Calai'di: Hey guys, guess what. I got another idea! So this is my newest fanfic, and it's set in a completely different universe from what's seen in the manga and anime.

Ratings: Probably R (I wouldn't be surprised by the end)

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh, or it's original plot line, or it's characters (if I did, Bakura would have come back long ago). Or anything that might show up that's already copyrighted by someone else. Can't say waht it is yet, but there might something.

Warning (for the rest of the fic): This is rated R for a reason. There is toture, yaoi, some possible lemons, and most definately a lime or two. But it's mostly rated for the toture. If you can't take it...well, I'm not sure what to do for you.

Lines of Pain: Chapter One

As Yugi passed over the threshold to the confines of his room, he glanced around nervously and sighed with relief as he saw he was alone. That could quickly change, but for now, he was safe. He cautiously closed the door and walked to his desk, backpack ready to yield his nightly homework.

Yugi had a good reason to be afraid, and that reason was called by an ominous name: Yami. And 'Yami' nearly described him perfectly. It was amazing how everyone believed he was kind and protective of his hikari, even calling him 'aibou' occasionally in public to add to the illusion. In truth, he was almost completely opposite, his protectiveness attributed only to his need of a body to exist, and definitely not out of love for his hikari.

The small boy hissed softly as the desk collided with his wrist, hitting a fresh bruise that resided there. Similar bruises ran up his arms and over the rest of his body, the newest being from the day before. And he didn't doubt that something would happen today.

After about ten minutes of hard-core studying, Yugi decided that maybe Yami would leave him alone today, and he got up to lock the door. He may not always be a good student, but he did like to learn and he didn't like anyone interrupting him when he actually decided to do homework. Imagine his shock when the door was already locked and couldn't be opened. He gave up after a few moments and returned to his desk, hoping the feeling in the pit of his stomach held no relevance. Alas, it only grew bigger as the afternoon wore on.

When the sky starting growing dark outside his window, he decided to go downstairs to get something to eat, but the door still wouldn't open for him. And he was so focused on trying to get the door to open that he didn't notice when a figure appeared behind him, leaning lightly against his desk, staring with amusement at his fruitless efforts.

"That door isn't going to open," Yami said quietly, causing Yugi to jump in surprise. The teen slowly looked around at his yami, who was dangling a key on a string from his fingers, and plastered a fake, easy-going smile on his face to try to block out the fear he felt.

"Hi, Yami," he answered, trying to sound as though he wasn't afraid. Yami frowned at him, almost disgustedly, and placed the key in his pocket as Yugi walked back to his desk and reached around his other for one of his books. He would never dream of asking Yami to move out of the way; he'd done that once and once was enough to know that he never wanted to do that again. As Yugi turned to sit down on his bed, Yami kicked him in the back, and he flew forward and landed painfully on his stomach, the book lodged underneath his ribs. The dark placed his foot on the hikari's back when he tried to get up and forced him back down on the floor.

"You forgot something," he hissed warningly in a tone that would have made Yami Bakura proud. "That isn't the proper way to address a Pharaoh," he added, lifting his foot off of Yugi's back.

Yugi quickly turned around and kissed the toes of Yami's shoes. "I'm sorry, my Pharaoh," he muttered, trying not to let his resentment show in his voice. Ever since Yami had found out about his past, at least the part about being Pharaoh, he'd been worse than ever, rivaling even Kaiba in his arrogance. Not that anyone but Yugi had seen that side of him before.

"Very good. It's about time you started picking that up." Yugi made a move to stand up, but his yami pinned him back down. "Did I tell you to get up yet?"

"No," Yugi whispered, his breathing harsh as his lungs were crushed.

"You can just stay like that until I say otherwise," Yami said, releasing his light to sit on the bed. The hikari stayed crouched on the floor, afraid of what could happen if he moved more than breathing. Yami stared at him for a few moments, then reached into one of the drawers of the desk and brought out a knife; he ran his fingers carefully over it, perfectly aware that Yugi had no idea what he was doing, which terrified the boy so much he was shaking. Yami slowly walked around the trembling boy, savoring the fear he was causing just with his presence; he didn't even have to do anything and his hikari was scared stiff! Well, not exactly 'scared stiff', he was beyond that by now. Yami casually leaned down and whispered in Yugi's ear, "You can stand up now."

Yugi cautiously got to his feet, looking wearily at his dark and the knife in his hand. Now he knew he was in trouble; Yami rarely ever brought that knife out, and it was far less than he himself did. The boy backed up as Yami walked calmly toward him, panicking when his back hit the wall behind him. The eyes that watched the approaching blade grew wider and wider with fright until they threatened to consume his entire face. The last thing Yugi saw before shutting his eyes closed tight was Yami's feral grin and the flashing of a knife before his face. And then he knew only pain, and the house knew only his pained screams as the crazed yami cut his life away.