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Lines of Pain: Chapter Eight

"Bakura, we're back!" Yugi called as he stepped into Ryou's apartment. Malik walked in behind him, closing the door, and pulled him into a hug.

"Shhh," he whispered when Yugi protested, "just listen." They were silent and soon heard explicit noises coming from Ryou and Bakura's bedroom. From the sounds they were making, Bakura and whoever he was fucking, most likely Merik, were much too far into what they were doing to notice anything but their own pleasure. Malik turned Yugi around and smiled knowingly. "See? I doubt he could even hear you, or care, at the moment."

Yugi smiled back and kissed him lightly. "You're right. Maybe we should let him find out we're home on his own." He broke out of Malik's grasp and started toward the guest bedroom to his things away.

Malik stood stunned in the hallway for a few moments, trying to figure out what had just happened. Yugi had kissed him. Willingly. Without prompting. For the whole day, he'd been under the impression that Yugi liked him only as a friend, but the kiss seemed to hint otherwise. But that also meant Yugi had made the first move, and Malik hated when someone he liked acted dominant. He was not the type of person to be uke.

He followed Yugi into the guest-room and snaked his arms around his boyfriend's waist. "Why'd you kiss me?"

Yugi turned around so he was facing Malik. "Didn't you want me to?" Malik nodded. "Then why are you questioning it?"

"I didn't think you liked me that much," Malik admitted. Yugi giggled and kissed him again, but this time Malik took control and shoved his tongue into Yugi's mouth, exploring every bit of the extravagant taste that he could. Yugi moaned softly and tried to push Malik's tongue out with his own, only to moan again when the taller boy ran his fingers over his back…

"Agh! 'Kura! Not so hard!"

They broke off abruptly, both recognizing that voice. And it definitely wasn't Merik who was yelling.

"Ryou!" they shouted together. Cursing was briefly heard from the other room, and shortly, Bakura appeared in the doorway, stark naked and extremely pissed.

"Do you mind?" he demanded angrily. "I heard you when you came in, but do you have to ruin my fun now?"

"Geeze, Bakura, put something on," Malik grumbled.

"I was right in the middle of something, so I didn't really have time, dumbass!"

"Well, you could put on boxers on something! You're packing down there, ya know?"

"Shut up! Of course I am! I'm right in the middle of something!"

"You could make yourself decent at least. We've got virgin eyes here!"

"'Kura?" came a soft voice from behind the spirit. Ryou also appeared, but he'd had enough sense to at least make himself decent before showing up. "What's going on?"

"Ryou? What are you doing here?" Yugi asked bewilderedly.

Ryou blushed. "Bakura and Merik 'saved me' or something, but then Merik stayed there with Yami for some reason." Ryou's expression grew stormy at the memory. "I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier, Yugi! Your yami is pure evil, I swear. He's worse than Merik was!"

"Ryou, don't talk like that about our koi," Bakura admonished quietly.

"Well, it is true," Ryou whispered back. Then to Yugi he added, "So right now Merik's supposedly punishing Yami for hurting us, I guess." His eyes suddenly widened in surprise and his gaze swept briefly over Yugi. "You know, I just noticed, look, Yugi."

Yugi blushed slightly and looked away as Bakura added, "Yeah, I was just thinking that...really, really hot...I almost wish...but–" he glanced at Malik's possessive expression and then grabbed his own hikari by the hand– "I have my own hikari to have fun with. And we have business to attend to." He smirked and pinched Ryou's butt, causing the hikari to jump slightly. "Come on, Ryou."

Yugi and Malik smiled as Ryou was dragged off again, and almost immediately after his door closed, they heard him scream again. Yugi shook his head briefly and wrapped his arms around Malik's neck, pulling him closer.

"I never thanked you Malik," he murmured, staring up into the Egyptian's lavender eyes.

"For what?"

"For...well, for caring for me like you have been lately." He glanced sheepishly down at the floor. "No one's ever cared about me like that...except maybe Ryou. But that's recent."

Malik smiled and placed a finger under Yugi's chin, turning his face to look up at him again. "Yugi...of course I care about you. Why wouldn't I care? No one as beautiful and kind as you should ever be hurt."

Yugi blushed but didn't turn away. "No one has ever said anything like that to one's liked me before..."

"Then I guess I'm the first, huh?" Malik commented and he suddenly caught Yugi's lips in a kiss.

Yami groaned softly as he woke up the next morning, but something yelled at him from the back of his mind not to make a move, and Yami, being the logical pharaoh he was, listened to that voice, instead focusing on his surroundings. There was a pair of arms wrapped tightly around him, a pair belonging to a warm body pressing against his back. The one who was responsible for all his pain at the moment. The one who was responsible for Ryou's disappearance. Merik.

Gods, how he hated that Egyptian. Mind, he was a very good fuck, though a bit sadistic, and Yami wouldn't mind fucking him again...but he still hated Merik. And now Merik was in his bed, sleeping with him. The gods had a very odd sense of humor.

Yami tried to turn over to maybe hit the offending other yami somewhere, like down there, only to have to literally bite his tongue to keep from screaming at the pain that shot through his body (AN: it's really not that much; he's just not used to it, the baby). Agh, he was going to kill that Egyptian if it was that last thing he would do alive!


Yami froze when he heard Merik whisper this and decided to keep quiet and see if the yami would say anything else in his sleep.


"WHAT!" Yami screamed, effectively waking his captor. Merik yawned and stretched, and Yami hissed in pain when a hand was brought down heavily on his shoulder.

"Good morning, Pharaoh," Merik murmured cheerily as he carefully petted Yami's hair.

Yami shivered at the touch, more from–well, fear, really– than anything else. "Merik, leave me alone."

"You sure didn't want me to last night–"

"Well, I do now!"

"Pharaoh..." Merik sighed and kissed him lightly on the temple before pulling his arm out from under Yami, eliciting a small hiss of pain from the spirit, and rolling off of the bed. He walked around the bed to the door, stopping in the doorway. "I meant what I said earlier, Pharaoh."

"Wh-what do you mean?" Yami stuttered, thinking he knew what the other yami was talking about.

"Aishiteru," Merik answered before walking out of the room.

Ryou woke abruptly at the sound of his cell phone ringing and he quickly rolled to answer it so Bakura wouldn't wake up also.

"Moshi, moshi," he answered sleepily.


"Merik? Where are you? What's going on?"

"I'm still at Pharaoh's. I asked Yugi's grandfather for the phone–" Ryou giggled at this, knowing that Merik wasn't telling a highly truthful version of events– "Listen, I'm staying here for a few days–"

"What? Why? Come on, Merik, we really miss you."

"I know, but this is something a have to do. Is Yugi there?"


"Let me talk to him."

"U-uh, o-okay..." He carefully pulled his arm out from under Bakura and stood up, hissing slightly from the pain this caused in his lower areas. Merik chuckled softly on the other end of the line.

"Bakura too rough last night, darling Ryou?"

"Shut up," Ryou muttered irritably, adjusting to his pain. He walked carefully out of the room and down the hall to the guest room, where Yugi was staying. He smiled slightly when he saw that both Yugi and Malik were curled up on the bed, holding each other like teddy bears. He almost didn't have the heart to wake them up, but Merik was getting impatient and Yugi had to be woken up for school anyway. Yugi moaned softly as he was shaken awake and looked sleepily around the room.

"Ryou? What's going on?"

"Merik wants to talk to you," Ryou explained as he handed over the phone. "He didn't say why, though."

"Oh." Then into the phone, Yugi said, "Hello?"

"Yugi? Good. I wanted you to know the Pharaoh's all right–"

"Lovely," Yugi commented sarcastically.

"That was a poor lie." Yugi rolled his eyes at this. "Anyway, I'm going to stay here for a while. Please tell Malik."

"Why are you staying there? Ryou misses you, Merik."

"I know. But I've...well, I've grown attached to the Pharaoh." Yugi heard a faint scream in the background, and he winced; he couldn't tell if that had been Yami or his grampa. "He I've got to go now. Pharaoh needs a bit of help standing up. Tell Ryou I love him." There was a soft click as Marik hung up.

Yugi turned off his phone and handed it back to Ryou, smiling bitterly. "He said to tell you he loves you," he said as he stood up. He glanced back at Malik, who was lucky enough not to have woken up, and kissed him on the cheek before wandering over to the closet to pick out an outfit to wear under his uniform.

Merik found Yami lying face down on the floor of his room, whimpering, half covered by one of the soiled bed sheets. He flinched when Merik come closer, causing him to cry out again from the small movement, and he screamed when Merik picked him up.

"P-please leave me a-alone, Merik," Yami pleaded, wincing even at the movement caused by breathing.

"I can't do that. You need my help."

"Just leave me alone. I don't need your help." The Pharaoh struggled slightly to get back to the ground only to scream again and stop.

"I'm sure you don't; that's why you can't move–"

"That is your fault!"

"–So I'm going to help you, out of the goodness of my heart. And as such, I say you need a shower–"

"You're helping me take a shower when hell freezes over!" Yami exclaimed angrily. Merik shrugged and gently placed Yami back onto his feet, pretending not to notice when the spirit fell again with a scream.

"Suit yourself," Merik said, turning to walk away. He was stopped, however, when a shaking arm grabbed his ankle and wouldn't let go.

"Don't leave, Merik…I-I'm sorry…"

Merik tried to kick Yami's hand off, looking more annoyed when a second joined the first. "Why should I stay? You obviously don't want my help; you've already told me."

Yami winced and looked away, eyes filling with tears from the pain of what he was doing. "I-I do n-need your help, Merik. I-I was wrong. J-just…please don't leave me alone…I can't stand being alone."

"I should just leave now and let you have to fend for yourself, the same thing you've done to Yugi day after day," Merik answered coldly.

Yami blanched and fell silent, slowly letting go of Merik's leg as he prepared to be left on his own. He didn't notice when Merik turned around slowly and knelt down next to him, or when the larger yami gently picked him up again. In fact, he was trying not to believe that Merik might have stayed and was helping like he'd wanted; it was too much of a strike to his pride to believe that he needed such help.

"Yami, do you want to take a shower? Or should I put you back on the bed?" Merik asked softly, knowing it would startle the smaller yami.

Yami's eyes flickered open as he flinched away from Merik, hating that he had asked the taller dark to stay. But he answered softly anyway, "I think I would like a shower and some breakfast…"

"I can do that." Merik smiled and kissed the Pharaoh's nose as he headed out of the room and toward the bathroom.

"And you'd better not be planning to fuck me senseless in the shower. I'd like to actually get clean for once…."

"I wouldn't dream of it…"