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Authors Note: This is an AU Pacey and Joey fic that takes place when the gang is in their senior year of highschool. Some things are still the same but some things are different. (Ex: Jen and Drue are dating, Jack & Andie never moved to Capeside, there is no Bessie or Bodie and etc.) You'll figure out the rest as you go along.

December 1 (The B&B)



"Josephine Lillian Potter, if you don't get your butt down here in the next ten seconds, I will be forced to bring my three month old daughter upstairs and show you exactly what she had for breakfast this morning--and believe me when I say that it wasn't oatmeal."

Knowing that would get his sister's attention, Bryan wasn't that surprised to see an irritated looking Joey come running down the stairs two seconds later; a menacing scowl on her face.

"Well, I see somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

"And I see somebody just keeps getting better and better with the compliments around here." Joey sarcastically replied back, before reaching over into the playpen--that was sitting on the floor by the stairs; placing a small kiss on the forehead of her infant niece. "Hey cutie."

"Flattery will get you, come over here and eat before your food gets cold."

Without even bothering to acknowledge his first comment, Joey took one look at the plate of waffles that Bryan held in his hand and shook her head very quickly. "No thanks...I'm really not in the mood for burnt waffles this early in the morning."

She would have to start with me today of all days, wouldn't she? Bryan inwardly thought to himself before placing the plate of food on the table in front of him; signaling for Joey to take a seat. "Come on, I have a lot of stuff to do around here today and getting you to eat breakfast is the first thing on my list."

"Well, I guess you're just going to have to start with something else then 'cause I'm not hungry--but thanks anyways."

Unfortunately before Bryan could open his mouth to reply to that statement, a knock on the front door and the sound of someone stepping inside the B&B caused him to stop. "They'll be in the microwave when you get home."

"I'm sure they will be." Joey tiredly threw out, before grabbing her book-bag off the floor and making her way into the living room, where Jen was seated; a knowing expression on her face.

"Let me the look of gratefulness that is written all over your face, I just interrupted another one of your brother's attempts to get you to start your day off with a good nutritional balanced breakfast."

Before Joey could answer her friend, Bryan's voice behind her caused her to stop.

"You are once again correct, Lindley....that's why I'm relying on you to make sure she atleast eats or drinks something besides a diet coke before the school day is over....can you handle that?"

"Anything for you, Bry...and I do mean anything."

Without even bothering to hide her roll of the eyes, Joey turned around so that she was facing her brother and outwardly remarked that she would be a little late tonight. "I promised Mrs. Leery I'd stop by the restaurant and help them out for a couple of hours."

"All right...just make sure you're home by seven 'cause I've got to be somewhere around eight and I don't want to be late."

Even though she wanted to ask him where he was going, the fact that she hadn't seen her brother go out anywhere--other than the grocery store--since Angie was born caused Joey to outwardly reply "will do," before telling Jen they'd have to go now or else they'd be late for school.

"All right...see you later, Bry."

"Not if I see you first, Lind." The older Potter commented before turning around and making his way back into the kitchen; leaving Joey alone with a slightly drooling Jen.

"You know, one day Jo, I just might be your new sister-in-law."

Not even wanting to think about that notion caused Joey to outwardly reply "Yeah...over my dead body," before leading her smirking friend outside of her house.

"Well, I'll bring the coffin, if you bring the shovel."

(Fifteen minutes later)

By the time the two girls reached Capeside High, they still had plenty of time to spare before they had to be to class--no thanks to Jen's driving, of course.

"You do know, Jen, that one day you're going to get us both killed, right?"

Having had this conversation with Joey many times before caused Jen to throw a hand over her chest in mock shock. "Hey! I'll have you know: my driving is not that bad...I just like to speed a little. And besides, that 18 wheeler was atleast five inches away from the car, so we were fine--I was in complete control the entire time."

As Jen began to laugh at her small joke, Joey couldn't help but wonder how the two of them came to be such good friends.

"We're nothing alike."

"I'll say."

Turning around at the comment, Joey couldn't help but inwardly cringe when she saw Drue making his way towards them; followed shortly behind by a nervous looking Dawson

Great...this is all I need.

"Hey you." Jen spoke up, as soon as her boyfriend was close enough to where she wouldn't have to scream to be heard.

"Hey yourself." Drue retorted, before leaning down and practically shoving his tongue inside Jen's mouth; leaving the two beside them to look on in awkwardness.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Seeing that Jen and Drue weren't going to stop mauling at one another anytime soon, Joey decided that uncomfortable small talk with Dawson was better than watching her friends go at it with one another, so with that being her last thought, she outwardly replied: "So, how have you been?"

"Good, and you?"

"The same."

After another couple of seconds of standing there waiting for Jen and Drue to finish their make out session--but to no avail--it was Dawson's turn to initiate the conversation: "I stopped by the B&B the other night, but Bryan said you were busy."

Yeah, busy keeping his daughter occupied while he went around flirting with every female guest who passed us by with a skirt on. Joey inwardly thought to herself before outwardly retorting: "Yeah, sorry. We've been pretty swamped over there...a lot of people--who were in town for Thanksgiving--decided that they'd come back for the weekend and bring there children with them; further reminding me again why I don't want to have any children of my own anytime soon."

After chuckling slightly at the comment, Dawson nervously began fidgeting with his hands in his pockets; a sign that Joey knew meant he had something to ask her but wasn't really sure how to do so.

Here it goes..

"So, ask me."

"Ask you what?" Dawson wondered in confusion. But after a second of seeing that Joey wasn't buying it, he nervously began chuckling once again: "All right, you got me! My parents are going away to Boston this weekend to attend some big shindig for owners of small town restaurants that want to one day become large chains. And I was sort of hoping, if you're not busy this weekend, if you wanted to tag along and keep me company while they're out talking shop."

Is he serious?

Even though the idea of spending the weekend away from a practically newborn baby and a couple of guests from hell sounded like heaven on earth to her, the thought of spending three days and two nights surrounded by no one else but her ex-boyfriend and his parents didn't appeal to Joey at all. Or Jen, for that matter; who had finally taken a breather from Drue long enough to hear the last part of Dawson and Joey's exchange.

"You know what, Dawson, I'm sure Joey would just love to spend the entire weekend with you and your parents in Boston but unfortunately she already has plans for the weekend."

"She does..?"

I do?

As if wanting to prove her point, Jen quickly began nodding her head, as if to say yes, while elbowing her boyfriend in the ribs; silently telling him to back her up.

"Huh...? Oh, yeah, sorry, D, I completely forgot. My aunt and uncle are coming into town to look at some houses this weekend and Joey has agreed to keep my cousin company for me while their doing so. She sort of owes me one from a couple of months ago."

Smooth save, Valentine.

"Well, why can't you two just do it?'"

Judging by the barely veiled irritated expression on Jen's face, Joey could tell that the petite blonde was getting somewhat annoyed with Dawson's questions.

"You know we would if we could, Dawson. But I sort of promised my Grams that Drue and I would go down to the homeless shelter with her this weekend to help clean up the place a little before it gets too cold outside to do so--so, you see, Joey would go with you if she could, but she can't, so she wont...sorry!"

Without even bothering to mask his embarrassment at being slightly told off by Jen, Dawson threw out a meek "That's okay, maybe next time," before shifting his gaze away from the three people in front of him; an action which caused Joey to feel bad for him.

"I'll tell you what, Dawson..." Drue began, after a second of silence had passed between the four of them, "If you buy me a breakfast burrito from the cafeteria, I think I could possibly be persuaded in filling you in on some of the hot spots that I found in Boston while vacationing there this past summer...what do you say?"

After taking a second to think about it and figuring he had nothing else to lose, Dawson outwardly replied "Deal," before saying his good-byes to the girls and letting Drue lead him off towards the side of the school where the cafeteria was located at.

"Whew, that was close....I could almost feel myself cracking." Joey began, as soon as Dawson and Drue were safely out of hearing distance. "Remind me later that I owe you and Drue one."

As if she had just said the magic words of the day, Joey was surprised when she noticed a mischievous grin quickly taking over her friend's face; which meant only one thing. "Why do I get the feeling that you're about to take advantage of that suggestion right now?"

After letting out a small laugh, Jen put on her best innocent look while retorting: "Joey, we're friends..! I would never take advantage of you..."

"Are you sure about that?" Joey sarcastically remarked, before turning back around and making her way towards the direction in which they were heading before Dawson and Drue had stopped them. "Spill it!"

"It's nothing big.." Jen quickly began, while speed-walking to catch up to her friend, "I was planning on waiting until later to ask you to do this as a favor to me and Drue. But since you just said you owe me and him one, I'll just ask you now..."

After a second of waiting for Jen to continue--but to no avail--Joey stopped in her footsteps; silently letting Jen know she was listening.

I can't wait to hear this one.

"It's kind of funny, but the thing is... we really do need for you to keep Drue's cousin company while Drue and I help Grams out at the shelter this weekend--it'll only be for a few hours tops and from what I heard, Pacey is right around our age so it wont be like you have to spend your entire weekend baby-sitting a rugrat, what do you say?"

I cannot believe this.

Not believing that she had actually let herself fall right into Jen's trap caused Joey to outwardly reply: "Why can't you just tell Grams that you promised Mrs. Valentine that you'd show Drue's cousin around Capeside this weekend so you can't go to the shelter....I'm sure she'd understand."

"Believe me, I tried that, Jo, but Grams sort of walked in on Drue and I in a compromising position the other day and getting us to agree to go with her to the shelter this weekend was the only way out of having to listen to her lecture us once again on the joys of waiting until we're married to have believe me, if I could get out of this, I would, but I can', can you do it for me, please? You're my only hope."

Even though Joey wanted to tell Jen that she was sorry but the blonde was going to have to find someone else to drop Drue's--probably just as annoying as he was--cousin off with, the fact that she did owe Drue one and owed Jen more than one for all the times that the blonde had let the brunette crash at her house the last couple of years--when things around the Potter house got to be too much for her to handle--caused Joey to outwardly reply:

"Now, I remember why I used to hate you so much."

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