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Surprise, Surprise!

Jameson returned his gaze to the window after glancing back at the wall where he'd strung his trophy. Spider-man was gone, and along with him the only chance of getting his son's fiancé home safe and sound. He heaved a great sigh and turned at the sound of his editor in chief's voice.

"Still no word on the whereabouts of your son's fiancé. Sorry, Jonah." Robbie, half heartedly threw the cell phone in his hands to land on the desk with a clatter, scattering several papers in the process. Neither bothered to pick them up.

Jonah sighed again. It was what he'd been expecting, since receiving a phone call an hour ago informing him that 'Doc Ock' had destroyed a deli downtown, injured several people including his photographer, and kidnapped Mary Jane Watson. Police had been searching the entire city for just a trace of them, but had come up with nothing. Nothing. Jonah knew as well as anyone else that the only person that would have a chance in Hell of stopping Doc Ock was Spider-man, and Spider-man was gone, because Jonah had driven him away.

He had personally signed his daughter-in-law's death warrant.

Robbie frowned at Jonah's slumped back. "Jonah..." he laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"It's all my fault" he interrupted gruffly. He took a long drag on his cigar. "I'm responsible" he continued, "I'm the one that drove Spider-man away".

"And he was the only one who could have defeated Doc Ock", Hoffman stuck his head in the door and drove the stake home.

Jameson rolled his eyes. Apparently he was having difficulty in shelving his pride completely. "Yes" he said begrudgingly, before turning and directing a glare at Hoffman that sent him running for cover. Then he returned his gaze to the mask mounted on the wall, it's piercing white eyepieces reminding him of his guilt. He tilted his head and squinted, as if that would somehow make the costume real and living, but it remained a piece of red and blue fabric, tacked to the wall. He thought it looked kind of small, not at all the right size for the majestic Spider-man who always seemed so big and imposing in the pictures. He wondered where he was now.


He jumped and span round, to see Betty and Robbie staring at him in amusement. He cleared his throat and gathered the remaining tatters of his composure.

"What?" he said gruffly, and strode past them to flick his cigar out the window.

"Your wife is-" Betty paused for a split second before crying, "-Spider-man!"

"Huh?" Robbie said as Jameson frowned at Betty. She was staring past him, up at the ceiling with her jaw hanging open.

Jonah and Robbie turned as one to fix their gazes on none other than Peter Parker, employee and apparently also Spider-man, since he was sitting on the ceiling. He was frozen in a position of surprise, eyes wide and mouth open slightly, and for a minute they all just stared at each other before Peter shook himself and jumped off the ceiling to land in a classic Spider-man crouch a few feet below. Three pairs of eyes followed his movements without blinking.

"Hi" he said awkwardly, standing and brushing off some of the dust he was covered in and they noticed he was injured, a thin bleeding cut was traced into his neck and jaw, in the exact shape of Doc Ock's tentacles.

Still, no one spoke, no one moved, no one did anything. Peter looked to Robbie to recover the situation, but found he was staring anxiously at Jonah. Weird, it was as if he'd known all along. Betty was frozen in a silent scream, mouth forming a perfect round '0', and Jameson, well Jameson looked as white as a ghost.

"Well" he said conversationally. "I just came by to pick up some stuff and I'll be on my way". He headed over to the costume pinned to the wall.

"What are you doing with that?" Jameson finally found his voice.

"Taking it" Peter answered promptly, not sparing him a glance as he pulled the pins out the wall. "Ya see, it was kinda mine in the first place. Plus I need it to go save Mary Jane and the rest of the city from a fusion reaction and a megalomaniac with a split personality complex and too many arms", he reeled off then glanced back to see Jameson was now turning a nasty shade of puce.

"You know where they are?" Betty finally spoke up. She was leaning heavily against the desk and staring at him with wide eyes.

"Yes" he replied shortly.

"Where?" Robbie asked curiously. Peter hesitated. He didn't anyone to get hurt, but then again the police could cordon off the area so no civilians would come to harm...

"Lower West Side clock tower" he replied after a while. "You think you could get some police down there? I'm gonna need all the help I can get..."

Betty nodded and reached for the phone. "NYPD? Yes, this is Betty Brant, from the Daily Bugle. I just received..." she glanced at Peter pulling his costume down from the wall. "... an anonymous tip that Doctor Octavius is holding a woman hostage at the Lower West Side clock tower, yes that's right... thank you".

She put the phone back in it's cradle with a click and turned to Peter who was watching her anxiously.

"They're sending a unit now" she told him and he nodded to her. He made as if to head in the general direction of the window but Jonah stepped in his path. He jabbed a finger in his face. "You're not going anywhere Parker! You've got a lot of explaining to do and I smell an expose just dying to be-!"

Peter cut him off. "Do you want me to save your daughter-in-law or not?" he said frankly, and Jameson's mouth worked soundlessly for a while. Peter Parker had never spoken back to him.

"The police-" Jameson began.

"-won't do a thing. Sure, they might get a few shots in and manage to delay Ock, but you know just as well as I do that they can't stop him. I'm your only chance Jonah." Peter said matter-of-factly.

Jameson's jaw dropped.

Peter just stared at him before striding past.

"Was that a threat?" he finally spluttered at his photographers back.

"Maybe" Peter shrugged nonchalantly.

"How dare-! You can't... I'll...!" Jameson followed him across the room, poking his finger vigorously in his direction with each syllable.

"You'll what?" Peter turned and stared directly in his eyes. "You'll call the police and have me arrested? You'll sue me for taking something that was mine in the first place? You'll write a nasty expose about who I am and how I'm a menace planning to take over the city?"

"You bet I w-!" Jameson started, now an even uglier shade of magenta.

"-Won't" Peter finished for him. "You won't because you want your daughter-in-law back. You want your son to be happy. You want the city to be safe. It's your choice, Jonah. I could sit right here and talk all day, but the city won't be any safer. What's more important to you? Your paper or your city? Choose carefully".

Peter watched him expectantly, willing him to decide quick because with each passing second Mary Jane was still in danger and Doc Ock was that much closer to his goal.

Jonah stared at him for a moment longer before growling and turning away. He slammed a fist angrily on the desk, scattering several papers. Betty jumped backwards in fright.

"Knew you'd make the right decision JJ!" Peter called as he leapt up the wall for the window. Jonah just grunted and stormed into the next room, slamming the door behind him with enough force to cause a framed picture of his son to fall and smash on the floor.


He paused half way up the wall and turned back at the sound of Robbie's voice.

"Good luck" he said simply and smiled. Betty gave him a thumbs up.

"Thanks" Peter flashed them a smile before disappearing out the skylight.


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