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Time flew by them quickly as supplies were gathered and packed away. Food and water were the most important things and several packs were filled with only that- it was mostly dried and salted foods that would not perish quickly, but there a few days worth of fresh foods so they could enjoy regular meals in the beginning of their journey. Water was placed in canteens and water skins. Everyone would have one or two in their pack as well as one around their shoulders.

The packs that were not filled with food were filled with other necessities such as extra clothing- everyone besides for Kara were taken back to the Ningenkai to quickly grab a few pairs- blankets, cooking utensils, rope, money- given to them by Botan on behalf on Koenma- medicine and herbs and other such things.

Silven had departed shortly after Botan had taken the others back to the human world. All the while he was muttering something about green skies, blackish lands and misleading rights. Kara paid half a mind to him, wondering if these were small details that might help them where they were going.

When everything was packed up they only had a few minutes to spare before the portal outside the house would open up and their adventure would begin. The children, whom had helped with the packing, now clung to their mother as tears ran down their faces. While they were young they knew full well that they might never see her again, for the road ahead of them was a dangerous one and very few who ventured through one plain survived, never mind six as they were.

Devin was eventually able to coax them away from their mother, but it had required the help of both Touya and Kara herself. Luke sought refuge in his father's arms, who did not hesitate to pick the child up, and Daren tried to act tough, but when Touya placed a hand on his head he sank to the floor and clung to the ice masters leg.

Sighing softly Kara offered a soft smile to her eldest child. "Everything's going to be alright Darin, we'll be back before you know it." She was unsure of her own words, but she would not let that be known to her already emotional children. The boy merely nodded and bit his lip to prevent himself from crying. It was heart breaking to see them as they were, but she would not change her mind about going and she knew Tara would make the same decision had their places been switched.

"Here," Devin said as he held the rolled up map towards his mate, "you'll be needing this."

Standing Kara took the object from him, "thank you." He nodded in turn as he placed a hand into his pocket and retrieved another object- this one was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. It was black and the top of it seemed almost like glass as it gleamed in the light, but it seemed nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it looked much like obsidian.

"This is a compass of sorts," he explained. "It's meant for the plains on that map," he gestured towards the object in her hands, "once you're in it's territories it will begin functioning."

"Thank you," Kara smiled and took the object.

Devin nodded, "be careful with that, they're very hard to come by."

She laughed, "I'll take care of your trinket."

A faint smile played on his lips at this comment, "Yes there's that, but-" he became serious, "it's the only thing besides for that map that will aid you in getting where you need to go."

"I know," she said softly before pocketing it.

Botan looked at her watch, "Oh!" This sudden outburst brought everyone's attention to her. "We only have two minutes left!"

"Right," Yusuke shouldered his heavy pack, "I'm ready for knocking some heads, what about you guys?" No one responded, but there were a few chuckles.

Luke gave a light groan and reached out towards his mother as his bottom lip shook with the tears he was trying to hold back. "Mommy," he whined.

"Oh Luke," Keara softly said as she came over to Devin and placed a kiss on the child's forehead. "Mommy will be back soon with Aunt Tara," she patted the boy's cheek, "be a big boy for me alright." The boy only nodded and sniffed.

"Goodbye darling," she kissed her lover before turning to Darin who held his arms out to her. Kneeling down she hugged the boy and pecked him on the cheek, "Be good, help daddy when he asks alright." He too nodded and moved towards his father, where he held the hand waiting him.

With a sigh she shouldered her pack before moving towards the door with the other, her family close behind them. Everyone was quiet now. In just a few moments they would be gone and the house would seem empty with the group missing. But that was the least of it for the group was about to walk into a region of the Makai that spelled doom with its very existence.

Exiting the peaceful home they once again entered the wintry lands of the ice world only to find that it was softly snowing all around them. The flakes drifted to and fro as they made their slow decent to the ground from the heavens high above. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but it did little to ease the tension that had grown within each of the group's members, especially for Kara and Touya who had been raised around snow.

In what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a fraction of a minute, the promised gateway opened before them. Its black depths slowly swirled about in their usual ominous fashion, but this time it seemed to foretell what was to be their near future instead of meaning little to nothing.

Looking from one to the other they silently questioned who would be the first to enter the dangerous lands on the other end of the void. Touya took in a deep breath and took a step forward. In his mind there was little time to delay. His sister was being held captive by vile demons and he wanted nothing more than to bring her back to safety- alive. Glancing back to the people he could call family he found an almost invisible smile coming to rest upon his face, "take care you three."

"You too-"

"Uncle Touya," Devin finished where Luke began as if they were twins.

Nodding he turned his gaze back forward. With another deep breath he stepped into the gateway and quickly vanished. The others followed suit after saying a quick goodbye, leaving only Kara to linger.

The ice maiden smiled softly at her family. "When we meet again Tara will be with us, I promise."

"Hopefully that will be soon," Devin replied. He knew the true meaning behind his lovers' words, but would not utter them in front of the children, as it would only make them more upset.

With a wave Kara stepped into the gate and let the chilling dimensional matter wrap its arms around her. Despite the fact that she was an ice demon, one born with a natural immunity to the bitter chill of winter, she found herself shivering. It was almost as if the gates could surpass rules the natural world, but, when she thought of it, it had to if it were to function properly.

Devin watched as his love disappeared and the gate closed behind her. A sinking feeling filled the very pits of his stomach as he thought of everything that awaited them. He had been through several of the lands they would be traveling in and had only survived because his parents had been excellent adventures with many centuries of experience and knowledge under their belts, something they had passed onto him as he had traveled with them.

Kurama had been a skilled thief when he lived in the Makai and could see ways through traps with the use of great strategy; Hiei, though he acted buff, was very knowledgeable and had a great power on his side- or rather, tattooed on his arm- Yusuke was the Spirit Detective and was somewhat experienced and very powerful; Kuwabara had a keen sixth sense that could come in handy; Touya and Jin were both Shinobi and had centuries of experience with dark and vile demons under their belts as well as an ample amount of power; and Kara had been something of an adventure for centuries and would be able to understand things better than any of the others could. He just hoped all these abilities would bring them safely to Tara and back.

With a sigh he knew Kara had been right, they all would meet again, but whether it would be in life or death was left to be said.

And so the adventure begins in the next chapter.

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