I proudly present one of my silly humorous SSBM stories.


It was a dark night and Mario and Luigi are walking home from who-knows-where. Luigi said, "I don't think it's a good idea to be walking in the dark streets,"

"Don't-a be scared," said Mario, "There's-a nothing to be afraid-a of,"

But they sensed something... someone to be precise, lurking around them. Luigi and Mario look around, but there's no one; yet, they felt someone is following them.

"I'm scared..." says Luigi in fear, "Let's get home fast..."

"Relax," Mario assures him, "There's nothing dangerous,"

At this moment, a figure flashes in front of them. Mario and Luigi was frightened by the figure's sudden appearance. What's even frightening is the figure held up a butcher knife! Luigi screams in a very high-pitch voice and faints, with foam in his mouth. Mario asks the man, "What-a do you... want-a?"

The man says, "Do you want to by Silver Brand Knife?"

Mario sighs in relief and says, "Next time-a don't-a scare us like that,"

The man replies, "Sorry, I watch too much horror killing movies,"

Mario and Luigi return to Smash Mansion. When they went in, they see Bowser and Roy arguing.

"I will make you feel you were never born!" Bowser growls angrily at Roy, who replies, "I'm going to make you feel the same also!"

The both of them threw insults at each other and begin fighting.

Zelda: Somebody stop them!

Falco: Can't you guys stop that?!

Parry: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Everyone except Bowser and Roy stares at the parrot evilly.

Parry: I mean... Stop! Stop! Stop

Bowser and Roy continue fighting and threw things at each other. Zelda says, "Don't throw anything valuable!" Then a vase fell onto her head. She tries pulling it out, but her head is stuck inside...

Mario asks Fox how the fight begun. Fox tells him all about it.


Bowser: Super Koopa Bros. Show is coming on the TV! I'm not going to miss it!

Roy: No! I want to watch Ice Emblem!

Bowser: I got to the TV first!

Roy: I don't care! I want to watch my favorite show!

The two of them begin fighting over the remote. They fought for over 30 minutes and their show came to an end.

Bowser: Now the show is over! See what you've done!

Roy: You made me miss my show too!

Bowser: You should just let me watch!

Roy: It's you who should let me watch!

They both of them stopped arguing. Roy went to the fridge and got a Koopa-Cola and drank it. Bowser comes in and sees it, then says, "You drank the last can of coke! I was going to drink it!"

"Too bad for you!" Roy taunts. Bowser stomps angrily to the snack cupboard and munches on cookies. Roy shouts to him, "YOU ATE MY FAVORITE COFFEE COOKIES!!!!!!"

Bowser taunts, "That's what you get for drinking my cola!"

Roy kicks Bowser hard in the chin and sends him flying through the ceiling and into the bathroom. Peach screams, "AAAHHHH!!!!! PERVERT!!!!!"

Bowser gets slapped badly by Peach, who is bathing. He drops back down form the hole created when Roy kicked him and says to him, "You made Peach think I'm a pervert! I will get you!"

Bowser bashes Roy hard, sending him flying into a sculpture and breaking it. When Roy sees that the sculpture is broken, he screams, "You made me destroyed my No. 1 sculpture that I made when I was in grade 7!!!!!!"

Bowser says, "Relax, you still have many of them. You used Fox's cloning machine to duplicate tons of them. They're all over the house! It's not a problem losing one sculpture," But Roy screams, "DIE!!!!!!!!! YAAAAA!!!!!!!!"


Mario: That-a was a long-a story.

The both of them continued fighting. Mewtwo can't stand it anymore, so he uses telekinesis to sent them two flying in opposite directions and hit the wall.

Bowser says, "I will not stop here! I shall use my ultimate move against you!"

Roy says, "Bring it on!"

Bowser then said, "You will be destroyed for sure. Nobody can live through this technique without getting severely wounded. I am going to use the almighty... Koopa Fire Burst!!"

Upon hearing this, Mario and Luigi are immediately struck with fear.

Roy: Use it! I'm not afraid!

Bowser starts making some weird poses. Roy waits for something to happen. But then Bowser says, "Uh... I forgot how the move works..."

Then Mario and Luigi were relieved...

Bowser: Don't think it'll end here. When I remember it, you will be scared!

The phone rang and Bowser picks it up. After listening to the speaker, he shouts at the top of his voice, "THIS IS NOT PIZZA PALACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After Bowser left, the others asks the Mario Bros. why they were struck with fright when Bowser mentioned Koopa Fire-Burst. Luigi replies, "Koopa Fire-Burst... Oh... The horror... I can't stand it..."

Mario continues, "That-a move eez Bowsa's powerful move. Eet eez supa powerful! Long-a time ago, Bowsa used Koopa Fire-Burst against us. We go stay in hospital after getting blast-a by Koopa Fire-Burst!"

Samus askes, "How is the move like?"

Luigi replies, "It's too horrible to describe the move! I don't want to imagine it! Oh... My legs will wobble when I think about that..."

Samus says, "All right, if you can't say it, don't force yourself. I'll try to find out about the Koopa Fire-Burst myself,"

Meanwhile, Link is trying to pull the vase off Zelda's head, but he has a hard time. Link tells Ness, "Can I borrow your bat so I can smash the vase?"

Ness replies, "I don't that will work. Take it anyway,"

Link got the bat and smacks the vase hard. The impact was so hard that the vase broke and sends Zelda flying backwards into the kitchen.


Link: Are you all right?

Zelda: Not all right...

Now her head is stuck in a metal bucket...

Link: Oh no...

Bowser is back in his room, wondering how Koopa Fire-Burst works. "How can I forget that move?" he says to himself. "But I remember that I wrote the secret of that move on a scroll and hid it somewhere. After all, that move is so powerful that no one else shall copy it. Now where did I hide that scroll? It was about 7 years ago. I'll go to sleep now,"

When morning came, Crazy Hand mimics the rooster's morning call and wakes up everyone. They are having breakfast at the dining room, except for a few which are watching TV while eating. A TV commercial about a hot spring hotel comes up.

The commercial says, "If you want to relax your body, then come rest in Comfy Hot Spring Hotel! Here you can dip in the natural hot springs to cure your physical wounds and liven you up! There are also high-class services! You can have massages, do exercises, and take a look at the wonderful forest scene! Dial 300-3000 if you want to reserve a room!"

After seeing the commercial, Bowser grinned. Roy notices him grinning. It was not a usual grin; it looks like something came to him.

After breakfast is over, Bowser went back to his room and said to himself, "Thanks to that TV commercial, I finally remembered where I hid the scroll! Yes, I hid it somewhere in Comfy Hot Spring Hotel seven years ago! I must go and find the scroll at once!"

Samus and Roy heard all these from outside his room.

Samus: So that's where he hid it.

Roy: Let's go and find the scroll before him! That way we can learn that powerful technique.

Mario: I heard-a it also.

Luigi: We must prevent Bowser from getting the scroll!

Mario: Right-a. We must-a go to Comfy Hot-a Spring Hotel before he gets-a there.

Unknown to all of them, Pokey is outside Bowser's window. He had climbed up here using a ladder and is hoping to get into Ness's window and throw a firecracker inside to fry him. When he heard about the Koopa Fire-Burst, he says to himself, "Maybe I can go find that scroll and learn Koopa Fire-Burst. Perhaps it can help me destroy Ness! I will go find it!" After saying this, he lost his balance outside the window and falls down, smashing through the gazebo.

Ness: Pokey, are you trying to fly? There's no way you can take off from the ground since you're so heavy.

Pokey: You dare insult me! DIE!!!!!

Pokey jumps at Ness. Ness rolls out of the way and fires PK Fire at Pokey's butt, causing him to shoot into the sky like a rocket.

After a while, Bowser told everyone, "I'm off to visit my relatives, so I won't be home for about a day," And he left.

Samus, Roy, Mario, and Luigi were following him closely. Bowser called a taxi, got into it, then took off.

Roy: We'll never catch up with him!

Samus: Not unless we use the starship.

So the four of them went into their mansion's underground lab.

Back in the house, Yoshi is munching on cookies when the whole place starts shaking. "What's happening?" he asked.

Captain Falcon (CF) replies, "Just a mini earthquake, nothing more,"

He opens the door to go out, he sees the sky. "Hey..." he says to himself. "Isn't the first thing I should see when I step outside supposed to be the gate?" He then look down and found out that he's several feet above the ground! He fell onto the grassy ground and lands on his butt. The mansion has risen several feet into the air via steel pillars!

Samus's starship flies out from the hole underneath the risen mansion, then the mansion descend onto the ground and covers the hole again.

CF shouts at the starship, "Next time tell me before you rise the mansion!"

Samus: Okay, let's fly to Comfy Hot Spring Hotel before Bowser!

Roy: Yeah!

So they took off to Comfy Hot Spring Hotel.

Bowser is in the taxi driving towards the hotel, when suddenly Pokey falls from the sky and lands on top of the taxi.

Bowser: What's that noise I hear?

Driver: Probably a ball hit the car roof.

Pokey grabs onto the top of the taxi, trying not to fall off, and wondering when the taxi will stop moving.