What a Girl Wants... HP Style

This is a story about Harry and Ginny based on the movie 'What A Girl Wants.' Harry is running for minister of Magic when his unknown daughter turns up... Who's the mother you ask... A Miss. Ginny Weasley.

Chapter One

My Daughter?!

Harry Potter was in his fifth floor pent house pacing back and forth.

"Ron where are you?!" Harry called sitting down on his black couch. "We're going to be late!"

"I'm here I'm here no need to yell!" Ron said walking into the living room wearing tan slacks and a blue polo shirt. Harry was wearing a red button up shirt and black slacks. They were on their way to Luna and Neville's wedding.

"Is Ginny going to be there?" Harry asked anxiously. "I haven't seen her in a year." Harry and Ginny had dated in Hogwarts but when Ginny graduated she left. Just vanished. Finally nine years later she had turned up...


Harry was walking down Diagon ally when he saw a very red head turn the corner.

"No it couldn't be could in?" He asked himself. He followed the red head into the Ice cream shop. She turned around and he was face to face with Ginny Weasley for the first time in nine years.

Harry leaned forward without hesitation and kissed her. She was surprised at first but then she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck and he did the same to her waist. Finally they broke apart.

"Harry we need to talk." Ginny told him quietly.

"No talk now... come with me." Harry replied pulling her out of the shop and setting off for his house... his bedroom to be more specific. When Harry woke up the next morning Ginny was gone.

End Flashback---

"Harry mate?" Ron asked waving the shoe he was holding in front of Harry's face. Harry jumped.

"I'm fine... come on let's go." Harry replied distantly. They made it to the wedding just in time. It was a beautiful ceremony. Luna looked stunning in white and Neville looked dashing in his tux. Harry had finally been able to get away insisting that he needed to meet with some advisors. Harry left and quickly apparated to his flat. Harry wasted no time as he quickly strode across the room and went into his bedroom to change. He pulled on some flannel pants and a white tee shirt. Harry then went into his bathroom so splash some water on his face. He hadn't changed much since school ten years ago. He had the same stunning green eyes like emeralds, the same messy raven hair. However he had opted for contacts and his face was beginning to show the stress the young man had endured. Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort just seven years ago. There was no battle surprisingly; just Harry and Voldemort had squared off in the great hall in Hogwarts. Finally after many hours Harry had emerged the victor. Harry shook himself mentally and left the bathroom to watch some TV. Harry had taken to muggle devices since he had left school. He now owned a TV. and a telephone.

Ginny and Lily

"Mum!" A ten-year-old girl called from the kitchen. "Where's all the food in this place?"

"Lily darling I already explained that I haven't had time to go shopping. Moving across the Atlantic Ocean has kept me rather busy. Now go play with your brother and I'll go get some pizza in a little bit." Ginny called back to her daughter.

Ginny and her two children Lily and James (here by referred to as Jamie) had just moved back to England from Chicago. Ginny had left shortly after she graduated from school. She had found out she was pregnant and decided that with Voldemort and the upcoming war, Harry couldn't use any more drama. She had fled with out telling anyone but Hermione where she was going. Nine years later, Ginny had returned to England ready to tell Harry about Lily. However she hadn't planned on sleeping with him. Ginny then found herself a single mother of two and completely alone. She had now returned to England with the reason of wanting to send Lily to Hogwarts. Lily was now ten and Jamie was four months.

"Mum can you please get some food?" Lily asked pleadingly.

"Yeah I guess. But I'll have to go pick up some. I'm too tired to conjure anything. Will you be fine here by yourself?"

"Mum I'm ten for Merlin sake!" Ginny smiled at how much she reminded her of Harry. Strong and independent like Harry, she also had his eyes. Lily had inherited her Mother's red hair and her Father's emerald eyes. Jamie on the other hand, had dark black messy hair and hazel eyes.

"Okay Lil. I'll be back in 10. I'm taking your brother with me. "Ginny told her daughter picking up her son and coat.

"Okay bye Mum!" Lily called with a smirk on her face. "Okay now where is her address book?"

Lily went into the living room and started looking through boxes. Ginny found her Mum's address book and a picture album. Lily pulled the heavy album down on her lap. She opened it and saw a picture of her Mum and Dad sitting under a tree laughing and sharing an occasional kiss. Next there was a picture of Ginny on graduation day and Harry was in the background. He was talking to her grandfather,

"What was that in his hand?" she wondered. "No it couldn't be a ring... could it?"

Lily snapped the album shut not bothering to look at the pictures of her and her brother. Lily then moved on to her mum address book. She quickly flipped to Potter. Her Dad only lived ten blocks away! Lily was ecstatic. She went into her room and pulled some clothes out of her boxes and stuffed them into a book bag. She grabbed some money off the counter and her coat from the rack and went to write a note to her Mum.

Dear Mum,

I'm going to visit Dad. No need to worry. I'll call you later.




Harry had just finished his movie when there was a knock at his door. Harry went over and opened it. There stood a young girl. Harry just stared at her.

"Are you going to invite me in or not?" Lily questioned.

Harry stood back and let the small girl enter.

"Um..." Harry cleared his throat, "Would you mind telling me who you are?"

"Oh I'm your daughter." Lily replied.

Harry could have laughed out loud.

"I don't have a daughter sweetie!" Harry said bending down to her eye level. He looked into her eyes and fell over backwards.

"You have my eyes!" He sputtered.

"Yep!" Lily replied brightly. "I'm Lillian Marie Potter! Pleased to meet you!"

Harry just stared. Not knowing what else to say...

"So your mother is Ginny judging by the fact that she's the only one I've ever slept with." Harry asked and Lily nodded her head. "How old are you anyway?"

"I'll be 11 next June!" Harry's eyes widened in realization.

'So that's why Gin left! Damn her!" Harry muttered quietly.

"Want to see some pictures?" Lily asked.

"Sure!" Harry replied realizing how weird this sounded. He had just found out he had a daughter and they were calmly sitting in his living room. "I thing I'll shut the door first."

Harry led Lily over to his couch and they both sat down. Lily sat down a ways away form Harry but Harry pulled her closer. With his arm around his daughter they looked at pictures. Then they came to a picture of a little boy.

"Who's that?" Harry asked.

"That's my brother." Lily replied happily and continued chatting about quidditch.

"Wait you have a brother? So Ginny is married?" Harry asked feeling his heart sinking.

"No silly!" Ginny replied. "He's yours too. Remember that night Mum came back to tell you something?"


"Well I was that thing. But she just came back pregnant."

Harry's mind was spinning. He had a daughter and a son. Then something occurred to Harry.

"Lils how did you get here?"

"Oh we moved in about ten blocks away and I just walked over."

"Wait! Gin doesn't know you're here?"


"Oh she must be worried sick." Harry thought. "What's your address?" Harry asked moving towards the fire.

"Apartment 9 in the Westside building." Lily replied.

Harry took out his wand and lit the fire. He grabbed some floo powder and threw in into the fire. The flames turned green and he stuck his head in the fire yelling,

"Westside building number 9!" When Harry's head finally stopped spinning, he saw a ton of boxes and no Ginny.

"GINNY!!! WHERE ARE YOU?" He shouted. Then a redhead ran out of the kitchen and froze when she say Harry's face in the fire. She was holding Jamie.

"Hey Harry..." Ginny said quietly

"Hi Gin long time no see..." Harry replied "I've just had a nice little chat with Lily and we would love for you to join us!"

"Uh okay."

"It's number 12 uptown flats." Harry told her before pulling his head out of the fire.

A few moments later Ginny appeared in Harry's living room holding Jamie.

"Mum!" Lily cried. Ginny gave her a weak smile.

"Harry..." Ginny said gently. "Do want to hold your son?" Harry nodded and took Jamie form Ginny. Harry felt tears well up in his eyes. As the first tears fell on the sleeping baby, Harry looked up at Ginny.

"Ginny..." Harry started in a shallow whisper. "You've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do."

Ginny nodded sitting down next to Harry and their children.

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