Arigatou, Sakuno

This is my first Tennis no Ojisama's fic. Hope you enjoy!! Ryoma and Sakuno Forever!!!

As the weather starts to get cold, due to the winter season, the Seigaku regulars stop their training and pack up as it was getting late. Echizen Ryoma blow warm air on his hands as he starts his packing. It was then Momoshiro and Eiji, who have finished their packing, came to him.

Eiji: Ochibi! Are you free now?

Momoshiro: Let's go and eat hamburgers!! Eiji-Senpai is treating us!!

Eiji: MOMO!! Never mind, so you wanna go with us?

Ryoma: Gome, I need to go and buy some things. After that I need to went back home quick for dinner.

Eiji: It's okay. Ja ne, Ochibi!

Momoshiro: Don't get lost okay?! Haha!!

Ryoma glare at Momoshiro as he and Eiji walk off. After he was done, Ryoma fasten his pace as he went to the usual pet shop where he bought all the things for his cat, Karupin. As he was just a few distances from the shop, he saw a familiar figure standing in front of the display glasses. He looks closer and realizes that the figure was Ryuusaki Sakuno.

Chapter 1: Invitation

Ryoma was standing just a few distances from Sakuno. She was looking at one of the kittens through the glasses, she trace her hand along the glasses and plays with the kitten. Watching how she smiles and plays with the kittens, Ryoma can't help blushing. After several thinking for the past few weeks, he realized that he do like Sakuno very much. Just that his "never admit no matter what" kind of attitude, did not allow him to confess to Sakuno. But he might sometimes find the chance to tell her.

Sakuno: Ryoma-kun?!

Ryoma's thought was cut off when he heard Sakuno calling him. She was facing him with a smile on her face which almost make him faint. He looks down on the floor as he walks towards her.

Ryoma: What are you doing down here?

Sakuno: I was just walking back home when I saw this small kitten, isn't it cute?

Sakuno look back at the kitten, Ryoma glance through the glasses as well. The kitten was white and its paws are brown, it has golden eyes just like him.

Sakuno: Kawaii, it looks just like Ryoma-kun.

Ryoma: Eh?! "Did she just say that I'm cute?! Or was it the kitten?"

Sakuno: Souda! What are you doing down here, Ryoma-kun? I thought that your house was on the other way.

Ryoma: I...I came here to buy some thing, for my cat.

Sakuno: YOU HAVE A CAT?!

Ryoma: Ma...Mane...

Sakuno: Ah! Gome nasai...for shouting at you like that... It's just that I love animals especially cats. They are so cute!

Ryoma looks at her for a while and went into the shop. He looks around and found the shampoo he uses to wash Karupin. He pay it at the counter and as he went, Sakuno was still looking at the kitten. Ryoma went up to her, she notice and looks up at him.

Sakuno: Have you bought your things?

Ryoma: Ah...Neh, Ryuusaki, if you like cat so much, you wanna come to my house to see it?

Sakuno: Hon...Hontou deska?! Is it really alright? Coming to your house suddenly...

Ryoma: It's alright. Just watch out for a hentai in the house.

Sakuno: Hentai?

Ryoma: Never mind, let's go.

Sakuno: H..Hai!

At Ryoma's House

Ryoma: Tadaima!

As they step into the house, a girl about the age of 18 to 20, with long blue hair came out from the corridor.

Nanako: Okairi, Ryoma-san. Ara? Who's this cute girl over here?

Nanjiroh: EHH?! Ryoma brought back a girl?! What's your name, sweetie?

Sakuno: Ah...Hai! Sakuno! Ryuusaki Sakuno des!

Nanjiroh: Ryuusaki?! You are the granddaughter of that Baba, Ryuusaki Sumire?

Sakuno: H..Hai.

Nanako: Make yourself at home, Sakuno-chan.

Sakuno: Arigatou.

Ryoma: Come, I show you where he is.

Ryoma brings Sakuno to the living room. In there, Karupin was lying lazily at the side of the table. Ryoma squat down and reaches out his hand.

Ryoma: Karupin! Come here!

Karupin flinch as it gets back on its paws and ran towards its master happily. Ryoma pick it up and Sakuno came closer as she carefully stroke Karupin's fur. After a while, Karupin starts to play with her fingers.

Ryoma: You want to try to carry him?

Sakuno: Can I?

Ryoma: Here.

Sakuno hold out her hands as Ryoma place Karupin on her hands. As she was enjoying playing with Karupin, Sakuno did not notice that Ryoma was actually watching her and even smile. Nanjiroh and Nanako peep from the back of the wall.

Nanako: Ryoma-san seems happy. Don't you think so, Uncle?

Nanjiroh: I didn't know that that brat will have that kind of expression in front of people. Looks like my little boy has finally grown up. Hehe!!

Next chapter, Sakuno was hospitalize after she save Ryoma from a car accident, what will Ryoma do?