Air mail

After (finally) seeing the last episode of Angel I came up with this idea. I hope you like it.

Buffy woke with a start, it was the same nightmare. She wriggled out of bed and put on her pants and shirt. It was five minutes later when she got out of the Immortal's home, she passed the little pointy eared demon that was his butler with a smile. She didn't like the way his ears came straight out of his head but that was no reason to slay him.

She picked up the mail on the way in. Nothing much save a few bills and what not. She sat down and opened the first letter. Xander, nothing new just writing to see how they were.

The next one was odd. She didn't recognise the hand writing, and no one used her full name. Hell almost no one knew her full name but there it was at the top in exquisite letters, Elisabeth Ann Summers. She gently opened it and took out the letter.

Some one had spent a long time on it. a small piece of paper with a short poem in some sort of old stile writing. It read:-

Do you look towards the sunset and think of home,

Or were you ever going to roam?

Believe me when I say

In my heart you'll stay

Until my first and last

You are my breath

Dear Elisabeth,

I look toward sunrise and see

Not one star but two

And both I will flee

Until you love me.

Buffy sat and read it again and again, she didn't notice Dawn and she came in and picked up her own mail.

Dawn only had two letters, one turning down her application for a job and the other one similar to the strange letter Buffy got.

Dear Dawn

I bet this is the one letter you never thought you'd ever get. Buffy has gotten another from me but I only want one of you to know who sent these. In a few hours I'm going into another big fight and this one I probably won't come back from. If I do though and that immortal son of a bitch hurts either of you I will teach him a right bloody lesson. You were always the closes thing I had to a friend in Sunnydale and as dear to me as a sister. I hope you and yours can forgive me for not telling you both I was back but I thought it best to let you live (alright no I didn't, but each time I tried to leave something stopped me). I love you both. Please don't tell her who wrote the poem It's not good but it is all I have to give her.

William T. Blackworth.

She looked at the name for a moment before getting up and half stumbling to the book shelf. Pulling out one of the books she opened it to the index and found the name.

At the top of the page was the full name and a list of aliases. "Bloody William, William the Bloody, The Slayers Slayer" and lastly "Spike"

Awww int that nice