Title: Things That Change

Author: Stacey Mclean

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Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story except Stacey and JuniorPlease don't sue I don't have much anyway.

Spoilers: Dom and the gang go to stay with an old friend things change, this is my take on what happened right after the film.

CHAPTER 1-Surprise

Vince and me were out on my drive working with my Dad on the 1969 Dodge Charger. We were both 15 life was simple, cars and women. In that order. Neither of us had girlfriends, neither of us wanted one we just wanted to get laid anytime, any place, any girl.

Vince and me stood in front of the car as Dad sat in the car and revved the engine, we yelled and grunted in approval. That's when I saw her. A removals van pulled up direct across the street. The house had been empty for nearly a year. She stepped out of the van and looked across the street right at me.

"Oh my god she has gotta be the best looking girl on the street" Vince drooled.

"More like the world" I agreed.

She was smallish blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and a great body. I knew from that moment I had to have her, no matter what it took I was going to get her. She smiled and then her mom pulled her in to the house.

So much had changed since then…

I was in autopilot. I drove. I just drove, so fast. I didn't notice what was outside the window but I knew where I was going. Old and new memories running through my mid.

My shoulder hurt. And I could taste blood I kept spitting out of the window and the speed I was going I was surprised it didn't come back and hit me in the face.

I was trying to figure out what had just happened. Jesse was lying dead in the road, Spilner had just handed me the keys, practically his badge. V was somewhere in a hospital. Letty and Leon were long gone, and Mia was god knows where? Tran was dead; Lance was probably looking for me.

All this was fucked up. I had fucked up. Everyone said something was wrong that we shouldn't have gone but I was too greedy and stubborn to listen. I know now we shouldn't have gone on that last jack. Should have stayed at race wars made some more money today, made some more money. Everyone would be alive and ok. But they weren't and now I was running, running from the cops, from Jesse, from my life, from L.A, from MY town. This wasn't the way it was supposed to end. It wasn't the way the team was supposed to be. We were supposed to be on a beach somewhere relaxing, remembering the good old days with a corona, and living life. Not running from it.

I pulled up outside the house I hadn't been to in just over two years. It still looked the same. It was the only thing that was the still the same now.

I turned the cars engine off and looked up at the house. It was almost the same as our house. But it was in Mexico. The beach behind it.

There were lights on. In the living room and the room above the living room which was a bedroom.

This wasn't where I wanted to be. I shouldn't be here, it wasn't right. I had no right to be here but I didn't know where else to go. I knew I wasn't welcome here but this was like my safety blanket. Not that I'd ever admit it.

I got out of the car. My shoulder really hurt I put my other hand on it and squeezed trying to stop the pain but it didn't help.

I walked up the three stairs to the house and knocked on the door. I looked around. Making sure I hadn't been followed or there wasn't anyone watching the house. As far as I could see there wasn't.

I heard her walk down the stairs and I heard her take the chains off the door. The door opened and there she stood the girl I fell in love with at 15 now the woman I still loved. She was wearing black hot pants and a white tank top. Although it was 9am it was still sweltering outside.

"Surprise" I said not knowing what else to say. She didn't smile or frown. She looked kind of shocked but she always knew this day was coming. She had always said I'd come running back to her when I got the racing out of my system. She wasn't impressed I could tell that from the look in her eyes but still she widened the door for me to walk in.