To live again

Chapter eight

Harry had been released from the infirmary with instructions to return if he felt his condition worsening in any way, not that Harry thought that this would be a problem, Draco wasn't exactly going to let anything happen to him any time soon.

The two of them and baby Joseph were to move back into the rooms they had shared before Harry's death and memory lose. He was gradually remembering past events that he had forgotten, he even recalled the intensity of their love that they had shared before and everything evil that Seamus had done to him.

Little did the couple know that the Irish teen was planning to kill Draco and have Harry to himself again, he was torn between killing Joseph and keeping him as a son though, he had to make up his mind about that first before he acted upon anything.

He thought it might be best to kill the irritating veela while he slept, as he was so strong while he was awake. Plus with Harry asleep also maybe he could get away with it, with there being no other witnesses but if the baby woke up at anytime while he was going the deed there was going to be trouble.

Harry was still a little shy when it came to spending time with Draco alone but he was enjoying his role as a parent, he loved Joseph even though he still couldn't remember his birth but he doubted that he ever would, considering the fact that it killed him.

It was currently eight in the evening and Harry sat in the common that was his and Draco's alone, he was rocking Joseph in his arms, he had just fed his son and was trying to get him to go to sleep. His mothering instinct had kicked in greatly which helped a lot.

Draco had done to get something but he wouldn't say what it was, so Harry was alone but he didn't mind, as much as he loved Draco he liked to have alone time just as much. Joseph's eyes fluttered shut and his breathing became steady, his chest rising and falling in a continuous rhythm.

Getting up with extreme care Harry made his way to their room and placed the tiny baby in the crib and tucked him in. Draco had certainly spoiled their son with toy's and blankets, he had had them all embroidered with his name and had bought the most expensive toys available, any one would think that baby Joseph was a royal baby.

However as Draco constantly said, their son deserved to be and should be raised as a prince. Harry couldn't have agreed more. He stood there for a moment watching his son sleep, how sweet he looked, how quite he was.

At that moment he heard the portrait hole open and shut, Harry left his son and wandered into the living room where Draco stood with a large box in his arms. Harry gave Draco a worried glance but approached him anyways.

"Draco...what's in the box?"

"A present." The blonde said cheerfully as Harry approached him cautiously.

"Draco...the box is making noises, should I worry about the safety of our son, this isn't something Hagrid gave you to give to me is it?"

"No silly, it is something I bought for you and Joseph."

"Really what is it?"

"Open it and see."

Harry did what he was told and lifted the lid off of the box and his eyes landed on a tiny black kitten that meowed sweetly and Harry awed at it.

"Oh Draco, it's so cute, but you didn't have to."

"I know, but that isn't the only thing I didn't have to do, I bought you something else too, but this is something for the three...well four of us really."

"It isn't something expensive is it?"

"Actually it is, Harry we can't live here forever so I decided to buy us a house."

"WHAT? Draco that's...I can't think of anything to say to that."

"I know, but we are getting married and I thought that it would be nice to have a place of our own, it's not very big, it'll suit us well, it's out of the wizarding community but it's close to one."

"'s...I can't even imagine how amazing this is...we're going to be a family."

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