To Live Again

Sequel to My Veela Angel

Ron and Hermione had left Draco to grieve alone. Harry jr was asleep next to Harry's bed. The saviour still lay there, as if he was asleep, Draco sat at the end of the bed, watching him and crying silent tears, to himself.

Dumbledore came in and asked Poppy to leave for an hour. Draco didn't even look up, he had a pain in his heart that he knew would never go away, he knew it would get worse and worse until the day that it killed him.

His mate had died the one person in the entire world that he could ever love. He had a beautiful baby boy, he would keep him alive as he had Harry's essence but it would not last forever.

Dumbledore came over and placed a hand on the blondes shoulder, Draco looked up into the headmaster's eyes and noticed a faint twinkle there as always. He was angry with the professor, he was smiling.

Just as he was about to hell and shout for all he was worth Albus said something that made him stop.

"There is away to bring him back, it isn't known to many because it only works when a bond such as yours, between a veela and it's mate, is present."

"How is it done?"

Short first chapter, but still I promised you guys a sequel and here it is. I can't every well leave Harry dead now could I and Draco doomed to follow him. I hope you enjoy this. SS xxxxx