Innocence Lost- a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit case

In the criminal justice system

Sexually based offences are deemed especially heinous

In New York City,

these vicious felonies are investigated by an elite squad (of the NYPD)

known as the Special Victims Unit

These are their stories

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June 4- 6:30 a.m.

It is the morning after the New York/Toronto area had the closest this to a Florida style hurricane. Last night the heaviest rain storm in history pounded on New York along with the heaviest winds. The State department had just called off its storm warning and 3 Mexican American boys were taking advantage of it on bikes. They wanted to ride and race through the watery and sometimes flooding aftermath. They needed to get to school early to make the bus to go to soccer practice. They race through shortcuts, mainly alleyways of abandoned steel storage back neighbourhood places to get to school. Steel junk intertwine with old garbage in stacks, and a 10 feet wall of garbage line up behind it, secured in anticipation of the storm perfect for the boys to ride on like a platform to impress each other and get to school faster.

"Hurry up, slowpoke were gonna be late" yelled the first boy in the lead.

"Hey shut up Carlos, I'm faster than you" replied the second boy, pantingly.

"Yo, were are gonna be late, man, why the hell did you guys choose this way" the last boy shouted.

"Cause like me, its slick", boasted Carlos.

And with that attitude Carlos jumped his bike up onto a pile of sturdy looking boxes and rode on garbage and junk which made a horrible mess but a challenge to bike on.

"See who got skills now, boy" Carlos exclaimed.

However Carlos celebrated his abilities much too early. Just as he jumped onto his last garbage can, it collapsed under him. Carlos fell sideways with junk, garbage and waste intertwined with leftover steel came down after him. Luckily nothing heavy fell directly on him but left him in a mess. The other guys could hardly contain their laughter.

But the third boy soon stopped laughing just as quickly as he started. The eyes of the third boy was fixated on what was revealed when the garbage fell.

"Hey Carlos gimme your cell phone."


"Just look". The third boy pointed at what he saw.

"Holy Shit" Carlos said as he recognized what it was

It was a cruel sight to the eyes. An otherwise beautiful blonde, but obviously dead teenage girl was hanging from a crevice in the nook which held a storm drain. Her pants torn and at her ankles. Her panties were half off and a steel pipe was rammed up her uterus. Because of the storm her body was moist and rubbery and bluish. Signs of blood and smell of death were obvious but washed off, probably due to the effects of the storm, because the body was right under the drain and open to the storm. This was the sight of a sick murder.

30 minutes later, CSU (Crime Scene Unit) came in, after the patrolmen. It was at this point that Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson entered the scene. They were called because of the obvious signs of sodomy and sexual aggravation. The first chance they get, they talk the a free CSU analyst.

"O.K. what you got?", asked Stabler.

"The body was well hidden, behind a tall wall of debris, garbage and wasted crap" said analyst, "since rigor had set in, the time of death was likely 6 hours ago, so about 1:30 (a.m.), we already did a rape kit but it's doubtful that we will find anything".

"We found her wallet in her pocket and found a driver's licence and school ID card with it" replied the analyst.


"She's Elizabeth Brooke McGuire, goes to Hillridge public school"

"in Queens?", said Stabler.

"I guess so"

"Yet she's here in the Bronx" asked Stabler.

"What else?", asked Benson.

"Well besides the obvious fact she was hanged, we found cerebral haemorrhaging across the back plate of her skull, a telltale sign of blunt force trauma"

"You mean that that she was hit across the back of her head", asked Stabler.

"Yeah, with something smooth"

"like the dozens of steel pipes in this alleyway", hypothesised Benson.

"Exactly, it looks like that was used throughout"

The two detectives were also eyeing the pipe that was rammed up the victims uterus.

"What about this?", questioned Benson.

"Well we could tell that the same perp, probably did this to her after bustin her head"

"So were dealing with guy with a serious issue with her", said Stabler.

Benson began hypothesising, "well so far we could tell and CSU could prove, the perp followed the girl her and hit her clean across the head and did this to her".

Then the analyst interrupted "Not only that, you see those marks on her body, bluer than her body, that meant that the perp probably the same pipe to beat her repeatedly, as well as we found traces of spermicide, and we collected that for the crime lab"

"Spermicide, that means on top of all that happened the victim was...", Benson began to question

The analyst cut him off "yep, she was raped, just right before the pipe was rammed up"

"Alright, so much for the bad news, what about DNA, I mean we gotta find this"

"Unfortunately there's no good news like that here, you see thanks to mother nature, all solid DNA evidence anywhere in the crime scene we were able to trace were washed off and gone in last night's storm, the lab may find traces of DNA but I doubt anything solid."

Benson and Stabler step aside to confide the information with each other.

"I don't believe it, a violent sex offender did this and it could be anyone in New York", exclaimed Benson.

"Hey, don't be so negative, I mean they did find something, maybe the lab could make something of it" replied Stabler.

"Yeah, I guess", Benson said skeptically.

"Someone who did this meant business and he's still out there", Stabler said, "And due to the State Department warning, almost no one was out, especially here, and thus probably no one saw a thing".

Benson agrees.

"Alright, alright, the only thing we can do is see what the lab can find, and we better notify the boss", suggested Benson.

"One more thing", interrupted Stabler, "Given this nature of the crime, don't you think that she was alive and feeling everything when this perp beat on, raped her, then sodomized her."

"You're probably right", answered Benson, "I mean look at the stress marks on her face, the last emotion she ever had".

"Let's hope that we're wrong", said Stabler

Both Benson and Stabler finish looking at the body before it is wrapped up and sent to the M.E. (Medical examiner) at the crime lab.

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