Explaining Colors to the Blind

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Explaining loyalty to you is like explaining colors to the blind.

A/N: This is Spike's POV. Lets just say that somewhere in the course of season 6 Spike decides to leave.

The blind will never understand the brightness of yellow. How just a simple glimpse of it can make you feel warm even though you could be permanently cold inside. How red can mean love, lust or passion. How blue can be sad and other times happy. The blind will never understand. You can explain it to them a million times but because they can't see it they won't understand it.

They won't understand color just like you won't understand that I won't leave you. I won't be like the other guys in your life who you could never count on. I will support you.

You don't see the truth in that though. All you see is the evil in me. You cannot get over my past. You don't see the bright yellow that can burn in my eyes. Or the red in my aura when you're around. You don't see the blue in my eyes. Even though I haven't seen my reflection in hundreds of years I remember. You, who saw me yesterday, can't remember all those colors that shine bright within me. You don't see the loyalty that shows whenever I look at you.

Explaining loyalty to you is like explaining colors to the blind. You will never understand, you will never believe. So instead of staying and proving my loyalty, my love, I'm leaving. You can say that I never did love you. That everything I ever said was a lie. That I'm not loyal. I'm leaving so that you can be right. Everything you've said about me will be true in your mind because I left you.

I'm leaving because explaining my love to you is like beating a dead horse. The horse will never fell the pain, the horse will never get up, and the horse will never get it.

Explaining my love to you is like explaining colors to the blind. They just won't understand. So I'm leaving because sometimes the most patient people realize that sometimes you just have to give up.

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