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A/N: This is a one shot or whatever they're called. I got the Idea for this when I was looking through my old notebooks and saw a poem that I wrote down(but didn't write). When I saw it I immediately thought 'Paul'. This is in Paul's point of view and sorry if it doesn't sound like him, but I have no clue what goes on in a 17 year old guy's head.

But I forgot: a Paul POV

Ouch. Why does Jesse insist of punching me in the nose every time we meet? It's already been like, half a day since the fight at Suze's house but I still hurt all over. Suze would say it was my own fault, that I deserved it. Maybe I did, I mean, what did I expect would happen if I go to Suze's house and say stuff like that. I mean, they are clearly in love with each other, Suze and Jesse that is.

But why couldn't Suze love me? We are so perfect for each other, it's scary. But nooooo, she has to be in love with some dead cowboy. What does he have that I don't? Not a pulse, that's for sure.

Why is Suze so terrified of me? I didn't do anything. Okay, I helped that Maria chick exorcise Jesse, but that's basically it. She says I tried to kill her, but I didn't. Rico just didn't give me enough time to explain anything before he punched me. She also thinks I forced myself onto her, but I didn't do that either. Hmm.... Maybe I did do that. But she enjoyed that kiss, I know she did.

Oh, god, that kiss. That kiss was the best thing that ever happened to me (besides meeting her in the first place). It was heavenly. Too bad she put her thumb in my eye.

Then she blames me for her feet getting messed up too, but I offered her a ride home but she declined. It seems like she blames me for everything bad that happens to her now. Next thing you know, she'll be blaming me for getting a zit, not like she could ever get one, that girl is perfect.

I have to get her to realize that we are meant to be together. I have to try and tell her again. This time, I she has to believe me. Okay but where is she? I know she's not at home, I called (many times, her mom finally got fed up and told me never to call again. But she didn't tell me where to find my darling)

If I were the most perfect girl in the world where would I be? Hmmmm... Well she is VP so she's probably at that festival thing. I'll look there first.

Pops is here. I wonder why. Oh there's Suze's albino friend, Ceecee I think. I'll ask her if she knows where my beloved went.

"Uh, she was here a minute ago. I just went to get more napkins. I saw her talking to this old man but she left right after. She went over there, I was going to follow her but I can't leave this by itself." She pointed in the direction of the graveyard, where I know Jesse's grave is. I thanked Ceecee and headed there.

Sure enough Suze was there. But so was Jesse. It looked like they were having a really serious conversation so I stayed where I was.

"That kiss," Suze was talking in a whisper, I had trouble hearing. "that kiss was the best thing that ever happened to me." She stated, like Jesse would already know that. Obviously he didn't because she started to kiss her very deeply.

Whoa. I think I felt my heart break. That kiss was the best thing that ever happened to me. She used the exact words to describe a kiss with Jesse that I did to describe my kiss with her. How Ironic.

I could always go out there and interrupt. But I won't. The two of them hate my enough as it is. But, but Suze. I love her. All of a sudden a poem popped into my head.

I loved you once, you loved me not
I loved you twice but I forgot
You never loved me, never will
But even so I love you still

"Suze, I love you." I whispered as a tear fled from my eye. "Don't ever forget that."