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The storm raged on, tossing the merchant ship from side to side. Jacquelyn was told to stay below, by the captain, Harry Bonney, but Jacqeulyn was not one to take orders. A quick change and she was on deck, helping the men of her ship, on the HMS Rip Tide, securing it's cannons.

"If yer gonna be up here lass, you'll put in a hand!" Bonney yelled over the thunder. Jacquelyn nodded and hurried to help some of her men tie down a rolling cannon. Lightening flashed, thunder rolled, and a heavy rain saturated everything on deck. Jacquelyn wiped the rain out of her blue-green eyes and swore, as only a true sailor could. She worked furiously, to tie the knots, her hands trembling. "We'll take it from here, lass!" A sailor friend on her crew yelled over a crack of thunder. She was politely moved from her spot, for her own safety.

Clutching on to the railing of the ship, moving herself to the next sailor and offered her hand. But again, after some time, and as the work's danger increased, she was asked to go.

"Captain! There's a ship!" a crew member yelled, pointing through the rain. A bolt of lightening illuminated Bonney's worst fear. There was indeed a ship and it was moving towards them - and fast.

"Another merchant ship?" Jacquelyn called.

"No, lass, she's moving too fast, she's not weighed down." Bonney called back. Jacquelyn made her way up to the helm and looked to where Bonney was pointing. "Could it be a pirate ship?" she asked.

"It's possible." Bonney had his attention on the ship. But the ship, indeed, proved to be that of a pirate ship.

The ship raised it's pennant as it drew nearer. "Good lord, it's the Marcosa!" a crew member yelled. Jacquelyn looked around, confused.

"Lass, go below!" Bonney told her, but Jacquelyn didn't move.

"Who or what is the Marcosa?" She demanded.

"Never yer mind lass!" Bonney said hurriedly, but the sudden cannon blast ringing over their heads served to answer Jacquelyn's question, some. The Marcosa was a pirate ship.

And the Marcosa's captain was standing at the wheel, looking like the devil himself. Wind swept silver hair, blowing about a handsome face. The red sea coat, billowing in the wind. Clung to his hip was a rapier, it's silver glistened in the flashes of lightening. Jacquelyn felt herself moving away from the railing as she gazed upon the cutthroat. Grappling hooks flew through the air as cannon fire landed threateningly close. "They mean to board us!" A crew member yelled, drawing his weapon. "Lass, I really think you should go down below." Bonney pleaded, but Jacquelyn put her foot down firmly. "I'll stay."

Bonney sighed. "Then try to take yourself out of sight."

Jacquelyn scrambled off the deck, only to come to a complete halt as an enemy pirate landed on the deck in front of her, his boots splashing in the water that lay on the deck. Jacquelyn looked around quickly for a weapon. She found one. A spare cutlass laying aside. Jacquelyn snatched it up, as the pirate growled and charged. Jacquelyn blocked the thrust with ease, or perhaps intensity. Pirates didn't fight by the rules. She had to be ready.

All around her, the enemy was boarding her ship, the crew was going down in a bloody mess. Jacquelyn continued to fight for her life, but realized, the pirates that had engaged her, were retreating. She turned quickly around when someone suddenly yelled in French. There the man stood on the helm deck, standing over her. The wind still blowing his lose, shoulder-length silver hair and sea coat. He was grinning at her, in a most devious way. Jacquelyn clutched the cutlass tighter as this rogue dared to mock her. He came down the few stairs with ease, continuing to grin.

"Well, my dear, I see you aren't one to stay below." He looked her up and down. She was dressed in a pair of breeches and cotton shirt, a corset slip underneath, protecting her breasts from the water and the possible exposure through the flimsy material. But his lips curled more at the tiniest trace of rose color peaking through her ensemble. His eyes fluttered back to her face, as his hand strayed to the halt of his rapier. "Fancy a go?" he asked her.

"If only to drive you off this ship!" Jacquelyn replied in a hiss.

He drew his rapier. "Very well."

Without another word, he attacked. Jacquelyn blocked, and they began weaving their way through the fighting around them, the lightening illuminating their battling figures.

They soon found themselves on the helm deck. "You know, my dear, you have quiet the skill with a sword," Gallagher Spike, Captain of the pirate ship Marcosa, said, with a charming half grin.

Jacquelyn growled. "What would you know?" she bit back. Gallagher outsmarted her with a move she'd never seen before and she suddenly found herself in his arms, the blades between them. Gallagher took this moment to wink steal a kiss.

Jacquelyn stumbled back out of his grasp, shocked. How dare he!?

Gallagher gave a slight bow, and attacked again, driving Jacquelyn into the wheel of the ship. He out maneuvered her sword hand and the cutlass went flying across the deck, dropping with a thud on the wood. Jacquelyn's blue-green eyes landed on it, looking desperately at the weapon. Gallagher advanced towards her. Jacquelyn turned her eyes to the pirate captain, and found that he was almost on top of her.

He was sheathing his rapier. All the stories she'd heard from other crew members when she'd first started sailing, about how pirates would merciless rape a woman and leave her to die, came back to her.

Her knee connected with his groin and Gallagher doubled over with a groan as Jacquelyn sprinted away from the wheel, towards the main deck. "Stop her!" Gallagher growled. Two large pirates blocked the stairs.

Jacquelyn stopped and turned, looking behind her. "What do you want with me?!" She demanded. Gallagher was leaning on the wheel.

"I would have easily discussed this with you in a friendly manor, had you NOT done that." He ground out. He stood straight and advanced towards her, as if she'd never hit him. She attempted to back down the stairs, but remembered the two thugs. Instead, she broke away and ran over to the edge.

"Come any closer and I'll throw myself over board!" she yelled, glancing over the side of the ship, then back at Gallagher, who was still coming towards her.

"Go ahead, I'll just follow you," Gallagher said in an eerie, soft tone.

"What do you want with me?" she questioned again.

Gallagher's lips turned into another devious smile. "To have you to myself," he replied, in an even softer tone, that only she could here.

Jacquelyn didn't hesitate, she threw herself over the side. Gallagher whipped off his coat and dove in behind her. Underwater, she allowed his arms to wrap around her, and pull her up to the surface. Bill was dropping a rope ladder over the side of the Marcosa. Gallagher looked into Jacquelyn's eyes, grinning like a fool in love.

Jacquelyn would have hit him, if she didn't find it all funny. Gallagher pushed a strand or two of wet hair out of her face and leaned in, kissing her deeply. Jacquelyn wrapped her arms around his neck. "What took you so long?" she asked, as the kiss broke.

Gallagher shrugged. "I wanted it to look convincing," he said with a grin, before letting go of her, and swimming towards the ladder.

Jacquelyn followed, laughing softly. "So much for going back to England and marrying Edgar," she said as they climbed over the side of the ship.

"That was the idea," Gallagher said, capturing her in his arms again, kissing her deeply, while Bill came over with a blanket, covering them both. Hurrahs and cheers came from the HMS Rip Tide. Bonney stood, shaking his head with a grin. In the end, true love had overcome. Bonney's end of the deal played out well too, he got to sail away with the Rip Tide.

"Spike!" he yelled. "You forgot this!" He picked up the red sea coat and tossed it across the short distance. Gallagher caught it with ease as the kiss ended.

"You take care of her!" Jacquelyn yelled.

"Aye, lass, I will," Bonney replied with a grin, bowing. "It was a pleasure sailing with you, Jacquelyn Fairfax. A pity yer father's lost ya to pirates," He added with a wink.

"Yes," Jacquelyn replied with a laugh as the remaining crew, those who knew of the plan and were loyal to Bonney and Jacquelyn, pulled up the anchor. The others who had died had been spies for Edgar. It had been the only way.

Jacquelyn looked back at Gallagher, while he warmed her with the blanket. "I love you," She whispered, hugging him.

"Not as much as I love you," Gallagher replied. He held her out at arms length. "Marry me, Jacquelyn Fairfax."

Jacquelyn looked up at him before replying. "With heart and soul." This time, she kissed him.

"Aye, looks like the Marcosa has a new mistress." Gallagher muttered, after the kiss.

Jacquelyn grinned, declaring, "She'd best get used to it!"

Gallagher's men cheered.

"Where to Captain?!" Bill called from the helm.

"Set a course for Port Royal!"