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"From The Past", the first tale, takes over the timeline after the Frieza Saga, so virtually everything that occurs after that in the canon anime has been sacked and will not be mentioned. This story follows in its footsteps. Rating is for violence and language.

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"Twilight of the Dawn"

By: Dreamwraith


"The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn." - H.G. Wells

All stories have an ending.

But not all books are closed.

As Piccolo Daimao's life faded away, he created one last progeny, giving him the order to destroy the one who killed him…Son Goku. Ma Junior, called Piccolo, was to be the tool that brought the Earth to its knees. But after witnessing Goku's heroic sacrifice, by his own hand, the young demon began to change. And when the moment of truth came, he threw himself in the path of an enormous ball of ki, saving the son of his nemesis. His selfless act cost him his life. He was wished back to life and sent to the planet Namek by the Namekian Dragonballs, and he fought against the dreaded Frieza for a time. Ultimately it became Son Goku's battle, and he, Krillin and Gohan, and the people of Namek were wished to Earth. When Namek exploded, Son Goku was thought to be lost.

But when Porunga, the Namekian dragon, was asked to bring the man to the check-in station of the Afterlife, the wish was refused on the grounds that he was not dead and would be killed with that action. When a wish was made to return Goku to Earth, it was also refused, with the explanation given that moving him from wherever he was would also kill him. So when all wishing was done more than half a year later, the Saiyan's friends set out to find him, and to discover what could be done to bring their wandering companion home.

It was then that disaster struck. For it seemed that both Goku and Piccolo had made some powerful enemies. As infants, they were given charges that were expected to be completed. Son Goku, once named Kakarot, was to rid the Earth of all life as a Saiyan planet purger. Piccolo was to kill Goku and make ready the way for his deceased sire's realm, creating Hell-On-Earth and inviting every demon of the Underworld to this new dominion. Neither one fulfilled his mission, and the beings who sent them decided that enough was enough. If the 'child' would not do as he was told, he would be punished. Piccolo and the Earthling warriors learned this firsthand while seeking out the reason for Goku's delayed return home, when a creature from another realm lashed out at them through Uranai Baba's crystal ball. With the help of King Kai, the god of the Northern Quadrant, Goku's friends were able to direct him home just before both his and Piccolo's new nemeses launched their own offensives.

For Goku, two genetically engineered Saiyan hybrids were sent with the instructions to kill him and finish his job for him. The powerful brothers, Kadrin and Morodath, proved to be worthy adversaries that very nearly overwhelmed both Goku and Piccolo upon their arrival. It was only with a stroke of luck and a desperate gamble that the two warriors were able to defeat them. Piccolo was left severely weakened from the ordeal, and it was during the aftermath of the battle that his superior revealed his hand. Piccolo Daimao, Lord of Demons, commanded a demon known as the Seer to aid him in his effort to revert his youngest son back into the monster he once was. It was this Seer that corrupted Baba's scrying ball, and it was this creature's protégé that was sent to Earth. Shadow, as he was called, was able to trap Piccolo within his own mind, and only after facing off against Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the human warriors was the demon expelled and destroyed.

Goku no longer had a past that could return for him. But Piccolo knew beyond a doubt that his sire would not stop until he was either dead or under his control. He could not sit by idly and await the demon lord's next move. So while the warriors recovered and repaired the damage from the prolonged battle, the Namek kept a careful eye on his environment, pushing himself to his new limits. After all, who knew when Daimao would choose to strike, and who or what his next target would be? The Saiyans would all be training and strengthening themselves in preparation for such an event, and so would he.

Piccolo knew the signs, and he would make certain that he and the others would not be caught off-guard again.

Chapter One

It was still dark out when Goku pried his eyes open, blearily staring at the ceiling. At least three birds were chirping away merrily in the trees in his yard, so it wasn't the middle of the night. Early morning? Likely. Or had he slept through the day and missed dinner, making it some time around dusk? Not likely. The Saiyan blinked slowly and rubbed his eyes with his fists. What kind of a dream was this, that he was awake at some unseemly hour? He yawned, and his first conscious thought of the day smacked him in the face.


Goku whipped the covers back over his head and snuggled down into the bedding. A gasp escaped his lips…what was he thinking? He couldn't go out in that! The predawn air was freezing against his bare arms, and Goku had to clamp his jaw shut to keep his teeth from chattering. He was awake now, at least, but what time was it? It couldn't be much later than five, but he wouldn't know until he walked into the kitchen and checked. And with the way he was moving, a snail would beat him there. Kami, it was so cold out! How on Earth could Piccolo stand living out in this kind of weather?

He'd yell at me for going soft, if I complained about his idea of a decent starting time, Goku thought wryly. He leaned across his sleeping wife and peered out the window at the deep blue sky. And he's probably already warmed up and waiting for me. He rolled his eyes in mock frustration. Why couldn't we have started after dawn? Well, it could be worse. It could be raining, or stifling hot, or humid. Not that it would stop Piccolo if it was…he'd known the Namek to train in bizarre weather conditions before, sometimes even being the cause of them.

Goku sighed and reluctantly sat up. He released his grip on the warm comforter even more grudgingly.

Well, that's Piccolo for you.

The Saiyan rolled out of bed as quietly as he could and tried not to let his feet touch the bare wooden floor. He dressed quickly and with as little motion as possible. He did not want to wake Chi-Chi, because she would whip her frying pan out of Kami-knows-where and knock him senseless, and he didn't want to freeze himself to the floor. Or to the side of the bed. Weighted boots, wristlets, and shirt all found themselves on in record time, followed by an orange gi bright enough to be obnoxious. For good measure, he snatched a spare blanket from the closet and wrapped it around his shoulders in imitation of Piccolo's cape. All things considered, it was nothing short of miraculous that Goku was able to make his way into the kitchen without rousing either his wife or his son.

The clock on the wall read 4:47.

Kami, was it early! He would certainly have a few words to share with the Namek about that. Some people actually adhered to a regular sleep pattern, unlike one particular green alien. Come to think of it, he'd never caught Piccolo napping before. Their time spent recuperating at Master Roshi's did not count.

"And I don't even have time to eat breakfast," Goku complained softly, wistfully eying the refrigerator. His stomach protested loudly just thinking about the missed meal. Then he shrugged, snatched an apple off the counter on his way out the door and popped it in his mouth, core, stem, leaves, and all.

The air was even more brisk than he had been led to believe. The instant he was out of earshot of his house he squealed and began furiously rubbing his arms and stamping his feet. "C-c-c-cold!" he yelped, dancing around as if someone had dropped ice down the back of his shirt.

He made it into the air and still managed to hop about a bit before taking off for the clearing in which the hybrid brothers had landed only ten weeks earlier. Between Piccolo and himself they had been able to defeat and slay the murderous duo. The Namek had even single-handedly held one hybrid off for hours while Goku lay unconscious. Kadrin and Morodath had been worthy opponents, despite their thirst for bloodshed and the overwhelming power that gave them an immediate advantage.

The Saiyan bit back a yawn and stuck his icy fingers inside his shirt. "It's too early for this," he grumbled. "I'll have to sue for cruel and unusual punishment."

By the time the deep blue of the horizon had faded into a light teal, Goku had touched down lightly on the ground, the bare soil beneath his feet still bearing the scars of that colossal battle. There were scraps of metal to his left, where the melted remains of the spacecraft lay. A large swath of charred earth marked Kadrin's final stand against the awesome power Piccolo had somehow channeled through his own ki attack, his Makkankosappo. The shattered screen from one of their two Scouters was visible among the rubble, reflecting the faint light in the sky. The smooth metal of Kadrin's sword glinted in that same light, though it was already half-buried in the soil.

What memories this place brings back, Goku mused. Then he frowned. This was the place their troubles had started in earnest. This was the beginning of his struggle to keep Piccolo from being buried alive, in a manner of speaking.

"Not all pleasant, are they?" came a low voice from behind him.

Goku shook his head without flinching. It didn't surprise him that Piccolo had read his thoughts. He had suspected Piccolo was somewhere nearby; if the Namek hadn't been able to find him, he would have used his ki as a beacon for him. That, and Piccolo had the habit of appearing at the most opportune moments. "It's hard to believe all this happened just a few weeks ago," the Saiyan said with a sigh. "I still wake up, sometimes, thinking I have to find you and tell you something. I can't remember what." He chuckled quietly. "I even thought I saw Daimao perched at the foot of my bed. Chi-Chi woke up and found me ripping apart one of our pillows."

Piccolo snorted. "I would think that Gohan, of all people, would be having nightmares like that. Not you."

Goku turned his head so he could look the Namek in the eyes when he shrugged. "He seems to be taking this whole thing rather well. I'm kinda shocked myself. Then again, he's also had the strictest training regimen on the planet, so we can't say for certain that he's fine. He could be hiding it all."

The Namek caught the meaning behind the words and scowled. "If he was holding it in, he would have been a Super Saiyan already. He would have exploded during our last spar."

"You shouldn't have tried to tear his face off."

Piccolo glared the other man down. "I did no such thing. I was defending myself."

Goku shivered and wrapped himself more tightly in the blanket.

"You," he continued, "should have known better than to cry 'demon' so soon after that fiasco."

The Saiyan's eyes widened innocently. "I didn't think he would start flinging ki balls around!"

Piccolo rolled his eyes and sighed. "He's still a child, Goku. He would have been seeing monsters in every dark corner even if this whole mess had never occurred. To him, it was only logical to rid the landscape of every possible hiding place."

"I didn't know that you constituted a hiding place."

Not for the first time, Piccolo wondered what on Earth had made him change his mind about killing Goku. "I constitute a demon. So the next time you decide to try to make him ascend, think about the trigger you've picked. I do not care to repeat that experience."

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Goku nodded and began to warm up.

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