Author's Note: I'm astonished anybody was able to make sense of this when the transitional breaks didn't publish. Thank you, Trinity Day, for pointing it out even if this piece is only "good for what it was" for him/her.

"We'll give him one more minute."

"He won't eat it. He'll just keep playing with it."

"Wasting like he can afford to..."

"Just another pirate if you ask me."

William Turner ignored the conversation of which he was obviously the subject, and instead continued to push his food around his plate. He was here with the (non-officers) offered a hearty meal, while Jack was in the brig and Elizabeth...

He shook his head before shoving his plate away and leaving the table. His back was turned on the plundering of his supper among the crew. 'Pirates, military... they're not so different, save the crown,' he thought glumly. Trudging his way to the barracks, he crawled into what was named his bunk among dozens.

The ship heaved once, though a heavy undercurrent was threatening to send them back to whence they came. Tortuga, Isla de Muerta... places Will'd never thought to see or venture. But they would not be going there, no - not with Norrington's men at the helm. That course had met its end now.

It was back to Port Royale, and to the way things had been, '... and shall be till death do they part.'


"Passage back to England will be far safer now with a few less pirates in the waters."

"Yes, indeed, and you will be handsomely commended, Commodore."

"Thank you, Governor."

It was as though she wasn't even in the room. Her hands folded in her lap, her eyes to the sea, and totally invisible. By the sounds of it, the Commodore was going to be further decorated, perhaps with the means to retire back to England.

... with a fine young woman, his precious jewel - the accessory that topped them all.

Her fingertips flitted across her collarbone, feeling naked without her medallion. No, it had been his medallion. She glanced at her father, still making pleasantries with the Commodore. Looking back to the sea, as the faint shadow of islands passed, and the ship made its way back to Port Royale.

A hand rested on her shoulder, and she smiled prettily before looking up. Her father brought her up well that way.

"Are you feeling unwell, Elizabeth?" She shook her head, of course, folding a hand over her father's. "Don't fret, we'll be home soon." The Governor pressed a kiss to her temple. Elizabeth puzzled a moment when he did not leave her side for quite some time, "The Commodore had matters to attend to on deck." She looked over his shoulder briefly, feigning interest, but her father angled her chin to look him in the eye. He glanced to her hand which still lay in the wake of her medal before speaking once more, "I'll grant him clemency, Elizabeth, but I can do no more."

Will. Her hand tightened and she lowered her head, finding herself in the embrace of her father's arms. She was raised to be a woman of her word, but at what price?

His life. He was alive.

'We're square.' Elizabeth nearly smiled.