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Galactic Terran Corvette Justice
Briefing room

"Let me get this straight!" The Human captain named Matthew Hecker looked at her in dismay "One of your captains opened fire on their ship!"

Mira sighed 'They really aren't from around here.'

The more she talked to them the more she comes to believe they really are from another part of the galaxy. Normally she would dismiss that notion and call the one who claimed that a lunatic, but what she saw made her reconsider that, though.

Minbari warships, torn apart by a single ship, several times smaller than theirs, the same ship also capable of withstanding the power of Minbari weapons. No Earth Force warship or even Centauri warships are capable of that feat.

Still, despite that, she could not bring herself to fully believe them, nevertheless they knew nothing about this area and its history, or at least, claimed not to.

She told them of the Dilgar war, the Centauri, the Narn, the League, the history of known space and of the Earth Alliance.

"That is correct. However, the Minbari ships approached with gun ports opened and did not respond to hails."

"In that situation the best course of action would have been to retreat from the area." Akher responded

"That's true, but the Minbari scanners had scrambled the electronics of our ships. Captain Jankowski assumed, however wrong it was, that the Minbari ships were preparing to attack and opened fire. The rest, is as you can see."

Both captains stayed silent for several moments before Akher replied "Well it seems that the blame for this war is on both sides." The Vasudan stated "Still, the minor casualties taken in your attack on their war cruiser is not a reason to do what they did."

"Does that mean that you will help us?" She asked of them, her expression one of hope.

"There is a high possibility of that happening, and that depends on your government. The Minbari have attacked us without provocation, they have destroyed one cruiser, damaged two others, one of which is a civilian vessel under military protection, and refused to respond to any communication attempts."

"So you are going to war with the Boneheads?"

Both captains looked at her in surprise "Boneheads?"

She chuckled lightly "It is a joke to describe the Minbari, not important but very fitting."

Hecker cleared his throat "Right. Now for you former question, we can't answer it at this moment, but I can guarantee that the GTVA will not allow the Minbari to get away with what they've done."

"Then you will help us!" It was more of a statement than a question.

"As I've said, it depends on your government." This time it was the Vasudan that responded "But in my opinion you already suffered enough for your attack. The GTVA is already assembling transports carrying medical and food supplies to be delivered to EA colonies that require them."

"But before they are delivered, we have several conditions."

She looked at the large alien. 'That doesn't sound good'

"We wish for a meeting with the leader of your government, for signing of a temporary alliance, while this war lasts, and that we be allowed a permanent outpost on this system."

Mira nodded slowly "The only one who can authorize any of those conditions is the president."

"We assumed as such, and that is why we need your help. Currently we are approaching your main colony in this system, once there we need you to help us convey our intentions, for I believe the EA forces there will be exceptionally suspicions and possibly aggressive, with you here with us they will probably be more open to us. Once these procedures are finished we are ready to fight the Minbari along side your forces."

Mira nearly jumped at that statement. Here is possibly the salvation of the Earth Alliance, but there is one thing that was on her mind.

"Alright, I understand what needs to be done, but there is one thing I must know if I am to help to the best of my abilities."

This time is was the Human who spoke "To know what the GTVA is."

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. 'Is he a telepath?'

"Yes. That is correct. I've never heard of it and I'm sure no one at Earth Force did either."

"Alright." Hecker said with a smile "You can't convey our intentions when you know nothing of us. So let me clear all your doubts."

"The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance, GTVA for short, was formed in 2345, ten years after the 14 year war and the Great War. This treaty organization recognized the autonomy of its constituents, the Galactic Terran Alliance and the Vasudan Imperium, as it provided a framework for trade and mutual defense."

"As the industry and economy of the Terran-Vasudan systems recovered following the Great War, support for a more powerful GTVA gained momentum. In 2358, delegates signed into existence the Beta Aquilae Convention or BETAC, named after the system where the constitution was drafted and ratified. BETAC dismantled the governments of the Terran blocs and recognized the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Vasudan Imperium as the supreme authorities of Terran-Vasudan space."

"Under BETAC, the Vasudans and the Terrans maintain separate fleets under a single command structure. A warship is designated GT or GV, indicating whether it is Galactic Terran or Galactic Vasudan. The two species openly exchange information and technology, and the most recent fighters and bombers can be modified to accommodate pilots of either species."

"Technically, BETAC is but one of a series of conventions and treaties that define how the GTVA functions as a political, military, and economic entity."

He turned to her "That is the GTVA in a nutshell. If you have anymore questions I will answer them to the best of my abilities."

"You mentioned those two wars at the beginning?"

"The 14 year war or also called the Terran-Vasudan war occurred at a time when the GTVA didn't exist and our races were not the best of friends."

"The Great War began in the fourteenth year of the Terran-Vasudan war when, the appearance of a third sentient species, designated Shivans, caused the Terrans and Vasudans to set aside their differences and combat the mutual threat. The Shivan armada, led by the shielded super destroyer Lucifer, however, marched through the Terran and Vasudan lines of defense, destroyed the Vasudan homeworld of Vasuda Prime, then set course for Earth."

"Earth?" She interrupted "What do you mean Earth? Earth was never under threat of destruction until now."

"Captain Hecker is referring to his species homeworld, not yours." Akher interjected

Mira shook her head "I'm sorry but that is impossible. There is only one Earth, it's impossible for another Earth to exist."

Hecker stared her for a moment, his face betraying surprise at her sudden outburst and a little bit of annoyance at being interrupted.

"Yes, that is true, but there is indeed another Earth."

"How is that possible?" She asked, thinking that perhaps she gave them too much credit.

"I don't know." Hecker admitted "But, while also curious about how it happened, I won't let it interfere with my duty, which is to protect the GTVA and its people against any enemy, be it Shivans, Minbari or any one else."

"But…" She started but was quickly interrupted

"Captain Hecker is right." Akher said "It is a mystery better left to scholars and scientists. At this moment our main priority is to reach your government's main colony on this system, and we need your help. We can't allow the Minbari to exterminate an entire race because of a minor incident."

Mira slumped down on her chair. Passing her hand trough her raven hair, she sighed. She wasn't even sure if what they said about another Earth was true, but they were right after all, the survival of the Earth Alliance was of paramount importance.

"I understand. I will help you make contact with the Earth Force ships on the colony, this mystery can wait."

Both captains nodded, satisfied with her answer.

"Excellent. Now as I was saying, the Lucifer set course for Earth but was intercepted by fighter and bomber wings launched from the GTD Bastion inside subspace where its shield didn't work. In the end, the Lucifer was destroyed but its explosion collapsed the node separating the Sol system from the Alliance for over forty years."

"In that time several other major wars occurred, however I'm not authorized to disclose any information about them for the time being."

He pulled out a datapad and handed it over to her.

"In there you will find more in-depth information about the GTVA and its workings. Keep it with you; the information stored in it will be useful."

She picked it up and looked at it for several moments before returning her gaze at the captains. She opened her mouth to speak but Hecker spoke first.

"I must apologize but we've reached our destination. Captain Akher must return to his ship."

"But before we go we have just one more question?" He pressed a few buttons on his computer and a holographic image formed, hovering above the center of the Table. "Do you know to whom this ship belongs to?"

Mira looked at it. It was of a design she never saw, strangely shaped with four arms springing forth from the main hull, it had a yellowish color with parts of it glowing blue, some type of writing was on the hull but it was completely alien to her.

"No, I've never seen anything like it."

"I see" He said while he looked at the hologram "No matter, we'll deal with it after resolving this issue with your government."

He turned to the Vasudan captain "I'll have your shuttle ready when you reach the hangar." He then bowed to the Vasudan, who promptly did like wise.

Turning towards her, he motioned for her to follow him.

A minute later they were both on the bridge of the Justice. Hecker sat down on his command chair, looking at the screen where the planet was shown, along with a station and a significant number of ships.

He took a side glance at the EA officer, she was staring intently at the screen, her face filled with a mixture of sadness and joy.

"Are you alright?" He asked of her

She shook her head "I'm just a little homesick, nothing to worry about?"

A lieutenant chose this time to spoke "Sir, there are two ships approaching our location. They are being escorted by several wings of fighters." He stopped for a moment "They are sending a message, audio only."

"Patch it trough." He ordered, straitening his uniform out of habit.

"This is Captain Ralston of the EAS Athena. You are in Earth Alliance space, identify yourselves and the reasons for your presence."

Hecker cleared his throat despite not being him to respond. That job was to captain Akher. "Greetings. I am Captain Akher, commanding officer of the GVCv Meruseth, accompanying me is Captain Matthew Hecker of the GTCv Justice. We represent the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. We intend no harm, and wish to open diplomatic relations with your government."

The line went silent for a minute. When the EA captain spoke again, her voice was filled with suspicion.

"I'm sorry, but I've never heard of this, Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance, now, either you identify yourselves, or I will open fire."

Hecker gritted his teeth. This wasn't what he was expecting and he was sure Akher was feeling the same.

"Sorry to interrupt but let me try." Mira told him "She will be friendlier if she talks to me."

He rubbed his chin for a moment "You sound as if you know her?"

"Yes. She's a friend of mine." Mira responded quietly

"Alright. Tell Captain Akher that Lieutenant Goodwin here might be more successful in communicating with them." He nodded to the comms officer who pressed a few buttons on his console. An authorization signal came moments later.

"You can speak freely, they will hear you." He stated

Mira smiled at him and nodded "EAS Athena, this is Lieutenant Commander Mira Goodwin of the EAS Intrepid. These people are on our side, they rescued me from the Minbari, and want to talk about a possible alliance against them."

The silence that followed was unnerving. Hecker thought that perhaps this wasn't such a good idea now.

"Captain" The crewmen in charge of communications suddenly reported "They are requesting a visual link."

"Do it." He ordered him

The crewmen pressed a few buttons, changing the view screen from showing the pair of warships in front of them to the bridge of the Athena. It wasn't that much different from the bridge of his own ship, crewmembers were arrayed around the center in charge of their designated stations. In the center sat the captain, a woman with sandy brown hair and green eyes, she stared not at him but at Mira.

"So you really are alive. Or is this some type of complex trap."

Mira smiled "Always the suspicious one. You can rest assured that this isn't a trap."

"I believe you but it is the Admiral that will be the judge of that." She then locked eyes with Hecker "And who are these people?"

"They belong to a government named GTVA, they were also attacked by the Minbari and are willing to help us, if we allow them. I'm alive thanks to their intervention. They saved me and a few others from the Minbari, taking casualties of their own."

"I see." Alicia said not completely convinced "And where do they found such a powerful ship?"

Mira was about to start but was interrupted.

"I'll answer that." Hecker said "This ship was built by the GTVA, it wasn't found. But that's beside the point, we are here to start diplomatic relations with your government in an effort to find a solution to the Minbari threat."

"Alicia, I know what you're thinking" Mira interjected "But I assure you that they don't intend to trick nor attack you. Their every action up to now proves that they are true to their word."

"Alright" Alicia conceded "I'm sending you the approach coordinates, once there, we are to meet with the Admiral in stations briefing room, failure to follow these commands will result in the use of lethal force."

"Understood, Athena." With that, the link was terminated and the screen changed to Akher.

"Your people are even more suspicious then we thought." The Vasudan addressed Mira.

Mira's face remained blank "Yes, and I must apologize for it. But if I were in her position, I would have felt the same. No other race has lifted a finger to help us, the Minbari made sure of that, so when an unknown government, even one with humans on it, appears out of nowhere claiming to be here to help us is to be looked upon with suspicion." She finished with a sad smile.

"Fair enough." Hecker commented "Let's just hope that they would be more willing to listen to us when we arrive there."

EAS Athena


She couldn't believe it but Mira was alive, and she had the newcomers to thank for. Although it was indeed hard to believe them, still if Mira is willing to vouch for them she would thrust them.

One thing that bothered her, was the fact that at least one of the ships was crewed with humans, The other it seems had aliens she never had seen before. Perhaps those were the Vasudans that were mentioned.

"What are the capabilities of those ships?" She ordered, remembering what Mira told her about their power.

"Don't know captain, they must have some sort of internal jamming device that is blocking our sensors."

She raised an eyebrow at the statement, at least they had a device similar to the Minbari stealth. "Alright, so what can you tell me about them?"

"Both ships are 900 meters in length, I'm detecting many weapons emplacements on them, no sign of a rotating section, either they don't care about the lack of gravity or have gravitic drives. Sorry captain, but I can't tell anymore than this."


She proceeded to watch the ships again as they make their way towards the station.

"Captain, we have an urgent communication from the admiral." A lieutenant suddenly shouted

"What is it?"

"The hyperspace sensor pods have been destroyed" The Lieutenant said fear creeping into his voice.

Her face blanched. That could only mean one thing.

"What about the newcomers?" She asked her voice wavering

"We are to protect them at all costs…" She paused for a moment "Jump points forming near the station!"

She stared at the forming jump points. There was no way they can possibly hold out. There was only one thing they could do.

"Prepare for attack!"

Two dozen jump points filed the screen, their blue color matching the blue of the ships exiting from them.

The Minbari warships, Sharlins, Tinashis and even two Shargotti, came in their usual manner, at full speed with all guns firing on their targets. The station was the first to fall, several dozens of fusion and neutron beams and it was nothing more than a cloud of particles, the nearby earth ships fared no better.

In the first volley already a dozen of them went down, being shown once again that their armor was no match for the power of Minbari weapons. Starfuries fought ferociously against their Minbari counterparts, unleashing a torrent of plasma fire upon them, but it was to no avail, all shots missed as the Minbari stealth disrupted weapon locks.

Alyt Taren smiled viscously at the carnage brought by his fleet, already the station has fallen and the remaining ships will soon be disposed of, and once that is accomplished, then the task of cleansing this world from the human taint will begin.

"Target all human ships, I want this finished as quickly as possible, let none survive. For Dukhat." He roared

The entire crew joined him in his war cry, sharing his eagerness and battle lust. Their reverie was cut short however.

"Alyt, the Crimson Sword and the Lance of Minbari have been destroyed." A young warrior said his voice full of surprise and shock."

Taren turned to him in disbelief "That is impossible. Your sensors must be damaged."

The young warrior hesitated "It is true, Alyt." He manipulated the controls at his station and the bridge holographic projection zoomed to the area where both ships where supposed to be.

Taren stared as a group of human ships passed through the remains of what were surely Sharlin war cruisers, but it was something else that captured his eye. Two ships of unknown design were among them.

"What are those ships?"

"Unknown, Alyt. Their design don't match anything on database, but those were the ones the destroyed the Two cruisers."

"Then they will feel the wrath of the Minbari as well" Taren stated without hesitation "Order the nearest group to converge on them and destroy both. Also record the designs and send them to the flagship. Once this is over their race will pay for the crimes they committed today."

"As you command." The warrior bowed

Taren resumed looking at both ships. The design was truly unique, the dark one was blocky like humans ships are but, at the same time, as sleek as the Centauri vessels. The other was far more alien, light brown a color with a vaguely organic appearance.

His musings stopped when a group of five Sharlins war cruisers approached them, he sneered as he expected them to open fire and see the offending ships being blown to dust. What he saw, however, was completely the opposite.

Both alien ships opened fire, green and yellow beams stabbed at the approaching ships, turning two of them into their component particles. His eyes widened as the weapons from the Sharlins struck, but didn't do more than superficial damage.

Again they fired and another war cruiser was turned into space dust. Disbelief was on Taren's face, disbelief that a Minbari war ship could fall easily.

Disbelief turned to anger, and then to rage. There were the greatest of all younger races, no one could stand against them.

He turned to his second in command "Notify our reinforcements, tell them to engage the two alien ships, this farce has gone too long. Let the Earthers and their new allies feel the fury of Minbar."

EAS Athena


'Mira wasn't lying when she said they had the power to stand up to the boneheads.'

The two GTVA ships flew ahead of her small group, tearing apart any Minbari unlucky enough to be hit by their weapons.

Already three of Minbari cruiser fell, their weapons dealing little damage to the two ships. She didn't truly believe that they were powerful enough to defeat the vaunted Minbari cruisers, but now, after seeing them in action, her doubts vanished.

If they indeed were to help the Earth Alliance, then there is hope. All that is left now is to see if they have the numbers and the will to match the Minbari.

"Captain!" An alarmed voice rang through out the bridge. "Jump points forming all around us!"

Around the EA and GTVA warships a dozen jump points sprang to life opening a conduit from hyperspace and into real space, from them came the feared Sharlin war cruisers, escorted by swarms of Nial heavy fighters, which opened fire with all weapons on their unsuspecting targets.

Starfuries scrambled to avoid the onslaught, most avoided the initial barrage only to find themselves hopelessly matched against a seemingly unlimited number of Minbari fighters. The capital ships weren't so lucky, the two GTVA ships took the brunt of the assault, explosions rocked both starships as countless beams slammed into their armor, the EA ships, despite being secondary targets were hit hard as well.

The Athena was drilled in several places and was knocked instantly out of the battle, its engines and hangar bay completely vaporized. The other ship, EAS Wolf, an Olympus class corvette, surprisingly managed to escape mostly intact, a grazing hit that managed to disable one of its engines was its only damage.

It boldly retuned fire, missiles and plasma flew wildly into the Minbari formation, the nearest war cruiser turned towards the small human ship, it didn't fire at first and let the Olympus corvette came slightly closer, the Olympus fired again, most weapons missed and those that hit were absorbed by the crystalline armor of its foe.

A glow appeared in one of the front emitters of the Minbari cruiser, it increased in size concentrating enough energy to turn the Olympus into a field of debris as soon as it fired.

But it never did. A single bright yellow beam lashed out towards the cruiser, it hit the Sharlin with terrible power, burning through the armor in a split second. When it was finished, the front of the Sharlin was completely gone.

The Wolf's crew wasted no time, it fired every weapon at its disposal into the exposed interior of its former tormentor, now fully visible on the targeting sensors. The plasma discharges buried deep into the ship vaporizing the softer internal components on contact, explosions appeared all through out the cruiser, turning the once mighty ship into something only worthy of being in a scrap yard.

The GVCv Meruseth, the savior of the small EA corvette turned it sights towards the remaining Minbari ships, pulse weapons and beams lashing out at the Angelfish shaped ships, another went down and two more were damaged, the returning fire wasn't as impressive but still damaging, gashes started to appear along the brown hull of the Vasudan corvette, armor still holding.

Fighters made strafing runs on each GTVA ship, their weapons barely scorching their targets hull, but forcing them to split their firepower.

The GTCv Justice poured a second volley onto the largest Minbari ship in their group, the huge cruiser collapsed under the energy being thrown at it, it exploded in a huge show of light, but another war cruiser took its place, continuously firing at the Terran corvette.

The bridge shook again as another volley hit home. Warning lights flashed through several consoles, warning their controllers of the increasing damage being dealt.

Captain Hecker grinded his teeth, this wasn't looking good. The Minbari caught them by surprise and possessed enough numbers to overpower them.

A group of five Minbari fighters flew in from of the view screen firing their weapons all the way. Flak exploded inside the formation shattering two of them and sending the rest into evasive maneuvers, briefly breaking their attack.

The bridge shook again, more violent than before. "We have a hull breach on deck 7!" A lieutenant shouted "Pulse turret six as been disabled!"

"Evacuate affected areas and seal it!"

Focusing on the view screen, he watched as a Sharlin exploded and another took his place. There seemed to be no end to them. He continued watching the Minbari cruisers on the view screen occasionally sparing a glance at the holo projector more specifically, at a small countdown timer, if this keeps up they will be destroyed, already hull armor was failing across several decks. It won't be long before something critical was hit.

"Helm, set course to the following coordinates!" He ordered as he typed something on his command chair.

The ensign at the helm saw the coordinates and her eyes widened "Sir, that will take us through the enemy fleet! We will be destroyed!"

Hecker smiled a predatory smile "Don't worry, they can't concentrate their fire if we're in the middle of it. Now do it, we have little time!"

The Deimos accelerated towards the Minbari fleet, who responded by increasing the intensity of their attack, emerald beams struck the front of the Terran ship, the armor, design to withstand Shivan weapons was extremely resistant to Minbari weapons, it repelled the attacks inflicted on it, but, as with everything, it had its limit.

And that limit was approaching quickly.

Explosions blossomed all across the fore armor as it melted away and exposed internal components. Minbari pilots took it as a sign that their prey was weakening and pressed the assault.

It was in vain as the Justice plowed right through the Minbari formation, passing in the middle of two war cruisers, it unleashed a devastating broadside heavily damaging both ships. It worked its way through the fleet of war cruisers, firing at regular intervals and sending the Minbari into disarray, return fire was limited to the Minbari cruisers secondary weapons, the threat of friendly fire preventing the use of heavier weapons as every ship tried to target the speeding corvette who was already exiting the swarm of Minbari ships.

This brief respite was all that the Terran corvette needed, it accelerated further putting distance between itself and its attackers. Ahead of it was its objective, the Meruseth.

Sporting numerous gashes, craters and hull breaches, the Vasudan corvette still held its own against, but fire was faltering as the sheer weight of numbers was overcoming the technological superiority of the GTVA war ship.

A volley of pulse discharges buried themselves deep into a Tinashi frigate, only to be return ten fold. Armor broke away as the fusion beams finally overcame its threshold, explosions rocked the Sobek corvette, and an engine flickered and died as it lost power.

Surprisingly a single EA ship was nearby, being ignored by the Minbari cruisers it stayed behind the Meruseth, safe from the heavier weapons of the Sharlins, it was still in the fight however. Its turrets where picking off Nial fighters with surprising and unexpected accuracy, a shock to any Minbari pilot who couldn't understand how they could be targeted.

It wasn't their sensors but the targeting coordinates supplied by the Vasudan ship the reason for this turn of events, and the EA crew took that advantage to the maximum.

A burst of flame shot away from the hull of the Meruseth as another hull breached, Hecker closed his eyes for a brief moment. They would not retreat, allowing such wanton slaughter was unthinkable, but his first priority was to its people.

He looked at the EA officer. She was staring at the screen with a mixture of hate, sadness and despair. She noticed the sudden attention and turned to face him.

Now he clearly noticed her eyes. She had been crying silently. There had people on the station and ship. People she knew, friends and possibly family, all of them killed by a mistake that could have been avoided. He felt for her, he knew what it's like to lose friends and almost everything one knew.

"Don't worry." He called to her, his voice low but still audible over the cacophony of sound in the busy bridge "I won't let anyone else die here today."

She gave a sad smile "Thank you, I appreciate what you've done for us, but we are losing this battle.

Hecker shook his head, and then smiled as the timer got to zero. "Not today we don't!"

A large subspace portal formed near the Justice, sending the nearest Minbari cruisers into panic as they tried to avoid the huge distortion. Hecker smiled as a large shape exited the rift.

"This is GTD Aquitaine, to all Minbari warships. Surrender now or be destroyed."

Alyt Taren stared at the huge ship, which dwarfed even a Shargotti heavy war cruiser. Dozens upon dozens of fighters swarmed out from its hanger putting themselves in formation around it, ready to spring into actions at a single word.

Another portal appeared, and another ship of a radically different design but equally as large as the first appeared. It positioned itself along side the one named Aquitane

"This is the GVD Rehemet. Our intentions were clear you have one standard minute to respond."

Tarens face went blank. 'If they are anything in power like the two smaller ones then this battle cannot be won.' He frowned and mentally shook that thought out of his mind as his pride and stubbornness taking over. 'Never. They will fall like all the others.'

"Prepare to engage the Alien ships, leave the Earthers for last." He commanded "Kill them all!"

"It seems they want to do this the hard way." Admiral Petrarch sighed as he saw the entirety of the Minbari fleet turning towards them. The old veteran mentioned to his second in command.

"As soon as they fire release the fighters."

More GTVA ships were entering the area, corvettes and cruisers, both Terran and Vasudan, arrayed themselves around the two destroyers, ready to defend them from any attack.

The nearest Minbari ship opened fire, the impact of the weapon barely scorching the Aquitaine. The destroyer replied in kind, the result however was vastly different. The Photon beam pierced the war cruiser as if it was made of paper instantly vaporizing it.

The GTVA task force sprung into action, fighters and bombers of all descriptions pushed forward, and clashed blue Nial fighters.

The Minbari pilots, so used to face the weaker Earth Starfuries, were taken by surprise at the shear power and toughness of their new enemy, energy barriers flared up, blocking the neutron cannons from damaging the Terran and Vasudan fighters while the crystalline armor was all but useless against the GTVA weapons.

A group in particular was, despite being surrounded by all sides, already achieving an impressive number of kills. The eight Terran fighters, dove and weaved through the mass of the Nials, killing them with impunity, seemly erratic maneuvers preventing the Minbari pilots from massing enough energy to overcome the shields, frustrating them to no end, while a few learned to respect not only the remarkable ships, but its pilots as well.

"These guys are too easy!" Alpha 3 commented as another blue fighter fell to his primary guns "That makes six!"

"Keep the chatter to a minimum, Alpha 3!" The serious tone of Beta 1 was heard "This isn't a contest."

"Oh, and I have nine." Beta 1 added with a smirk

Alpha 3 grumbled something no one could hear.

"Alpha 3 and Beta 1, we aren't here to count our kills." A commanding voice addressed both pilots. "Now, how are your ships holding up?"

"All systems are nominal, Alpha 1!" Beta 1 responded as he dived through two Minbari fighters. "This model completely overshadows the MKII." He pulled the joystick forward, sending the fighter into a controlled spin, pursuing a group of five Minbari. A series of blinking triangles appeared in the fighters HUD locking themselves on each of the five targets.

A press of the button and a volley of missiles shot forth from the gray colored fighter, each pursuing their target.

"The new Cyclone multi target missiles are also working without a problem." The Terran pilot stated while the five Minbari fighters exploded, lighting the cockpit in a bright red color.

"Understood." Alpha 1 responded, while avoiding another volley from two persistent Minbari pilots. Pushing his fighter further he angled towards another Nial. Not willing to let its prey escape, the two Minbari pilots followed, accelerating to the maximum speed, they quickly closed the distance, targeting computer locking on. The Terran noticed their weapons lock and waited. As soon as the lock was achieved he rolled his fighter to the side and activated his afterburners. The Neutron beams passed through where he previously stood, and right into the Nial he was chasing.

The green beams burned the blue armor killing the pilot and sending the wrecked ship into a spin.

The two Minbari were stunned. They had just killed another of their kind. Shame washed over their mind, but they never would have time to think about it as bright white pulses of energy, turned their fighters into dust.

Alpha 1 leveled his fighter, searching for another target in the mass of ships surrounding him. He quickly chose a new target, a group of four Minbari fighters that were chasing a Myrmidon. The terran fighter was trailing fire, a sign of heavy damage.

He pointed his fighter towards it and accelerated, but it would be too late. Thin green beams struck the already damaged armor, burning through it and damaging the interior.

The pilot, aware that is fighter was doomed, ejected as part of the cockpit separated itself from the Myrmidon seconds before exploded.

The Minbari weren't finished however and targeted the small escape pod. Alpha 1, realizing what they were about to do, put all the ships power on it engines, draining the shields in the process. He couldn't allow them to do it.

The targeting computer locked and he fired, six banks of the new UD-10 Kayser gun struck, blasting two of the Minbari fighters into atoms. The remainder scattered temporally leaving the stranded pilot alone.

Restoring the ships power distribution to normal he signaled the Aquitaine. "Aquitaine, the Minbari are targeting ejected pilots!"

"Understood. Deploying Rescue ships now?"

Satisfied, he resumed is mission. The battle was going well, already half of the enemy fleet was destroyed and the rest will follow shortly, if they don't escape or surrender first. Given what he read about the Minbari the former was more likely. He looked at the scanner and frowned.

"One of the smaller warships is coming our way. Alpha and Beta wings, lets take it out." He ordered "And remember, the large fin is its weak spot, damage it, and the ship will have a temporary power failure."

A chorus of yes sir's was heard in reply, and made their way towards the approaching Tinashi.

The Minbari frigate fired, its anti fighter beams struck their targets but didn't have the power to pierce them quickly, but it was a considerable threat.

Alpha and Beta dived at the warship, targeting the Gravitic fin. The crew desperately tried to defend itself but the shields held the anti fighter weapons at bay long enough for the fighter to retreat and recharge.

Explosions glowed brightly as the pilots of the Alpha and Beta wing fired another of their new weapons at the engine. Antimatter rockets struck the thin armor, vaporizing it in a blinding flash of light. As the frigate lost power and slowed down, a group of Vasudan bomber targeted the weakened ship and launched a volley of torpedos.

The frigates defensive weapons, due to the loss of power only managed to destroy two of the quickly approaching bombs. The rest hit.

A shockwave overcame the surrounding area, the GTVA ships were able to survive, shields absorbing the energy, the nearby Minbari fighters however weren't as lucky and crumbled as the wave of energy overcame them.

"Scratch one more space fish!" Alpha 4 shouted happily

"Don't you mean space ship?" Alpha 2 remarked

"Well it does look like a fish!"

"Yeah, whatever you say."

"You two, be quiet, this battle isn't over yet!" Alpha 1 ordered

"Yes sir. Although with us here, was there ever any doubt in the outcome?" Beta 4 smirked

"Damn right. The Minbari have no chance against the 70th blue lions." Beta 1 proudly announced

"It helps that we have these new fighters as well."

"Yes." Beta 1 nodded "These Hercules MKIII completely outclasses the previous model. RNI really outdid themselves this time."

"Beta wing, the Broadsword needs assistance, go give it!" Alpha 1 interrupted

"Understood, alpha leader."

"Alpha wing, there is another frigate that needs our tender ministrations!" Alpha 1 smiled

"Yes sir, right behind you. Let's give them hell!"

Several jump points formed in the middle of the Minbari fleet, a few entered them, leaving the battle behind, and the rest pressed on hopelessly fling themselves at the guns of the Terran-Vasudan fleet.

None of this mattered to Captain Matthew Hecker, the fleet could win without his ship and he had another thing to worry about.

"It has extensive damage to the superstructure. The engines are simply gone, and unless massive repairs can be done it won't be space worthy again." The marine stated

"What about the wounded?" Hecker asked

"We've found about a few dozen, many in a critical condition. We have transferred most of them to the med bay, the rest are still being rescued."

"And the captain?" He asked

"Already in the Med Bay. As far as I know she only had a mild concussion."

"The survivors are the main priority, the ship can wait."

"Understood." The marine saluted and ended the transmission.

He turned back to look at the projector, the reinforcements arrived just in time and now the Minbari fleet was surrounded and being annihilated. Had they took five minutes longer he and his crew would have been floating in space.

One positive note was the survival of the EA ship named Wolf which surprised him given how inferior it was to Minbari cruisers. Nevertheless they proved to be useful by protecting the Meruseth from fighters.

In the end though, the damage to the Justice had been extensive but repairable, it would take at least a week of repairs, and the Meruseth is even worse, with the EA ship Athena ending almost completely destroyed.

Fortunately the Athena wasn't totally destroyed, and with the arrival of the reinforcements they manage to tractor it to a safe area and begin evacuating it.

The captain of the EA ship managed to survive and was already on the med bay, being treated for a concussion. Mira was delighted at hearing her friend's survival, although still saddened by all the deaths today.

"You can go see your friend if you wish."

She shook her head "Thank you. But I prefer to see this to the end. It isn't every day that one sees the Minbari getting their asses kicked."

"Okay. Now, about that alliance." He stated as the last Minbari ship was destroyed.

Tau Sigma
GTVA Held Star System

Galactic Vasudan Destroyer Salvation

"Exiting Subspace now."

The blue swirling vista of subspace parted and the mighty Hatshepsut destroyer entered real space, in front of it lay Tau IX, a desolate and barely habitable planet on the outskirts of the System. Orbiting it was the Menes, a Cairo class station, connected to the station was a shipyard with a large ship sitting in its berth, larger he had seen before, short of the ill fated Colossus and the Shivan juggernaughts. Numerous other vessels littered the immediate area, several were warships in patrol but most were transports carrying materials for to the station.

"Admiral. We are receiving a communication from the Menes." A young Vasudan lieutenant reported. "They asked for you to meet them on the Hangar of the Menes. Maant will meet you there."

Admiral Ahmose looked at the lieutenant "Good. Prepare a shuttle and an escort wing, I will be on my way to the hangar."

"Yes, Admiral."

The voyage to the Menes was uneventful and minutes later, Ahmose was in the hangar of the station, it wasn't the first time he was in a Cairo station but the shear size of it never ceased to amaze him, it was larger than most Terran stations, and much more esthetically pleasing, fighters and bombers were lined across the hangar while technicians swarm around them, preparing them for flight.

Across from him a small group of Vasudans was approaching. They chatted happily amongst them, but became silent once they were near the Admiral. They stopped a few meters from him.

The group leader approached him. "Admiral Ahmose. It is an honor to have you here. I'm the Project leader Maant."

Ahmose returned his sign of respect "Thank you, but I have little time for pleasantries."

"Of course, Admiral." He motioned for him to follow "If you would follow me we can start this without further delay."

Ahmose followed him through several hallways and lifts eventually reaching a large room. It could easily contain two dozen people, but at the moment it was just him, Maant and his aide. Sitting down on one of the chairs he waited for his host to begin.

Maant pressed several buttons on the panel on his side of the table. A hologram spring from a small projector in the middle of the room, it showed a detailed schematic of the large ship he saw berthed on the shipyard outside.

"This" Maant began "is the Tanen, the newest ship in the Vasudan navy. With five kilometers in length it is, bar the Colossus and the Shivan juggernaughts, the biggest ship ever built."

Ahmose looked at the immense ship, portions of the ship where highlighted at intervals, detailing that section.

"It carries four hundred fighters and bombers along with other support craft, it also possesses facilities to act as a command ship for an entire battlegroup."

"Impressive." Ahmose admitted, not even the Colossus had that fighter complement "What kind of weaponry does it carry?"

"The 18 standard class 3 Photon and slicer beam cannons, 40 heavy pulse turrets and 26 torpedo batteries for offensive weapons." The hologram highlighted the locations of these weapons. Ahmose noted with satisfaction that it had no blind spot he could find, although the aft of the ship had little heavy weapons.

"The inclusion of a new reactor design by Akethon, which provided enough energy to keep all systems running with power to spare, this is what allowed us to include two of the new class of Photon beam cannons developed by GTVI labs."

"What are their capabilities?" Ahmose asked.

"They are modified Class 5 Photon cannons, however unlike the ones that were installed on the colossus we've managed to resolve the overheat problem and increase their destructive potential significantly without increasing its size."

"How much power are we talking here?" He queried while staring at the two prongs on the front of the ship where the weapons were located.

"A standard discharge has 30 more power, overloading it can get it to over 70 but at the risk of damaging the weapon, regardless, it takes longer to fire than a standard class 3, and energy consumption is high."

The Vasudan Admiral nodded satisfied at the new information "And Defenses?"

"Defensive weapons include the standard Anti Fighter beams, flak guns and defensive pulse guns," Their locations were highlighted on the hologram as he spoke "Along with several defensive missile batteries located on strategic points throughout the carrier."

"The armor is the same as the one used on the Terran Deimos class but, enhanced with a new material based loosely on recovered Shivan wreckage, significantly increasing its durability."

"All this combined allows the Tanen to repel almost any attack, be it capital ship or fighter and bomber assault. The carrier is somewhat slow and maneuverability is low as well but nothing can stand against all the power it is carrying." Maant said proudly

Ahmose nodded and got up from the chair "You and your team have done well and are to be commended, I will make sure that command will know of our achievements here."

Maant bowed deeply "Thank you, Admiral."

"How long until the ship is read for field testing?"

"At any time you wish so, Admiral. We where simply waiting for your arrival."

"Very well. Notify the Tanen's crew I'll be coming onboard, and to set course to Rigel." He stated

"At once!" Maant bowed before moving to fulfill his order.

30 minutes later the massive 5 kilometers long ship was in subspace, accompanied by the Salvation. The Carrier made its way towards the system that connected the GTVA to Minbari space.

Authors Notes My thanks to the Inferno Team and Hamano for letting me use their models