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Innocence Lost- a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit case

GUN!, rang out a screaming ESU officer.


Cragen pushes Gordo to the ground, using himself as a shield, just as the alert rang out and Paolo had taken aim at them.

Neither were hurt.

Luckily for them, that 'boom' was not Paolo's gun.

It was the shot from the ESU sniper who waited and was not waved off by Cragen. He had a shot all the time. He didn't hesitate, nor did he stand down, thus he was ready to take Paolo out.

But because of the frantic nature, and the unexpected compromise of the situation, he didn't manage the 'instant kill' head shot he wanted. He took Paolo out in the upper right chest. The bullet went straight through Paolo's body, effectively preventing Paolo from pulling the trigger.

The force of the shot sent him back at least five feet, before he collapsed.

Cragen helps Gordo up, who is in shock, along with himself.

Stabler approaches Paolo, and after kicking the gun away from his hand, he inspects Paolo.

He's still breathing.

He still had a pulse.

Against every desire he had for Paolo to die and rot there, his professionalism took over his emotions.

"He has a pulse, we need EMS NOW."

Instantly two awaiting FDNY EMS paramedics rush to Paolo's aid. They check him and conclude.

"Pulse is faint, if we rush him to intensive care, he might make it," said the first paramedic.

The paramedics work on Paolo, get him into a stretcher and into an awaiting ambulance. Cragen orders Benson to ride with him.

Meanwhile (while all this is happening), Fin and Munch, along with ESU, approach the stolen car as, Munch searches the backseat inside and finds.

"Hey, Fin, these are Isabella's clothes and bra…," started Munch

Then he spots something else.

"…and a used condom wrapper," finished Munch.

Fin then hears noises coming from the trunk. Someone was in there.

"Aiuto, Aiuto, Aiuto," the frantic and muffled scream came from the trunk said.

"She's in the trunk. John, pop the trunk," ordered Fin.

Fin did as he was told, the trunk only unlocks and partially pops. It's broken.

"Gimme a crowbar," Fin ordered.

Munch finds a crowbar in the front seat, and hands it to Fin. Fin pops the trunk to find a shocked, frantic, devastated and sobbing Isabella Perichi. She has a small amount of blood coming from her head. She was pistol whipped particularly hard by Paolo. She is naked, wearing no clothes except her panties, which were spread down to her knees. Her wrists and ankles are tied up (not too tight, but tight enough) with rope. She tries to plead and beg but can't because Paolo had stuffed something in her mouth, which she couldn't remove because she was tied up. It was shoved in there as she had been gradually, but surely, chocking on it. Fin tries to get it out, and when he realizes what it is knew what happened.

Isabella Perichi was kidnapped at gunpoint. She was tied up before being assaulted, stuffed into a trunk of a car, brought to the cemetery. Then she was raped at gun point, with a condom, and he force fed that same condom stuffed into her mouth and down her throat to gag her.

Who know what else he might have done to her, after Paolo had finished with Lizzie's plot, had they not show up.

She obviously shows the signs of rape victims, first begging Fin not to her, because he's a man.

"Whoa, whoa, easy, I'm a cop. I'm here. It's o.k."

It take a little while for that to process in her head, but as Fin rushes to cover her with a blanket, which he also found in the backseat of the car, and shows her his badge, she realizes this. She says nothing but embraces Fin tightly, which trying to cough out the residue of what was in her mouth a second ago.

Fin was enraged as he covered Isabella. To say the least

Now it was over. For Paolo that is.

Official Indictiments ( consequences) of the District Attorney's Office of New York served by the NYPD against the defendant Paolo Valisari.

First Degree Aggravated Rape (Elizabeth McGuire): Death (or 15 yrs)

First Degree Murder (Elizabeth McGuire): Death (or 40)

Second Degree Murder(Katherine Saunders): 15-35

Attempted Murder (Larry Tudgeman)-(tried to frame him for death penalty crime): 10-12

Assault causing bodily harm- First degree-(Service boy)- 5

Escaping protective custody: 6 months

Narcotics possession (crystal meth): 5-7

Production of Child Pornography (14 year of Lizzie McGuire): 7-9

Possession of Child Pornography (14 year of Lizzie McGuire): 5-7

Distribution of Child Pornography (14 year of Lizzie McGuire): 7-9

Assault causing bodily harm (Bodyguard): 2.5-5

Assault causing bodily harm (Lawyer): 2.5-5

Carjacking (Lawyer's car): 1 yr.

Kidnapping-First Degree(Isabella Perichi): 5-7

Assault causing bodily harm- First degree (Isabella Perichi): 5

First Degree Rape (Isabella Perichi): 7-10

Attempted Murder (David Gordon): 10-12

If convicted of first two: Automatic Death Row sentence.

If a 'grand' plea is requested by the defence, and is granted by District Attorney Branch (very unlikely), Paolo Valisari will serve all sentences consecutively (one after the other) and for the maximum number of years. (Thus you can do the math, all of the max sentences all added up. Remember no sentence can be any shorter than this or any longer than Paolo's natural life)

On television…Footage from MSNBC news broadcast report, outside New York Supreme Courty. 7 months after the hostage situation.

"Today marks the end of preliminary statements in the now infamous Lizzie McGuire case. It also marks 2 days of preliminary statements by the famous Isabella Perichi, also one of Paolo's alleged victims, who provided not only testimonial evidence of Mr. Valisari's crimes, but also gave testimony to the crimes that were perpetrated on her by the same suspect. Those particular indictments were not available to us because of a court order, meant to protect Ms. Perichi, as she will resume her American tour to promote her new breakthrough album, the first of hers to come stateside. Defence attorneys for the suspect, Paolo Valisari, will be expected to play up the scenario, surrounding events leading to and after the past International Music Video awards. Amid which they will portray the primary victim Ms. McGuire as a greedy nymphomaniac who drove the defendant to the brink of insanity. Mr. Valisari's attorney, have issued a plea of not guilty, but declined to state mental defect as a cause of this. However they are expected to counter the confession made by the defendant by arguing about its legal invalidity, due to the traumatic experiences, caused by his hostage ordeal. On that same note, there is no word yet on whether the District attorney's office will pursue indictments against David Gordon, an ex-boyfriend of the late victim, Ms. McGuire, but under the request of District Attorney Branch himself, the Attorney General's office of New York is commissioning a special judicial trail for the defendant's biological uncle, now former Italian Consul General Luciano Valisari, who is suspected of using his political authority to fuel his organized crime motives and to hinder the police in the pursuit of his nephew. The start of the trial is set to start three hours from now, where the defendant, Paolo Valisari, will arrive from rehab, his first time out of hospital, since the hostage crisis.

Christina Samson, MSNBC news, New York."

Judge Walther Bradley's Chambers

New York Supreme Court

Morning before the trial.

Ms. Novak and Paolo's attorney, Paul Teesdale, are meeting with the judge in his chambers. They are here to address and debate motions requested by the defence (Paolo's attorney).

"Your honour, I petition a motion for change of Venue," Mr. Teesdale said as he handed the blue form for the judge and Ms. Novak to inspect.

The judge looks at it…

"Mr. Teesdale, the last time you brought this same motion to my desk, Paolo was only facing a fraction of the indictments he faces now. There were no merits to grant it then, so I certainly don't believe there's any to grant them now."

"But your honour, it's because of the further stigmatization that my client will be unfairly sent to death row."

"That's ridiculous you honour, Mr. Valisari knew full well of the implications of his actions, when he was facing only 4 charges. Yet he still continues to go…"

But the judge wouldn't let her finish.

"I agree with you, Ms. Novak," began Judge Bradley, "Mr. Teesdale, if your client was so willing to use the city of New York as the jurisdiction for his crimes, he certainly deserves to be willing to accept the responsibility of being tried by the same jurisdiction. It also doesn't help the fact that when he escaped he racked up charges on his rap sheet like I do charges on my phone bill. That was something he was in total control over. is his problem, not the courts. Thus the motion to change venue, is denied, anything else?"

Ms. Novak was about to answer no, but Teesdale interrupted her.

"Yes, one more your honour, I request that the confession be suppressed…"

"Oh, on what grounds," asked Judge Bradley

"My client insists, that the confession he made was false. He admits that it was just to assuage Mr. Gordon from killing him. He was under the pretence that it would get him released from that madman who was trying to kill him."

"Your honour, that's outrages, confessions are fully admissible in court, irregardless of means, unless…," began Ms. Novak.

"Which was the case here…," Mr. Teesdale argued back.

"The defendant didn't show probable distress, he was egging on Mr. Gordon, he was ready to manipulate him. He almost killed Mr. Gordon," rambled on Ms. Novak, in a crescendo of anger.

"RELAX, Ms. Novak," calmed down Judge Bradley, "I completely agree with you."

He then turns to Teesdale.

"Mr. Teesdale, the next time to come to my chambers and want to suppress evidence, try to make it at least look legally fair and valid. I don't need any characters making devils look like saints in my courtroom. Irregardless of the reason, Paolo's state of mind as the victim of circumstance was not under extreme duress like that statute calls. Thus I deny your motion to suppress evidence. The evidence is fully admissible."

With that both lawyers relent and retreat.

Outside the Supreme Court

Just before the trial.

1:44 p.m.

Detectives Benson, Stabler, Tutuola (Fin), and Munch all arrive awaiting both Paolo and Isabella. Paolo is being sent via stretch limo (again, provided by his family) which were being escorted by a police convoy. NYPD officers are keeping a loud and angry mob at bay, outside a walkway as they organize a Pro Lizzie, Anti Paolo rally, outside. They number around 80-90 people, some hold signs (demanding justice for Lizzie and death for Paolo) as well as anti Paolo effigies, demanding justice for Lizzie.

Isabella arrives first. She is greeted by whistles, cheer, and supporters, of this third victim of Paolo. She smiles and greets the crowd with a wave, who answers back to her with cheers and well wishes. She looks nothing like she did when Fin found her during the hostage crisis. She even took the time to sign autographs for the few who stood in the blistering cold, holding out magazines, her CD's to sign. She manages to sign all of them, before walking to meet the detectives. She walks past Fin, but not before smiling at him warmly, acknowledging that she didn't forget how he helped her during the hostage crisis.

Meanwhile, Stabler was walking up with Mrs. McGuire up the court building steps, wanting to get inside earlier. Her husband has been sick with pneumonia, his recovery obviously slowed down, because of the family's loss of Lizzie. Matt decided not to come.

"You alright, Ms," Asked Stabler.

"I guess so. So this is finally it," asked Ms. McGuire, wearily, especially because of the news of Paolo's escape and resulting hostage crisis."

"Don't worry; we've got cops all over Paolo and his family. There's no way in hell he's going anywhere. District Attorney Branch himself is prosecuting this case. Attorney General's office of New York is guaranteeing, the Feds won't go anywhere near this case. And I assure you, well bring justice."

"What about Gordo," asked Mrs. McGuire.

"I wouldn't worry ma'am. My boss (Cragen) requested leniency for Gordo. We knew he was distressed. From what ADA Novak tells us, he'll probably serve 6 months to one year probation, and a restraining order from Paolo. That's it."

Mrs. McGuire just smiles in return and continues to walk up.

Meanwhile, Benson is walking Isabella up the steps.

"You alright," asked Benson

"No lo so (I don't know)," replied Isabella.

"Don't worry, there's nothing he can do to you now. Thanks to you and your family, were shutting down the Valisari criminal organization."

"I just hope the trial will go well," said Isabella.

"Don't worry, I'm sure the trial and you will do great,"

Suddenly a second limo pulls up, and a solemn, almost enfeebled looking young man steps out. His face instantly starts to boos, shout, push at, and cat calls him. He ignores this and continues up the step, with NYPD officers in tow. Isabella catches a glimpse of him before turning away. Benson knew what she was thinking.

"Don't worry, you don't have to see him. C'mon, lets go inside, we'll get you settled."

"Grazie," replied Isabella.

The loud uproar, caused by the crowd is largely ignored by Paolo.

Paolo, looks up in front of him, and his face of apathy, turns into horror.

"NO NO NO," shouted Paolo, frantically shouted as he tried to escape the fate he saw in front of him, but to no avail.


The detectives instantly stop escorting and rush to the scene, guns drawn.

Paolo was shot three times, straight in the heart and lung region in the chest.

A bystander, who wearing a hooded sweater, managed to get past the barrier, and with hood covering head, shot Paolo, still holding the pointed gun at him as Paolo collapsed to the ground.

Stabler rushed to Paolo's side trying to resuscitate him, while Benson quickly ran from behind and pointed her gun at the back of the hooded sweater.

"Drop the weapon, puts your hands on your head NOW," ordered Benson.

Benson saw the suspect drop the gun. Munch and Fin, who also had their guns drawn were facing her and the victim. Fin and Munch were in full view of the suspect's face. Benson saw Fin's face was in shock, which she figured was due to the fact that he saw who the suspect was. Benson, became worried at what it was that could shock Fin. She then looked at Stabler as he shook his head. Paolo was dead. 6 regular NYPD officers also converged on the suspect from all the other sides, and pointed their guns straight at the suspect's head. The suspects hands were on her head.

Benson orders the suspect…

"Turn around slowly…"

The suspect slowly removes her hood, showing her raven black hair, with highlighted purple streaks. Benson's eyes widen as the suspect began to turn around, to show her tear soaked face.

Miranda Isabella Sanchez.

Benson is dumbfounded for a moment.

"Miranda, why," asked Benson shocked.

Miranda looks up at Benson and replies…

"I loved her," replied Miranda.

Benson was shocked. But then she realized she wasn't surprised. She had suspected this from when she and Fin first interviewed her.

Stabler comes up from behind and handcuffs her.

"Miranda Sanchez, you're under arrest for the murder of Paolo Valisari, you have the right to remain silent- anything you say or do…"

Stabler handcuffed and let Miranda away.

Instantly the crowd recovered from their sense of shock, began chanting…

"Let her Go… Let her Go… Let her Go… Let her Go."

But Benson caught none of what her partner was saying, the crowd chanting, or any outside noise. She was still trying to completely make sense of this. She knew it. She was right.

Whether Lizzie thought of Miranda as anything more than the best of friends, no-one could answer.

But the only thing she knew.

Miranda sure did.

She murdered Paolo, for the same reason that Gordo wanted to. The same reason why Gordo was devestaed about her death.

She never got to tell Lizzie how she really felt about her.


Supreme Court (of New York)

Two days after Paolo Valisari's murder.

Arraignments are now taking place once again. The courtroom is nowhere as noisy as it was when Kate Saunders and Larry Tudgeman were being arraigned. Miranda was up.

Sitting there behind Miranda were her parents. The mother was teary eyed, and her father was just dumbfounded. Both were unable to comprehend that their daughter would ever have to face criminal court.

Benson was also there. She thought, as Miranda moved up for her turn with the hearing judge, these kids (Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda) weren't supposed a part of something this tragic. They were young and were supposed to be the meaning of Innocence.

"Docket number 10493, (the) people (of the State of New York) vs. Miranda Sanchez. One count, Murder in the second degree"

"How does your client plea," asks the Judge.

Miranda speaks up, "I plead…"

More like Innocence Lost now.

The End

What did Miranda plea. That's something for you to take home from this story. Did she plea innocent, and force a trial she'd probably lose, or did she plea guilty with the condition of a reduced sentence. Or did she plead guilty, not requesting or even refusing a lighter sentence. That's for you to think about.

(Please don't hate me for having you to do this. I don't consider this really leaving people hanging. I mean, I hate to say it, but what are her chances)

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As you can see way too dark, even for me. I want to attract an older audience, not disgust them with something too depraved.

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