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Chapter Eight: Ryoho no Aishiteru


Kaiba sat in his office - the one at the Kaiba Corp. building, that is - contemplating every possible meaning of 'completely and utterly miserable.'

He had come in today, despite the fact that it was Sunday, to have some peace and quiet. He wasn't really getting any work done, no matter how hard he pretended to be. It would have been perfect too; no phone calls to distract him... But he couldn't get his mind off the day before.

After much thought, he had decided that he had royally screwed it up. Okay, so maybe he wasn't attracted to Bakura like that. And okay, so maybe Bakura was being a real ass for cheating on Ryou... But there might have been a chance that they could have talked it over... He winced. But then, that was what happened when he tried to have friends; he screwed it up. He didn't deserve friends...

He combed his fingers through his hair, feeling more down then he had in a long time. Usually when he started to get depressed he got pissed instead, but today he just couldn't seem to work up the energy. Yes, he didn't deserve friends. He was a horrible excuse for a person, with no likeable qualities whatsoever. So why had Bakura kissed him, then? He almost wished he could ask... In fact, he really wished he could ask. But there was no way the spirit would want to talk about it, after everything he'd said. He should say he was sorry, he supposed. But... since the disappearance of his adoptive father, he had never said sorry to a single person besides Mokuba. It was really asking a lot.

He closed his eyes, picturing the kiss again. Damn. 'Maybe he wasn't attracted to Bakura like that;' hmph. That was a really big 'maybe' there. Then his eyes snapped back open. No; absolutely not. It didn't matter whether he was attracted or not; Bakura belonged with Ryou, who he certainly didn't want to hurt. In fact, now that he thought about it, Ryou was pretty cute too... He groaned out loud. He had never even considered the possibility that he might be gay, but apparently... He briefly contemplated what would happen if it somehow got to the presses that the famous Seto Kaiba was attracted to men, and mentally shuddered. Another good reason to stay away from those two.

However... Kaiba eyed the phone with a sort of brooding dread. Before he set about avoiding Ryou and Bakura for the rest of his life, he needed to see them one more time. He just couldn't bear leaving things like this; he had to apologize whether he liked it or not. He supposed he ought to apologize to Ryou as well as Bakura; it was his boyfriend that he'd chewed out, after all. And if Ryou didn't know what had happened... well, Bakura was obviously worse than he'd thought.

So, unwillingly, he picked up the phone and dialed the couple's number.


It was late Sunday evening when the phone rang. Ryou and Bakura had spent the day together, mostly just lying in bed and talking. That afternoon they had gone to the movies in an unspoken attempt to cheer each other up, but judging from the lingering, empty feeling inside him, Ryou didn't think it had worked very well. It hadn't helped Bakura either; he could tell. It was like deciding to forget about Kaiba just made him want to think about him more.

Bakura answered the phone, since he got the feeling that Ryou didn't really feel like dealing with anyone right now. Not that he did either, but oh well... "What?" he snapped; Ryou actually managed a giggled.

The person on the other end cleared his throat. "Pardon me if I called at a bad time; it's Kaiba."

Bakura frowned, forgetting that Kaiba couldn't see him. Here they were, trying to avoid him, and he just had to call them... "What do you want?"

"I..." On the other end, Kaiba grimaced, and started over. "Listen, I need to talk to both of you about something, but I feel it would be better if we were to discuss it in person. Come to my office at Kaiba Corp."

He arched an eyebrow, both at the cool tone he used and the words he said. "Where the heck is that?" he asked bluntly.

Kaiba gave him an address and told him how to find his office, then hung up without giving the other time for further comment. Bakura glared at the phone before hanging up, then glanced at his koi. "What do you think?" he asked cautiously, knowing that they both wanted to go.

"Yeah..." he said, giving a miserable smile. "Yeah, I guess we might as well go; hear what he has to say..."

"...What are we going to do?" Bakura muttered, half to himself.

"Um... I just said?"

He rolled his eyes. "No, not that! I mean... well, you know what I mean."

Ryou stared dully at the carpet. "We could always have a threesome," he suggested sarcastically.

Bakura developed a thoughtful look. "You know, that's an idea..."

He blanched. "Yami-kun!"

The spirit held up his hands in mock surrender. "No, seriously!"


"Couldn't we at least talk-"



Kaiba drummed his fingertips on the desk, impatient and nervous. What if they didn't accept his apology? What if Bakura really hadn't told Ryou about what happened? What if he lost his temper and bit their heads off? What if - dammit, where the hell were they? This was getting ridiculous.

"Um... hello?"

He jumped out of his seat, barely keeping from screaming. When he saw who it was, however - Ryou and Bakura, of course - any reproof he might have had died in his throat. "Hello," he said stiffly, looking anywhere but directly at them.

"Hey," Bakura said blandly. "So, what did you want to say to us that was so important that we had to leave our house at eight at night?"

Now that all eyes were on him, he realized, he didn't know what to say. If he wasn't in such a predicament, he might have noticed the slightest grin in the yami's features. As it was, he opened his mouth, shut it again, then said, "Er."

Now the yami really did grin. "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" he said, just a little snidely.

Kaiba glared. So he was perfectly justified in acting bitchy, but the fact of the matter was that he wasn't making this any easier. "No. I asked you here to say... I'm sorry." The couple exchanged looks of mild surprise. "I know I was a bit harsh, kicking you out of the house. Though..." He paused to glare at Bakura. "It certainly didn't improve my opinion of you, that you would cheat on Ryou like that."

"Well, how do you like that?" Bakura commented loftily. "He calls us here to apologize, and he winds up being rude. Come on, let's go." He wrapped his arm around his hikari's shoulder, and headed for the door.

Kaiba stared, shocked. It was the apology of his worst nightmares. 'I guess after being so foul for all these years, I've gotten out of practice,' he thought bitterly. Then Bakura glanced back at him.

"Unless, of course, you have anything to say for yourself."

At the same time, relief and a whole new wave of nervousness washed over him. "I... Why did you kiss me, anyway?" Better now than never, he supposed.

He shrugged, as if Kaiba were asking what the weather was like outside. "Because I'm in love with you, of course."

His mouth fell open of its own accord. "You, eh... No you're not!" he blurted. "You're in love with Ryou, dammit!"

The gentler of the two glanced back as well, and grinned a little uncertainly. "But I'm in love with you too, Kaiba-kun."

Maybe a vacation to Hawaii, or better yet, Mexico, for his mental health... Had he really just heard that? "But you're still together?" he asked, or rather, choked. "As simple as that? Are you two crazy?!"

The two exchanges secretive smiles, then Bakura pulled away and walked over to him. "Well, not quiet that simple," he admitted, circling him casually. "We were wondering, and now, be honest... Do you like us?"

He turned to keep an eye on the dark spirit; he was making him even more edgy... "What, I... No! Why do you want to know?"

He shrugged again. "Oh, if you don't then it really doesn't matter," he said nonchalantly. "I guess we'll just... go, then."

He watched them start to go once again, waging a war with himself. He really shouldn't, but... "Wait."

Ryou and Bakura glanced back again, feigning surprise. "Hmm?" Ryou asked innocently.

"Maybe," he said simply, examining the floor in depth. "Maybe; I... I don't know."

Bakura smirked hugely. "Well then, how would you like a little assistance in... making up your mind?"

He glance up, confused, only to become more confused. The only one standing in front of him was Ryou, beaming. He opened his mouth to comment on this, but froze. Reason being, a pair of thin but surprisingly strong arms had wrapped around his waist from behind, pulling him intoxicatingly close to their owner... who was kissing his neck... Before he got a chance to react, Bakura turned him around, in order to gain better access to his mouth. Meanwhile, Ryou came up behind him and proceeded to continue where Bakura had left off. Then Kaiba moaned as the lighter half shifted his hips pointedly, which caused his own hips to grid against Bakura's... The feeling was bliss.

Unfortunately, they then pulled away. Bakura grinned. "Well, did that help?" he inquired.

At this point, Kaiba's brain finally caught up with certain other organs. "Now, let me get this straight. You... both want to be with me?"

Bakura rolled his eyes, amazed at how dense this man could be at times, but Ryou grinned sheepishly. "Yes, we do."

At that, Kaiba felt something snap inside of him. Something that caused him to bend down and kiss Ryou.

It was like letting out a breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding... a decidedly good feeling, he thought.

When they pulled away, he was a bit surprised to find that Ryou seemed close to tears. "I-I can't believe it worked," he said, looking somewhat in awe, and then he flung his arms around Kaiba's neck.

He blinked, going red. Well, that was... different... "What are you talking about?" he demanded.

(Argh, Ryou, do you really think he needs to know this was planned?)

/Er, sorry yami-kun; I'm just so happy.../

Ra, he was such a sap. Not that he actually cared, of course... Out loud, Bakura said, "Come now, let's not ruin the moment..." He wrapped his arms around Kaiba's waist again, kissing his neck lightly while his hands slowly wandered downward. Ryou went back to kissing him on the mouth while his hands explored under the CEO's shirt. This time, at least, they had decided to concentrate fully on making sure Kaiba enjoyed himself...


Anyone standing outside the office would have heard strange noises. The desk creaked. At one point there was the sound of papers falling to the floor. More to the point, there was moaning. Muttered words, also. Thankfully, it was Sunday and no one was in the entire building. Outside the moon rose, unnoticed.


The three sunk to the plush if slightly messy carpet, panting, finally exhausted. Later maybe they could move to his couch, but for the moment Kaiba was content just where he was. He couldn't even begin to think what he'd been so scared of. His job... his reputation... his ego... they all seemed so far off just now. Of course, they were all completely screwed, so he better hope they continued to seem that way. But somehow, he thought they would. "Ryoho no aishiteru," he muttered.

Bakura grinned toothily. "Does that mean you're up for another go?"

But Ryou snickered; Kaiba had already drifted to sleep...


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