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Justice Lacking

Chapter 1

"In the case of the People of New York versus Calvin Meyers, has the jury reached a verdict?"

"We have, your Honor."

"Will the defendant please rise?"

Calvin Meyers stood up between his two high profile attorneys, not looking nervous in the least.

"On the charges of two counts child abuse, how do you find?"

"Not guilty."

"On the charges of two counts lewd and lascivious behavior, how do you find?"

"Not guilty."

"On the charges of two counts child molestation, how do you find?"

"Not guilty."

"On the charges of one count sexual abuse of a minor, how do you find?"

"Not guilty."

Each verdict sent a riptide through the courtroom. Meyers wore a smug expression as he shook his attorneys' hands.

The judge pounded the gavel. "Mr. Meyers, you're free to go. Your children are released back into your custody."

Not guilty… Not guilty… Not guilty… Not guilty…

The drive home was in silence. In all honesties, nothing could really be said about what took place in the courtroom that morning.

Dee Latener took a glance at his partner before focusing on the main road. The verdict had pissed him off and he was furious that someone like Meyers not only got off scott-free, but also had custody of his stepchildren again.

But he also knew that his partner, Ryo McLain, was probably taking it the hardest.

"You okay, Ryo?" he asked soothingly, breaking the silence as he stopped at a red light.

Ryo sighed sadly. "I…I just want to get home."

"Well, we're on our way." Dee knew Ryo needed a good distraction, so he turned on the radio.

"—and when pig cops try and keep me from my children and arrest me without just cause—" Meyers's voice popped up on the radio.

Dee punched the dial to shut it off. "Shit, doesn't he have anything better to do than to rant about that over and over again?! Jesus, the trial ended a half hour ago and he's already doing interviews!!"

"Well, people believe him," Ryo said quietly. "He's a member of Social Services, after all."

Dee barely waited for the light to turn green and took off. He needed to get Ryo home and away from this whole mess.

"Where are you going?!" demanded Dee.

Bikky snorted. "I told you, I'm spending the night at Lai's house."

Dee glared at him suspiciously. "Are you sure that's not an excuse to go see Cal?"

Bikky kicked him. "I told you I'm spending the night at Lai's!!"

"OW!!!" Dee rubbed his hurt leg, but wasn't in the mood to fight much longer. He didn't have to guess that Bikky was watching the trial. He knew that Bikky was trying to keep things as normal as possible for Ryo's sake.

Bikky went over to Ryo, who had gone to sit down on the couch. "I'm going now, okay?"

Ryo forced a smile. "I hope you have fun, Bikky."

"Sure. Bye!" he started for the door.

"Wait!" said Ryo suddenly. "Dee, do you think you can give him a ride?"

"Huh? Why?!" demanded Dee.

"I can get to Lai's house just fine!" added Bikky.

"Bikky don't argue. Dee…please give him a ride."

Dee understood. Because of what happened today he was paranoid for Bikky. "All right. Grab your shit brat, we're going!"

Bikky made a disappointed snort as they left the apartment.

"Hey, you know he's just looking out for ya, right?"

"Yeah, I know. I saw what happened on TV. I wouldn't want that fucking pervert anywhere near me."

Dee knew he needed to redirect the conversation. "So…tell me what you have planned at Cal's house?"

Bikky turned red. "I told you I'm spending the night at Lai's!!"

"Yeah, and the sky's green. Just tell me which house you want to drop me off at."

Bikky ducked his head so Dee wouldn't have to see his reddening face. "Shut up."

Ryo sighed heavily, still feeling the pain in his chest. On the coffee table in front of him was the daily newspaper. As Meyers's trial had been in the morning, when he got in the newspaper was in his mailbox. He couldn't help but read it.

'NOT GUILTY!!!! New York's most prominent Social workers walks home a free man.'

His chest tightened more, but he felt compelled to read the article spread across the front page.

'All eyes have been on New York City for one of the most controversial cases in history. Calvin Meyers, 39, a top ranking member of Social Services, was brought up on severe charges of child abuse by his own stepchildren; Jeanie Friedwell, 12, and her brother Morgan, 7. But all that ceased when four verdicts of not guilty were read this morning.

'"I'm very grateful to my attorneys for sticking by me in this case," said Meyers. "They never once faltered and it's because of them that I have my children again."

'The trial lasted for two weeks, the prosecution bringing in overwhelming evidence to support Jeanie and Morgan's claims of child abuse. Testimony from teachers, counselors, a child psychologist, medical examiners, three police officers, and Jeanie. It almost seemed like the odds were against Meyers.

'But the defense had a strategy of their own. Testimony from other teachers, a different child psychologist, members of Social Services, friends of Jeanie and Morgan, and even an expert on police brutality. Meyers claimed during the investigation one of the officers who took the stand assaulting him, punching him three times in the face. The officer in question, Detective Randy McLain, did not deny these accusations on the stand. Meanwhile—'

Ryo grabbed the newspaper and tore it to pieces. The article had awaken a strong rage within him that had built up over the course of the whole investigation and trial.

"How convenient for him," muttered Ryo. "That they leave out the fact that he said, 'I didn't touch the dirty whore, her pussy is open game for everyone'. I'd like to see any of them react differently under the circumstances."

He leaned back on the couch, squeezing his eyes shut. He remembered that day all too well. When he found Jeanie, a frightened little girl, sitting under a lamp post at one in the morning sobbing hysterically. When she had told him her stepfather had raped her, he wanted to kill the man. Seeing such a beautiful innocent girl covered in black and blue bruises ignited a fierce rage within him. It then became his mission to put that man away forever.

Medical examination found that she had been raped and there was still semen in her body. Not to mention there were old scars and bruises on her that hadn't healed.

And when she told Dee and Ryo that that hadn't been the first time, that he had been sexually abusing her and even her little brother Morgan since their mother died three years ago, arresting the man became a top priority.

Of course, what Ryo hadn't realized was that Calvin Meyers was a social worker with the cleanest record out of everyone working in Social Services, and that he was a very well-liked guy. It's hard enough removing children from the home of a social worker, but it's impossible when the head of Social Services comes over with nine other employees and tells you to fuck off.

They had to shut up though, when the district attorney came over with a warrant.

Then of course was the infamous questioning. Dee and Ryo were asking him about the abuse with Drake to back them up. Meyers avoided each answer with relative ease. All three of the men were ready to snap.

"Mr. Meyers, your daughter was raped!" snapped Drake. "We have medical evidence to back it up, and she says you did it!! You and only you!!"

"I didn't touch her!!" growled Meyers, losing his temper. "I didn't touch that dirty whore!! Her pussy is open game and as far as I know everyone's had a free ride!!"

This comment had enraged all three of them, but Ryo had been the first to lose his temper. He saw red and his mind blanked briefly. When he was aware of what was going on, Drake and Dee were restraining him and Meyers lay on the floor with a broken nose.

Something everyone can't stop talking about. Of course because of this little incident, the trial stopped being about the fact that Meyers raped Jeanie and was also sexually abusing Morgan. Ryo suddenly became the bad guy, the "corrupt cop", and Meyers was just another victim.

No matter how I look at it, I'm at fault, thought Ryo. People hate cops anyway. If I had just kept myself under control, then his 'police brutality' stance wouldn't have merit and he would've been behind bars instead of giving television and radio interviews. If I had just kept myself under control…I would've been able to save Jeanie and Morgan.

The destroyed look on Jeanie's face when the jury read their verdicts was stilled etched in his mind. All her pain and suffering had been for nothing and the justice system was forcing her back into that situation.

And her words to him…they hurt the most.

"You lied to me. You said you would get him locked up! You promised me I would never have to see him again!! You promised me that Morgan wouldn't have to fear going to bed again!! I hate you!! You lied to me!!"

Jeanie's display, ending with her running from the courtroom, was not met with sympathy. Many people painted her as the spoiled child who didn't get her way.

It amazed Ryo just how stupid some people could be.

The front door opened and closed. Dee had returned.

"Any problems?" asked Ryo.

Dee eyed the torn pieces of newspaper on the floor. "No, I managed to drop Bikky off safely at Ca…Lai's house. But nobody will stop talking about the whole fucking thing."

"Am I still the 'bad cop' to them?" he asked quietly.

Dee walked over and pulled Ryo to his feet. "Enough. C'mon, get into bed."

Ryo hardly put up a fight when Dee directed him towards the bedroom. Moments later he was lying under the covers still fully clothed and Dee slid into bed beside him. He spooned up behind Ryo, holding him in a comforting embrace.

Ryo closed his eyes and sighed sadly. "I failed those children."

"It's not your fault," said Dee. "Sure you flew off the handle at Meyers, but you're only human. I was three seconds away from jumping him too, but you got to him first. People like to think that police officers are super human and can't feel emotions."

"I just don't understand. Jeanie was raped multiple times and Morgan was being sexually abused too. Why did I turn up being the bad guy? All I wanted to do was protect them."

"People just don't understand. They don't want to think that someone as respectable as Meyers would do things like that to his own stepchildren. They'd rather hear about a police officer hitting someone than hear all the gory details about the abuse."

"Jeanie didn't hold back, did she?"

"No, she didn't. But that's not what people wanted to hear. No one wants to believe that a social worker with a picture perfect record could do such horrible things."

Ryo opened his eyes. "Now he's going to continue abusing them. And they can't bring up charges against them."

"Well, I'm sure our precinct will keep an eye on them for a while to make sure he doesn't do anything. What I'm really worried about…is what's going to happen to us. Everyone thinks we abused Meyers—"

"I abused him," corrected Ryo.

"And he's already tarnished the reputation of the 27th Precinct. I don't know what kind of punishment the chief or Rose might have to hand down."

"You don't have to worry. Neither you nor Drake raised a hand to him. I'll probably be the only one to get into trouble."

"Ryo, you were already suspended for two weeks because of it. They shouldn't have to do anything worse."

"Whatever it is, I'll try to handle it. It can't possibly be worse than what Jeanie and Morgan have to face."

"…I'm sorry I mentioned it. Look, let's try to get some sleep. It's still mighty early, but I'm not really hungry. Are you?"


"So go to sleep. Maybe you'll be able to relax then."

Ryo sighed. "We're in for a long day tomorrow, aren't we?"


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