulled away slowly before it all got out of hand. He pecked her nose and took a step back.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Andrew asked reluctant to let go of her hand, she beamed up at him and smile cause his heart to skip several beats.

"Yeah... I'll you tomorrow" She leaned in giving him another peck on the lips before heading inside her apartment...