Chapter 3

While the four Smashers are thinking of another plan to get the scroll, which is hidden in the women's side, Bowser came across them.

Mario exclaims, "Bowsa!"

Bowser asks, "What are you four doing here?"

Luigi replies, "We're just passing by..."

Bowser responds, "I don't think so."

Roy says, "You're right when you said that! We're here to get your scroll before you! That's why we've come!"

Samus hits Roy on the head and says, "You're not suppose to tell him!"

When she turns toward Bowser, she sees him running straight towards the fence.

Samus says, "Maybe he's trying to get the scroll. Let's see him getting beaten up by the girls."

Bowser smashes through the fence and all the girls scream. Bowser breathes fire everywhere and trash things around violently, scaring all the girls away from the hot spring. When all the girls are gone, he quickly runs to the upper-right corner.

Bowser: Bakusai Tenketsu!

As he yells out that phrase, he hits the ground with his nail, causing the ground to burst open and sending a scroll flying out from the ground and into the sky.

"Yes! I found it!" exclaims Bowser happily. But before he can catch it, Pokey swings by using a vine and grabs the scroll in midair.

"Hey!" Bowser shouts at him, "Return my scroll!"

"Never in a million years!" taunted Pokey while holding onto the vine. Then he crashes into a tree and drops the scroll. Roy runs over to the scroll and picks it up. Bowser runs toward him, so Roy runs for his life. He keeps running until he trips on a log and tumbles into a ditch, but the scroll didn't tumble down with him.

Bowser picks up the scroll and is about to read it. Mario immediately stomps him on the head, making him drop the scroll. Mario gets the scroll and runs off.

Mario gives the scroll to Samus. She says, "Now let's see the secret of Koopa Fire-Burst."

She opens the scroll to read it, but all she sees on the scroll are curve lines and messy drawings.

"Uh... How can anyone read this...?" she asks.

Bowser comes in and says, "Don't read it!"

Samus replies, "I don't understand what it says at all!"

Bowser gets the scroll from her hand and looks at it. After staring at the writing for a minute, he says, "I have no idea what it says."

Samus: You wrote it and you can't read it!?

Bowser: How can anyone understand this?

Samus: You wrote it yourself! Yet, you can't read it!

Bowser: I'm serious! I don't understand a single writing on this scroll!

Pokey: You are a moron! You idiot! You dumbass!

Samus: Yeah right! You're such a (insert bad word)!!!!!

Samus and Pokey throw insults at Bowser and beats him on the head.

Suddenly, Bowser's eye widens. "That's it!" exclaims Bowser. "I remember! I remember how it works!"

Upon hearing this, Mario and Luigi ran off screaming.

Roy climbs up from the ditch with mud all over him. "That was a bad fall..." he says painfully. Then in the distance, he saw a big fiery explosion. Mario and Luigi runs to him and tells him that Bowser have remembered how to use Koopa Fire-Burst. Roy gets up and walks to where Bowser is.

When he got there, he saw all the grasses and trees nearby have all burned up. There are still small flames burning on the tree. Then he saw Samus and Pokey, black and burned up, lying on the ground.

"Are you two all right?" he asks.

"Run... for... your... life..." says Samus slowly and painfully.

Bowser appears and says, "You're not getting away! I'm going to destroy you!"

Roy: Bring on your Koopa Fire-Burst! I'm not scared of it!

Bowser: As you wish.

Bowser pulls out a Molotov cocktail out of nowhere and hurls it at Roy, who dodges it. When the cocktail hits the ground, it explodes and fire spreads everywhere.

Roy asks, "So this is Koopa Fire-Burst?!"

Bowser replies, "Yeah! What were you expecting?"

Bowser keeps throwing unlimited amounts of Molotov cocktails at Roy, but none of them hits him. Then a flame caught Roy's cape, setting it on fire.

"FIRE! FIRE!!!!" screams Roy as he runs around with a blazing cape on his back.

Bowser laughs at him running around. Roy takes off his cape and covers it over Bowser's head. "FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!!" screams Bowser as he runs around with a blazing cape over his head.

Bowser jumps into a lake to put out the fire. When he climbs back up, he is immediately hit by Roy's Flare Blade. Bowser flies high into the sky and falls into the hotel through the roof.

Back in Smash Mansion...

"No... This is not Pizza Palace," says Fox who is talking to the one on the phone.

"I wonder what takes them so long?" Pichu asks.

Mewtwo, who is meditating, says calmly, "I see... I see... I see five things approaching... They are here... In fact, they are in this room already."

"That must be them," says Pichu.

Then five cockroaches run into the living room. Peach screams in fear and then stomps all five out of existence.

"I guess not," says Pichu.

Then the door opens. Luigi, Mario, Roy, Samus, and Bowser, who is lying on a cartwheel and being dragged, come into the house.

"Welcome back!" Parry says. "How many naked flesh have you see?"

"Leave him alone," says Samus.

Mario tells everything to the other Smashers.

It is now time for bed. Roy goes into his room and is happy about his victory over Bowser. He goes to his bed, pulls up his blanket and sees an object in a wrapper. The note on the wrapper says, "From your secret admirer! Smash it against the floor to open it."

Without thinking twice, Roy smashes the object on the ground and...


The burned up Roy says, "Bowser... You sly beast..."

And so, the terror of Koopa Fire-Burst has terrorized the Smash Mansion. Let the explosive age began...


I know what you're thinking... Yes, this story is based off a episode from the anime Ranma 1/2. It's the one when Happosai is trying to remember how to use Happo Fire-Burst.