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Both in Darkness and Light

It was a beautiful summer day; few clouds scattered the sky, the sun was gracing everyone with its presence, and over all it was a great day for the beach.

A female looking to be twenty lay on the beach soaking up the sun. She has mid back in length light brown hair with blond highlights and light brown eyes. She wore a blue-green bikini.

It was relatively quiet where she was because this part of the beach was on her property and was a good distance away from the public beach. The waves crashed on the sandy bank giving off a pleasant and comforting sound.

With a sigh the girl said, "Why can't everyday be as peaceful as this?"

"Because it isn't a perfect world," A female voice answered, "Morning Tara."

Tara smiled and sat up, "Morning Kara."

Kara looks to be twenty-two with dirty blond hair and green eyes. She wore short navy blue shorts and a red tank top. "Tomorrows the big day," She said happily.

"Sure is," Tara said as she got up and put on her sandals. "Finally we'll be able to see our home again."

Kara nodded, "That and my mate. I haven't seen him in almost three months."

Tara chuckled, "How could I forget him, I've known him my whole life." She picked up her towel and started walking back up to her house, Kara beside her. "All we have to worry about is the members of the black market and their assassins."

"Yes," Kara said with a gloomy tone, "But that's enough to make my head hurt."

"At least we can check off the demon lord," Tara reasoned, "We know he's one of the weakest ones around, so he'll be of no problem for us."

Kara nodded, "This is true."

When the two women entered the house they found a teen with short blue hair, four spike like green bangs and blue eyes being tackled by two children. Both women laughed at the spectacle before Kara called for her two boys, "Daren, Luke, come off Touya."

Daren was the older of the two. He was seven years of age with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore blue shorts and a green short sleeve shirt.

Luke was the youngest at the tender age of four. He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. His attire consisted of red shorts and a tie dye t-shirt that was red and blue with bits of purple.

Touya laughed, "They're no problem Kara." He wore cloths Tara had bought for him; semi baggy dark blue pants and a light blue t-shirt. Tara had somehow talked him out of getting fishnet.

Kara gave a light laugh, "Even so they don't need to be doing it, particularly since we will be in the Makai tomorrow. There's no need to risk you getting hurt."

"Where are the others?" Tara asked.

Touya looked behind his sister and kept a strait face as he saw Jin slowly creeping up on her, "One of them is a little behind."

Tara had a questioning look on her face, but before she could ask she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. Next she knew she was swung around in a circle before her feet found the ground once more. From the merry laughter she could tell who it was, "Jin!"

Jin, also know as the wind master of the Shinobi, backed up as he laughed; only stopping when the wall wound not allow him to go any further. He has shoulder length wild red hair, deep blue eyes, long pointed ears (which twitched when he's happy or excited), a small fang that came out from the top left of his mouth and a small horn half way between his forehead and crest of his head. He wore semi baggy white pants, a blue belt that had a red stone with a golden trimmed border in the center, two straps of white material made an 'x' on both is chest and back, tan colored tape went around his arms from just below his elbow to his wrist where a black rings was (nothing on his hands) and on his elbows were the same stone that adorned his belt.

"'ello," Jin said merrily with his Gaelic accent, his ears twitching madly.

Tara made a face and grabbed the area just under his arms, "Thought that was funny eh?" Jin yelped and fell on the floor as he tried to escape her. Jin was ticklish under his arms and Tara took advantage of this knowledge to get her revenge on him often enough.

"Aunty Tara's beating up Jin," Daren said with a laugh.

"That I am," Tara said with a laugh as she forcefully turned Jin on his back before sitting on his stomach. With him unable to squirm away Tara made the wind master laugh harder than he had in a long time.

A boy with sleeked back black hair and brown eyes walked in the front door. Upon seeing Jin and Tara he burst into laughter and fell on the ground. Another boy walked in and found it difficult to suppress his laughter. This boy has green eyes and red hair that came to just below the middle of his back. These two teens were known as Yusuke and Kurama (a name only his close friends knew).

Jin's face became quite red from both the immense laughter that escaped him and the lack of oxygen intake. Knowing this Tara stopped, still laughing at him. The wind master could not find the strength to move after his laughing fit, so he was stuck beneath Tara for the moment.

Yusuke found his bearings and got up off the floor. He walked over to the wind master, laughter still escaping him, though it was softer than before. "You've been straddled Jin, by a half naked female no less."

Jin's bits of laughter ceased as he finally realized the position he was in with his comrade's older sister, whom was revealing much skin in her bikini. If his face had been going back to normal color someone would not have been able to tell for red crept to the very tips of his ears at that moment

Tara sighed and got up, seemingly unaffected by the position she had put herself in to reek revenge on the jovial wind master. "Some of you are just immature," she said looking towards Yusuke, "And I'm not half naked. I'm dressed for the beach, which is where I just came from."

When Jin sat up, red still very evident on his face, Tara put a hand out. Jin placed his hand in hers and she helped him to his feet. "'ank you," he said lightly.

"No biggy," Tara replied before walking over to her brother and help him to his feet, since he had not gotten up after the children had stopped their game.

"Where are Hiei and Kuwabara?" Kara asked.

"Hiei is off who knows where and Kuwabara's somewhere on the beach," Yusuke said with a few waves of his hand.

Tara turned back to them, "You guys should do the same. Get some good old R and R before going back to work."

Kurama chuckled, "That does sound like a good idea."

"Of course it does," Tara said with a smirk, "I thought of it."


A group of around fifteen men sat at a table in a room filled almost completely with darkness. Since little light entered the faces of all the men were cloaked in their shadowy hoods. They were deep in a conversation they deemed important.

"Are you certain?" A deep masculine voice asked.

"Very," another voice answered.

All the men fell in silence waiting for the head man to speak, "For years we have been left in darkness, but for no longer." There was a pause, "We are back in business my friends. You know what to do."

Who are those guys?

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