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Chapter One: Truth or Dare


"I'm bored," Bakura announced.

Ryou took a deep breath, trying to resist the temptation to scream. "Still?" he demanded. "All night you've been bugging me to give you an interesting dare, and now you're still bored? Would you rather I dared you to kiss Anzu? That could be arranged, you know..."

Bakura grinned at his hikari. "What, do you want me to get sick? And I guess this is original, but still..." He trailed his fingers suggestively down Ryou's back.

Ryou shivered slightly at the touch despite himself, before shrugging him off. "Don't," he said firmly. "Not in the street! And anyway, I know what you mean and I'm not daring you that; it wouldn't exactly be much of a dare, now would it?"

He smirked. "Oh, then I guess I know what I'm going to be daring you next then..." he snickered.

Ryou groaned. "Don't," he asked earnestly.

"Well... Alright," Bakura agreed. "But, you're gonna have to pay me back later..."

"O-okay," Ryou said, blushing and grinning at the same time.

They walked in silence for a few minutes. Finally Bakura said, "You know, if you don't stop looking so worried I might have to tickle you."

Ryou glowered at him. "Don't you dare. And anyway, how can I not be worried? We're breaking in Kaiba's mansion, for crying out loud!"

"It was your dare, you know," he pointed out.

"Well, I know, but I never said anything about dragging me along..."

"Hey, I had to do something to make it fun," Bakura explained. "I mean, you're just going to make me give back whatever we steal next time we see Kaiba, so there's not as much point to it. Anyway, I think you should have a little more faith in me. I was an expert tomb robber, after all."

"You say that like it's a good thing," Ryou muttered.

"What was that?"

"Um, nothing!"

They walked for a few more minutes, discussing the latest truth or dare session at Yugi's house. Bakura's opinion was that the high point of the game had been when Yugi and Yami had fallen off the couch in the middle of making out, but Ryou upheld that the best part was when Anzu ran around the house yelling 'Chicken!' at Jou trying to get him to stick his head in a toilet. Thankfully they had only just started bickering when they arrived at the fence surrounding Kaiba's mansion.

"So what do we do?" Ryou asked nervously. "Climb it?"

Bakura rolled his eyes. "Do I really know you?" he demanded. "No. First we need to check for guards, then throw a couple rocks over this thing to see if there's an alarm. Also keep an eye out for cameras; there are supposed to be a few and we need to see if there's a gap where we won't be seen."

"How do you know there's cameras?"

He shrugged. "Oh, Kaiba told me about a lot of it a while ago. He wanted my opinion of his security precautions." He snickered. "I told him they were perfect. They aren't."

Ryou shook his head as they started walking around the fence, looking for guards and cameras. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Of course!" Bakura said cheerfully. "It's been far too long since I've gotten to steal anything that had decent security on it, even if I do have to give it back..."

By the time they had gone the whole way around the fence Bakura was giving a gleeful commentary on how stupid the safety measures were. Most of the main security was around the front gate, with a couple cameras at the back one and several others scattered around, but that was it. He had found not one but three different places where they could cross without being seen by the cameras, and when he threw a rock over the top of the fence nothing happened.

After they climbed over (Bakura scaled the fence with ease, while Ryou almost fell several times), Bakura stopped and scanned the lawn for a few moments. There were several cameras mounted in trees showing views of the choice routes to the house, but that wasn't what he was looking for. Ryou was just about to ask what he thought he was doing, when he was dragged a short distance away from the fence and Bakura reached down to apparently pull up a clump of grass. He actually pulled up a trap door, revealing a set of stairs going deep underground.

"Cool," Ryou commented.

"'Cool' would be an understatement," he said proudly. "I'm the only person besides Seto Kaiba and a few of his guards that even know about these passages. Now hurry up and get down there, before we're seen."

Bakura seemed to have the whole map of the underground passages memorized. There were a lot of other openings, but they didn't get lost. Within a few minutes they had reached a door that Bakura said went to the living room, which had an electronic lock and an old-fashioned kind.

"Crap," Ryou groaned, at the same time Bakura said, "Yes!"

Ryou stared at him suspiciously as he dug a little box out of one of his pockets and started working on the mechanical lock with a variety of tools. "Where'd you get those? I know you don't have any money..."

"Well, they just had it lying out, you know..." he said distractedly.

Ryou shook his head. "You had to steal something to help you steal things... honestly..."

"Your point? Ah, there we go; that was easy. Now on to the electronic one..."

The second lock took a little longer, but after a few minutes they were in the living room. Ryou dimmed the sennen ring, which he had been using to light their way. "So, what should we get?" he whispered.

Bakura grinned thoughtfully. "Well, we need to steal something that'll prove we got it from Kaiba," he said reasonably. "So... why don't we see if we can find one of his duel disk things? He probably has some up in his office..."

Ryou paled visibly. "His office?" he repeated.

Bakura shrugged. "Sure. How hard can it be? Come on, let's go."

They went upstairs to the second floor, and Bakura quietly opened one of the doors. After checking to see if Kaiba was there, he stepped inside. Ryou wince, waiting for an alarm to go off, but when none did he followed his yami.

"See?" Bakura said triumphantly. "He left one right here on his desk; perfect."

"What's perfect?" came a voice from the doorway. "The fact that you're in my office at two thirty in the morning certainly doesn't strike me as 'perfect.'"

It was none other than Seto Kaiba. Ryou groaned, giving his dark a look that clearly said 'I told you so!'

"Ryou and Bakura?" Kaiba commented, raising an eyebrow. "Do I even want to know?"

"Well, um... probably not..." Bakura said, feeling a little uncomfortable in the CEO's presence in spite of himself.

"It was a game of truth or dare," Ryou admitted. "I dared him to steal something from you, and he just sort of dragged me along. But we were going to give it back, I swear. If you don't believe me then call the game shop; everyone else's there and they'll tell you."

Kaiba looked at him critically for a moment, then shrugged. "Fine," he consented. "As long as you return it as soon as possible, you can borrow the disk."

"Thanks," Ryou said gratefully. "Well, I guess we should go then..."

The CEO held up a hand. "You can borrow the disk," he repeated, "on one condition. You owe me, and it had better be something I want."

They stared at him. "You can't be serious," Bakura finally said. "What could we possible have that you want?"

Kaiba leaned against the doorway, smirking a little. "That's what I'd like to know."

"Oh come on," Bakura started irritably. "We don't have that much money; I mean, we're not poor but we're not billionaires either, unlike yourself-"

The taller boy shook his head. "No, that's not what I mean at all," he explained. "I don't want or need your money; what I want is amusement, which I often find hard to come by what with running Kaiba corp and all. I think it will be very humorous to see what you two come up with."

"Oh, so do you want us to put on a song and dance act for you or something?" the yami demanded sarcastically; he was trying very hard not to let on how uncomfortable the suggestiveness of what Kaiba was saying was starting to make him.

"I know!" Ryou said suddenly, surprising them both. "How about we baby-sit Mokuba for a week for you? I'm sure he must get in your hair..."

The taller boy regarded him with interest while Bakura let out a sigh that was a combination of relief and something bordering on shame; how was it that Ryou was so incredibly naive that he didn't even notice what Kaiba sounded like he was suggesting, even if he was just doing it to make them uneasy...?

"That might just do," Kaiba said thoughtfully, then nodded. "Yes, I think that will. Very well; since tomorrow is Sunday I would like it if you came here the day after, on Monday after school. Return the duel disk then; like I said I want it back as soon as possible."

Ryou nodded eagerly and took off, calling back various thank-yous and good nights while Bakura rolled his eyes, and back in the living room they were met by a rather sleepy-looking guard that Kaiba had apparently called from his duty at the main entrance to escort them out.


Bakura sighed. "Why did you have to volunteer us like that?" he demanded, a little later as they were walking back to Yugi's place.

"You're still going on about that?" Ryou shook his head. "Come off it already; it's only for a week."

"I don't know," Bakura said skeptically. "It's just that Kaiba guy... He makes me nervous, I guess."

Ryou snorted. "You? Nervous?" he asked, grinning. "Are you on something, yami?"

Bakura glared. "I am not!" he said firmly, as they came up to game shop.

Ryou rolled his eyes. "I was teasing, you know," he said gently, and by way of making amends he kissed his other half passionately for a minute or so before they went in.

Even Bakura was a bit startled by what they saw when they went into the living room. Jou and Honda were making out heatedly, beyond the point of noticing or caring about the two new arrivals. Mai and Anzu were in the same state, and Yugi and Yami, well...

"I guess... they got bored..." Ryou comment, blushing and taking a step back. "Maybe we should... go..."

"Nah," Bakura smirked, watching unabashedly. "I think we should join them," he elaborated, then pounced.

"Umf! Wait a... mmm... minute, can't you?! There's a free... free couch right over there!"


Kaiba frowned a little, lying awake in bed some time after the other two boys had left. Why did he have to go and lend them that disk? He had been working on it, dammit...

And more importantly, why had he agreed to let them baby-sit his brother? He knew even less about Ryou than the others, though Mokuba seemed to like him well enough, and all he knew about his yami was that he was more than likely to try and steal more of his stuff if he let him in his house. If he had really wanted a babysitter that he was at least acquainted with he should have asked Anzu; she seemed like the type that would be good with kids, even if she did annoy the hell out of him. But then of course Mokuba would try and play match-maker and that would probably have been the most horrible experience of the last five years of his life at least... He supposed, when he really sat back and thought about it, that Ryou and Bakura were really the only members of that disgusting little group that didn't actively annoy him, except possibly that Honda boy but he was the mutt's boyfriend so he didn't count. Still... he just couldn't figure out what made him do it.

'Oh well,' Kaiba thought, sighing a little as he rolled over and finally closed his eyes. 'It's only for a week, after all.'


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