Author: UTsSQ

Rated: R/NC-17

Content: Language, Violence, Sexual Situations of course...Naked Taker anyone?

Just for fun, thought I'd name this one after my stupid nickname. Go figure. That plus the fact that I can tie it into the story...yay.

Lightly inspired by Devil May Cry...Ok, so I am obsessed with demons. Notice I said OBsessed and not POssessed. Thank you. Oh, and so Taker can stop being pissed at me for neglecting him, let's start off by getting him naked. That ought to teach him to mess with me.


Something was coming.

He could not sleep. Getting out of bed, he padded naked to the window to stare into the darkness. There was nothing to see. Trees. A field. The house was old, in disrepair, but it did not matter. It was just somewhere to rest until it was time to move again.

He cocked his head, listening to the house settle around him. It was almost soothing, sounds of a normal life that he would never again have. He dreamed of his life as it used to be, of his family, his mother and brother. Both were lost to him now.

He pressed his forehead against the pane of glass in front of him, feeling its coolness on his heated skin. His memories were restless tonight. He thought of his brother, now dead for twenty years. Of his mother, who had raised them alone, who had given up her own life to protect them both. He was the only one who was spared. Perhaps that was his punishment for not saving them...a lifetime of regret at what he could never get back.

His eyes swept the unkempt yard through the bedroom window. He recalled another place, another time. Before he had become what he was now. Another house, not just a house, but a home. It was all lost to him. There was no way to turn back time and erase what had been done.

The phone rang. He was not startled. He had been expecting it since getting out of bed. He reached for it, stretching one arm out to pick up the handset.

"Yeah?" His voice was tired, resigned. Disinterested. His eyes had fallen on a peculiar shadow in the yard. He watched as it moved from left to right, from tree to tree.

"He has chosen." The female voice said without bothering with a greeting.

He lost interest in the shadow. Closing his eyes, he sighed wearily. "Then we have to get to them first."

"Yes." There was a pause. "There can be no mistakes this time. We cannot take another loss."

"Do you think I don't know that?" He said softly. Briefly an image of his mother played through his mind. "Leave me to my job. You do yours."

"Very well..." there was a throaty laugh. "There are four."

"Only four?" He opened his eyes. The shadow he'd been watching earlier was gone.

"Yes." Another pause. "He has stopped toying. This time he means to finish it."


"There can be no..."

"Where?" He interrupted her. He had heard the speech before. He was tired of it.

"Patience. We are still searching for the third and fourth." There was the sound of shuffling. "The first is in New England, Maine. The second...California."

"And you've already..."

"Yes." The word was sharp. "They will be taken care of tonight."

"Why did you not call me earlier?" He couldn't keep the anger out of his voice.

"The others do not trust your nature," the voice said evenly. "Nor do I. But you will get your chance. To prove yourself. To get what you want. The fourth will be yours to deal with. You must kill her before the mark is complete."

"I know." He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "Send me what you have. I'll take care of it."

He hung up the phone without bothering to wait for a reply. So this was it. The uneasiness he felt, the restlessness. It was time.

He pressed his fist against the window, rapping it lightly with his knuckles. "This time, Father, you will not win," he spoke the words into the darkness. "I will have my vengeance."