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Dear: Hermione Granger

We are pleased to inform you of achieving your goal of Head Girl at Hogwarts School if Witchcraft and Wizardry. The staff, myself especially, would like to extend out sincerest congratulations.

Some things have changed this year involving the heads duties, and therefore, instead of meeting the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾, your fireplace will be connected to the floo network for one hour, between 10:00 and 11:00AM on September 1st. We expect you to have all of your books and other articles with you at said time.

Congratulations, and good luck in your final school year.

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Hermione read the letter again, which was given to her by a tawny school owl. It wasn't peculiar to receive owls from the wizarding world, but her parents still haven't gotten used to it. Her mother was still trying to shoo the school owl away.

'Here mum, you have to give him a treat before he will leave. Its just common courtesy!"

She handed the owl some of her uneaten cookies. He playfully nipped her hands, and flew out the open window.

"Honestly, must they always come into the house dear? Not that I have anything against you getting your Hogwarts letter, or ones from your friends, but really, such messy and noisy creatures. Have they not heard of the wonderful invention called the "post"?" Ann Granger asked her young daughter.

"Yes, they have mum, but owls are much quicker, and well, according to "Hogwarts: a history" they are tradition." She picker her letter up again, and showed it to her parents. "Head girl mum!! I've always wanted it!" She beamed.

"We are so proud of you dear!" Ann gave her daughter a tight hug, only to be replaced by her father, Alan Granger. Her parents read the letter, and frowned.

"Honey, what's floo?" her father asked. "And what does it mean that we are connected?"

"It's a way that wizards can travel quickly, and easily between places. It means that I can transport both myself, Crookshanks, and my trunk into Hogwarts with ease." Hermione explained. "It also means that I don't get to see my friends on the train. The last train ride..." She said sadly. She didn't really think about that. It would be her last ride up to Hogwarts.

All of a sudden, another owl flew excitedly into the still-open window. It flew around the living room a dozen or so times before crashing into the chandelier. Hermione went to go see if Pig, Ron's owl, was okay. Her mother was muttering something about crazy beasts, but she ignored her. She reached Pig, to see that yes, he was fine. Well, as fine as a psychotic owl can be. She slid the parchment off his leg, and sat him on her shoulder.

"'Mione" came Ron's scratchy writing, Hermione smiled "Me, Harry and Ginny just got our Hogwarts letters, and we're going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, if you can make it send a letter back with this idiot. Be there by 1:00 at Flourish and Blotts. Love, Ron."

She stroked Pig while she read the letter. "Mum, can I go to Diagon Alley tomorrow with Harry, Ron and Ginny? We need to get our supplies for school."

"I suppose so. Why don't you ask them all over for dinner? I can make steak and kidney pie, salad, chicken wings, and some of that apple cinnamon pie that you love. You can pick up some pumpkin juice while you're there." Ann said.

"Oh, thank you so much mum!!" Hermione exclaimed. She ran to her mother, squeezed her tight, and ran to her room to send a reply to Ron.

"Dear Ron, Harry and Ginny. Yes, I can meet you guys there. My parents would like you three to come over for dinner. She promised steak and kidney pie, as well as her famous apple cinnamon pie. Let me know tomorrow. Can't wait to see you all! Love, 'Mione"

She wrapped the letter around Pigs leg, handed him a piece of cookie, and sent him on his way.

She went to bed early that night, knowing that she had to be up early to make it to Diagon Alley on time. She planned on going early so that she could access her vault at Gringotts.

Little did she realize that she was not the only one taking a trip to Diagon Alley the next day.

[end transmission]

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