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By the way here are their ages:

Tai Kamiya (Taichi Yagami) : 17
Sora Takenouchi (Sora Takenouchi) : 17
Matt Ishida (Yamato Ishida) : 17
Mimi Tachikawa (Mimi Tachikawa) :16
Izzy Izumi (Koushirou Izumi): 16
Joe Kido (Jou (Jyou) Kido) : 18
T.K. Takaishi (Takeru Takaishi) : 14
Kari Kamiya (Hikari Yagami) : 14
Ken Ichijouji (Ken Ichijouji) : 14
Yolei Inoue (Miyako Inoue) : 15
Davis Motomiya (Daisuke Motomiya) : 14

Taiora, Mimato, Takari and Kenyako
I'm sorry but Cody won't be in this story so to all his fans- sorry

'...' thought

Chapter 1- Tai's Mistake

A 17 year old brownish-orange haired girl was staring out her window; she has been thinking yet crying at the same time. She can't believe that Tai thought she liked Matt.

"Its all because of those stupid cookies now Tai thinks I like Matt, yea Matt is nice but Mimi and Matt are together!" She said aloud.

'Mimi was the one who told me to bake some cookies for him; just because she wants to give him a surprise at midnight!'

She turned away from her window and stared at the picture on her counter. A picture of a brown bushy haired guy with chocolate colored eyes wrapped his arm around this brownish-orange haired girl with crimson colored eye's neck.

The brownish-orange haired girl silently cried, and then she heard the door opened. She knew it's her mother so she pretended to be asleep.

"Sora, are u awake? Sora, I know that you're awake but... I heard what happened at Matt's concert. I 'm really sorry of what Tai now thinks of you, but if you ever want to talk to me, I'm in the living room, okay?" her mom said softly.

Then she closed the door very quietly. 'I know Sora is taking this very hard,' Mrs.Takenouchi thought.

In Sora's room, Sora cried again, she wanted to dash out and run to her mother but she just can't.

Then she decided to go somewhere, somewhere that will have no misery. THE DIGITAL WORLD rang inside her head.

At another room a 17 year old, browned haired boy was staring at the same picture that Sora was staring at.

'How could Sora do this to me? Well she doesn't know that I like her so it doesn't really matter.' His mind was in a battle, and then he put his blanket covers over himself.

Then Kari came in his room (they don't share the same room now that Kari is 14 and Tai is 17.) and Tai looked up and saw his sister glaring at him. "What are you staring at, Kari?" Tai asked his sister.

"Tai, what do u think? About what you said to Sora! I just can't believe you!" Kari exclaimed.


After Matt's concert and about the spiral tower thing, Sora walked up to Tai. "Tai, I have something to tell you so can we......" Sora stuttered.

"Talk in the park." Tai said finishing her sentence. She then nodded, and the two teens walked slowly to the park. When they got there, they sat down on the swings like they always do.

"Tai, I...I have something to say," Sora started.

Tai only nodded, so she continued, "um... Tai, I...I like you," she whispered. Tai was stunned, did he just hear Sora... Sora- the girl of his dreams says she liked him.

But then he recovered very quickly, then he thought, 'No! She doesn't like you, she likes Matt- your male best friend, yeah, and she likes him because she made him cookies.

He was deep in thought, while Sora was blushing crimson red. "So? Do you like me back?"

"No! Because you like Matt and I can't change it." Tai sighed. Sora was shocked she couldn't believe what she just heard!

She jumps off the swing, "WHAT! YOU THINK I LIKE MATT! WHAT ARE YOU...CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!?" Sora screamed. Tai got off the swing and shook his head.

"You love him but he loves some other girl so that's why..." Tai started but was interrupted by Sora.


Then she slapped him across his face and started backing away and tears filled her eyes.

Sora couldn't believe it, her best friend; her love, just called her that!!! She couldn't believe her ears; she breathes in shallowly, and closed her eyes.

Then ran away and left Tai there stunned at what he said to his best friend.

...End of flashback...

A single tear fell down a boy's cheek; he can't believe he said that to his best friend. Then tears started fall from Kari's eyes.

"Tai, I'm sorry but I usually stand on your side but... but I just can't this time. Please bear with me; I'm going to Sora's place." Kari said while sobbing.

Then she ran to Sora's apartment which is 1 floor lower then theirs. Kari ran down the stairs and knocked on the Takenouchi's door.

Mrs.Takenouchi opened the door for Kari, "Oh Kari, it's you! Come in." Kari went in the apartment and looked around.

"Are you looking for Sora?" Kari nodded. "She's in her room. You've got to help me; she won't come out of her room."

"Mrs.Takenouchi, can I stay here for the night?" Kari asked politely.

She nodded, then Kari gave her a hug as for thank-you, then she entered Sora's room.

But all she sees is an empty room with no one in it. "Mrs.Takenouchi, are you sure she is in her room?" Mrs.Takenouchi nodded her head, surprised by that question.

Kari went in Sora room, she saw everything was neatly put away and on her desktop, Kari saw the same picture she saw on Tai's desktop.

She chuckled at this but something caught her eye, it was the computer, it was on then she had the idea.

"NO! No...no... she wouldn't!" Kari exclaimed. Then she looked in the desk where Sora keeps her digivice and crest.

But she saw it was empty, she fell down, she remember that Gennai said not to go to the digital world these few days.

'What should I do? Should I follow her or what, I know, I'll call Tai! He'll know what to do' She ran outside Sora's room, asked if she can use the phone and then grabbed the phone and she started dialing.


After Kari left the house, Tai did nothing but kept on remembering what he had said to Sora- his best friend. But all of a sudden the phone rang, Tai slowly picked it up. "Hello, Kamiya's resident, Tai speaking," Tai slowly said.

"Tai, it's me, Kari!" the other voice exclaimed.

"Kari, what do you want?" Tai asked.

"It's Sora! She's missing!" Kari yelled in the phone. Now that caught Tai's attention.

"WHAT! WHAT DID YOU SAY? SHE'S MISSING; DO U KNOW WHERE SHE WENT?" Tai screamed. Then he thought of what he said and was very puzzled. "I mean...."

"Don't worry about it Tai! I know where she went, so come down to Sora's place immediately! Okay!?" Kari said.

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Tai ran so fast it took him only 15 seconds to run out the door, go down the stairs and ran all the way to Sora's apartment.

Before Kari even put the phone she heard a knock.

'Wow! That was fast!' Kari hung up the phone and then opened the door because Mrs.Takenouchi left the building (a/n: you see I don't know where to put her) while Kari was talking on the phone.

She went and opened the door, and hugged him.

"So, where is Sora?" Tai said as he pulled away from their hug.

"She went to the digital world," Kari whispered.


Kari shrugged her shoulders. "Gennai said, not to go because he's figuring out how to delete a very evil Digimon," he sighed.

"And if he captures one of us then he'll be invincible." Kari's eyes were in tears, Tai patted her back.

"Kari, I need you to call the others here while I go to the digital world," Kari shook her head; she is not going to leave her brother. But Tai gave her pleading eyes.

"Fine," Kari whispered. Tai, always holding his digivice, went to Sora's computer and shouted, "DIGIPORT OPEN!" While that happened Kari picked up the phone and started calling everyone.


Meanwhile in the digital world, Sora was wandering around, 'I know I shouldn't have come, but there's no other place I can go.'

All of a sudden she heard a whoosh! Sora was scared now because she doesn't have Biyomon with her.

She saw a Digimon in front of her, she doesn't recognize that Digimon, she started to run away but there was another Digimon- it was black, and looked a bit like Leomon but he has more hair around his body.

She turned around to run away but was stopped by the first Digimon- it was also black but this Digimon was holding a launcher, and it looks a lot like Musyamon.

"Hello, digidestined, its fun meeting you here!" the first Digimon's voice cracked.

"I am Telthermon, and this is my partner, Darkweremon!" "We have been ordered to capture any digidestined that is found around here," Sora's eyes widened.

Then she started to run away, they caught her and she screamed.


In another part of the digital world, Tai was walking and he found Agumon and told him everything that happened.

Then they heard a scream, they looked at each other, Sora. They ran towards the scream. There were 2 Digimons holding Sora captive, Tai and Agumon looked at each other and Tai nodded.

"Agumon warp-digivole to Wargreymon!" "Terra Force!" It hit them and they ran away, Sora fell unconscious and Tai ran and caught her.

"SORA, PLEASE WAKE UP!!!" Tai yelled. "PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE ALRIGHT, PLEASE!!!! I Love You! When you ask me if I like u back, I don't because I don't like you, I LOVE YOU!"

"Tai, is that you?" Sora asked softly as she slowly opened her eyes but then she blacked out.

Tai's eyes widen, 'No! Sora! You can't leave me like this.' Then he lifted Sora and shouted "DIGIPORT OPEN!"

All of a sudden he was in a room filled with pictures of him and Sora, he never realized it before.

Then he remembered that Sora might be hurt so he ran out the room and almost crashed into everyone.

(A/n: they finally came, when all the troubles r gone! Sigh!) They saw Tai carrying Sora, so they knew something has happened and not to ask question until someone talks.

Then Tai set Sora on her couch, he then sat in a chair. "Joe, will you please take a look at Sora?" he whispered.

"Of course I will!" Joe said confusingly. Kari walked over to her brother and gave him a hug.

"So what happened?" Matt asked to break the silence, and then Mimi elbowed him. "Sorry!"

"No, it's alright," Tai said. Then he told them everything including that he loves her and that he accuses Sora of liking Matt.

"What man, you are so wrong because I love Mimi and I'm sure she likes me back. Don't you Mimi?" Matt asked.

Mimi nodded and then gave him a kiss on the lips. Matt almost melted, and then everyone laughed, including Tai.

"Sora will be just fine; she's just unconscious because of fear. She'll wake up in a few hours," Joe said professionally.

"I'll call Mrs.Takenouchi to say that Sora is okay." Kari offered.

Then while she call, the others are talking, Matt told Tai everything that happened after Sora gave Matt the cookies.

After the 'story', Kari was done talking on the phone. She sat down and exclaimed, "Sora's mom can't come home today. She has a business trip to go to, so one of us will have to stay here and watch her," Mimi was about to say something but Kari shot a glare at her.

She was starting to catch up on what was going on; Tai saw that no one put there hands up and since it was his fault that Sora is unconscious so he put his hand up.

"Okay, I guess we have a volunteer so let's leave!" They all got up and left when they got outside and was sure that Tai can't hear them, they all let out their laughter.

"Oh, Kari, nice going! Now they can get back together," Yolei chuckled.

Kari nodded, "Yeah!" T.K put his arm around his girlfriend, "So, if your brother isn't home, why don't you come over to my place?" T.K asked.

"Don't try anything T.K, I will go over but remember DON'T do anything bad, okay?" Kari giggled. T.K dropped his head as if he did something bad, then they all burst into laughter.


Back at the Takenouchi's resident, Tai fell asleep on the chair that he was sitting in.

A few hours later, Sora woke up and found that she was in her apartment. She saw Tai asleep on the chair.

'He looks so cute when he's sleeping. Wait didn't Tai said that he loves me' Questions kept popping in her head.

After 30 minutes of mind debate she decided to get something to drink and a blanket for Tai.

She grabbed something to drink and then went into her room to get a blanket but something caught her eye.

It was the same picture that she looked at earlier, and then she sighed and brought the blanket out.

As gently as possible she put the blanket over Tai but that woke Tai up. He looked at the couch and found that Sora isn't on the couch, he started to panic but then he saw his angel beside him.

He hugged her, Sora was smiling at Tai and he returned it. "So... what did you say before I passed out?" She asked sarcastically.

"Um... let me see, oh yea I said I don't like you..." Tai started.

"What! Taichi Kamiya, watch what you're saying! It could be the last t-"

She interrupted him but was also interruptered by Tai afterwards, he leaned over and kissed her, she was shocked at first but quickly recovered and kissed him back.

It would last forever but they need to breathe so after 15 second they let go. All they could say is "Wow!"

"Sora, I don't like you, I Love You," he smiled. "I Love you too." She smiled back and they slowly walked towards her room, and they closed the door. (A/n: well you know what is going to happen right? So I don't have to say it. He He)


Tai woke up first and he saw his angel lying right beside him. 'I can't believe I almost lost her. She looks so cute when she's sleeping.'

While he was watching her, Sora slowly opened her eyes. "Good morning, Tai!" Sora said and then yawned.

"Good morning!" Tai said sweetly. Sora got off the bed and started dressing herself, so did Tai.

"Look, about yesterday, I'm really sorry about what I accused you of." Tai sighed with a puppy look, Sora smiled.

"Don't worry about it; I don't even remember what you said." Sora laughed. "I'm going to take a shower first okay?" Tai nodded.

After a minute or so the phone rang. Tai picked it up and he talked with a girl, after 2 minutes Sora came out and Tai just hung up. "So who called?" Sora asked.

"It's Kari, she wants us to meet her at the pizza parlor and it's my turn to take a shower," Tai stated.

Then he walked to the bathroom, while Sora went in and changed into a different outfit.


"Oh! So they escaped from my grasps, but I'll fix that of course. Next time they won't be that lucky, hm.... With the stats that I have, I say I should go after the girls!" a dark, cold, voice sneered.

"My lord Plecerimon, do we go there now?" a familiar voice said.

"No, not now, but I'll need to test their strength by using... hm... Devimoromon, I hope that is alright with you Telthermon," Plecerimon laughed.

"Isn't Devimoromon a little stronger then me?" Telthermon asked confusingly.

"Yes but who cares, I'm just testing them.

Devimoromon is way weaker than me, so if they managed to destroy him, it will take more than they have to destroy me! Muahahahaha" Plecerimon evilly laughed.

Telthermon fake laughed but sweats was coming down his head.

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