Take Me Away

UPDATE This story has been EDITED on April 24th, 2007. Originally started on October 16th, 2004.

This came to me while collecting the Devil's Arms. That, and, "Holy Water" from Big & Rich's cd. One of the only "serious" songs they've sung, but yet, one of the best I've heard as of late.

Warnings:: There may be spoilers, but, more so, the rating is there for a reason. Dark pasts, angst, and things that anyone under the age of 13 might be better off not reading. VERY slight AU too- though not entirely so. Updates may be slow!

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Pairings:: I always find it best when pairings are given straight up. Lloyd/Colette, Sheena/Zelos, A little of the Lloyd/Sheena crush (though only a little), some Regal/Raine, and Kratos/Raine. Maybe a little Genis/Presea in there too. Since they're so cute. The fic centers around Raine. Lots of friendshippy moments.

Summary- The struggle to overcome a past of grief and tragedy is hard for a woman who feels that she is all alone in this world. The memories haunt her daily, and she can't erase the pain, the memories, or the touch. Kratos/Raine/Regal triangle Among others'.

Holding the Heart of Chaos close to her, the silver-haired young woman followed the rag-tag group up the stairs that led out of the Temple of Darkness. Having just won against the young man whom they had believed to be an ally, Raine thought that the group would have been slightly…distraught.

They had worked so hard to find the Devil's arms for Abyssion, thinking that it would end his curse. But rather, he used the weapons for only his own gain. Which, in turn, had led to his demise.

"I had a feeling…" Lloyd's voice broke the silence of the temple. When the group stopped to glance at him questioningly, he paused. "I mean… The look in his eyes when he saw us…"

"Yeah," Zelos interrupted. "He was too excited. I mean, I suppose that it would be perfectly normal for him to be happy if his curse was gonna be lifted, but-"

"The gleam…" Presea stated softly from behind Raine. The silver-haired half-elf turned slightly to look at the pigtailed girl's solemn face. "His eyes…they gleamed in the darkness…"

Regal's shackles clinked lightly as he pulled an arm up to wipe at his face. "The shadows danced in his eyes," he said, a frown etched into his features.

"I thought he was an ally," Genis said quietly from beside Lloyd. "But he used us… Typical human…"

"Genis!" Raine muttered angrily from where she stood. "You know all human's are not like that!"

"I'm sorry…" he muttered slightly; looking not at his sister, but rather, at Lloyd.

"It's okay Genis," the brown-haired youth assured the young mage, patting him on the head. "We all should have been paying more attention…"

Sheena let out a muffled sigh from the back of the line. "We can't trust just anybody, you know." Glaring at Zelos, even though the Chosen of Tethe'alla could, in no way, see her, she continued. "You never know when Zelos will just leave the group to go and oogle over his hunnies."

"Oh, but, my lovely Sheena! You would rather I stay with you, wouldn't you?" The red-haired man said suggestively.

"Shut up!" the ninja girl yelled, her voice echoing off of the dark walls of the temple.

"We had best hurry," Regal said finally, after a slight pause.

The group must have agreed, for they all started back up the stairs to the entrance.

After reaching the entrance, the group had hoped to see the light of day peeking out from the other side of the large doors. Instead, they found the looming deep night.

There were a lot of things that Raine did not like, and, the darkness was one of them. Whenever the sun sank below the western sky, her stomach would knot up so badly that the feelings of suffocation and the need to run would overwhelm her.

She didn't feel safe.

But how could she? He was still out there. Somewhere. Feeling a tingling sensation down her spine, she turned slightly to see a pair of blue eyes watching her carefully. Pushing her nervousness down mentally, she smiled at her younger brother. "What is it, Genis?" she asked softly, so as to not wake the others'.

"I couldn't sleep…" the young mage sighed, toting a blanket behind him.

Ever since the young silver haired boy was a child, he had had trouble getting to sleep. Raine knew why, of course. She had raised him from infancy. "Come," she told the young boy, patting the ground beside her. "You can sleep here…just for tonight."

"You always say that," he yawned, curling up on the ground beside his big sister. Within minutes, his breathing slowed.

The silver haired healer sighed in relief, and lightly brushed the young boy's bangs off of his forehead. She had tried to teach him right from wrong, even though, she didn't even know the difference some of the time. He was starting to hate humans… Really hate them… The people of Tethe'alla disliked half-elves, so, what was the young boy to think?

The treatment of Half-elves in the land of Tethe'alla was worse than that in Sylvarant. After being discovered to be Half-elves, they had been led away to execution- and the knights had not let them forget it either. If they were to die soon anyway, why not have a little fun? She had done her best to protect her younger brother, though… he had still been forced to watch.

It could have been worse. She liked to repeat that to herself as often as possible. And she liked to think about it too. Try to think on the bright side of things. At least… at least they hadn't tried to touch her…

Lying her head down beside Genis', she felt her stomach knot up once again. The need to flee presented itself to her. But…she wouldn't leave. Not yet. Not until she absolutely had to.

He might be a powerful man, even after the passing of eight years. But she had an advantage. He didn't know where to find her. But how long that would last, she didn't know.

Every night, she prayed for one more day of safety for Genis…

End Chapter 1.

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