WARNINGTrunks is dark in this story(sorry Trunks lovers.)

This story contains signs and situations of domestic violence and rape. These are very touchy subjects so if this is going to be a problem please I advise you not to read 'Extremities.' I was inspired to write this story to tell and show everyone to be careful of who you choose to know and love , danger is no stranger in this world. Thank you.

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Chapter One: Finding a way out

::Victim's POV::

I was out of breath as I ran towards the bedroom door.

I had to escape.

I had to get out . Away.

Away from him.

I had to get away from the abuse , the hatred , and the man I thought once loved me. Boy was I ever wrong.

I squirmed out of his grasped by kicking him where it hurts, now he's on the dirt infested floor howling in pain, but I knew he would recover and come after me and my family.

Blood began to trickle from the soles of my bare feet , I stepped on broken beer bottles while I was running from my predetor.He was a heavy drinker he was always at his worst when he was drunks. He would scream incoherently as his fists would come in to contact with my ribs. You should stay out of his way when he's drinking, unless you carry a death wish.

I hastily look behind me to see if I made any progress of alluding him. I see him. He doesn't even try to run after me , all he is doing is smirking as if knowing running away is futile. As if my fate was sealed, becoming tighter and tighter with each agonizing step I take.

I hear him chuckling... "Oh Chibi, where you going Chibi?"

I reach the kitchen .

I had to defend myself , so I grab the one thing closest to me.

An empty beer bottle.

I smash the bottle against the kitchen table causing the bottom of the glass the break. Causing razor sharp edges to appear. Sharp enough to pierce the skin I hope. "What's the matter babe?" He says as he turns the corner in the hall , he is in my sights.

I'm trembling.

I can hear my heart beat in my ears, just drumming and pounding.

I can also feel my adrenaline course through my veins like fire.

I had three choices: 1) Give up and let him beat me to a pulp, again

2) Run as fast as I can and pray I get way or 3) Fight to the bitter end.

Guess which I favored. I plunged myself at him...unfortunately he was to fast he scooted out of the way and caught me by the back of my hair, he coiled his free arm around my bruised neck. My arms lay limp at my sides. He laughs in my ear causing a shiver to constrict through my spine.

He then licks my neck , over the claiming bite mark he left behind a few years ago. When he actually cared for me. What happened to that caring man , what could have caused this hideous and revolting transformation. He said he loved me, and I was just stupid enough to believe him.

My naive nature gets the better of me once again.

Damn. Why didn't I listen?

Why didn't I listen to Gohan. The person who tried to help all those years ago. But I just couldn't believe it when he told me to leave him. My ears became deaf to all of my older brother's suspicions and accusations. It wasn't only my brother who tried to get me away from my abusive lover, my Grandfather Bardock, and my uncles Raditz and Turles also tried to help. Yet I refused.

He's laughing...He's still laughing!

Damn him! His grip on my hair tightens even more when I try to scream, he then turns my neck into in awkward angle so I now faced him. He smirks once again, "Chibi..." he says, "It doesn't have to be this way, just let me touch you ,let me make you feel better." He kisses me roughly on the mouth, he dives his tongue down my throat I try to scream but his grip still remains tangled in my hair. He chuckles in his throat. That was the last straw. I bit him hard on the tongue , drawing blood.

His blood drip out of his mouth like a water out of a faucet. I can taste my own bitter juices in my mouth that he caused.

"You fucking son of a bitch!" He backhands me across the face, as I fall the side of my face hits a glass mirror causing it to shatter, the shards of the glass dug deep within my skin. Great more blood.

"I should kill you for that...you are nothin' but whore!" He continues to intiminate me , he wants me to back down.

"Then why don't ya?!" It took all my courage and strength to say that. I still had the bottle in my hand. I'm gonna push his buttons. "Come on Trunks, I'm right here , come on kill me!" Trunks stood tall causing me to cower , making me feel small and insignificant.

"Alright, I guess I will," He lunges toward me and with my remaining strength I pitch the glass at his face, it shatters , he collapses to the ground clutching his bleeding face. I almost feel sorry for the bastard. Yeah...almost. My job wasn't over I wanted him to suffer, for what he did to me and my family. I kick him in the stomach repeatedly, hearing his cries of anguish brought me comfort.

I then quickly ran to the bedroom and open the drawer next to Trunks's side of the bed. I see the gun that so many times he would threaten to kill me with if I didn't behave or if I try to refuse him sex. Now it's my turn. I briskly walked towards the kitchen , yet he wasn't there he some how managed to drag his ragged body to the living room. Kami he looks so pathetic.

I raise the gun face to face with Trunks. He eyes the weapon and smirks . I hate that smirk! He laughs even though I could kill him at any given moment. He then says, "Come on...be a man...shoot me...do it!" I began to shake I never had to use a gun before and just holding the weapon made me twitch in fear. "What's the matter...I said do it ...be a man!" He's pushing it .


Just as I threw the gun to the side the front door swings open revealing my brother. "Gohan!" I run to him embracing him into a tight bear hug. He sees Trunks on the floor gasping for air and the blood flowing from his gashes I inflicted. Right behind Gohan is My Grandfather Bardock and next to him was King Vegeta of Vegeta-sei.He walked over to his son and looked at him in pity. "I told you before boy ...never strike your mate...take him out of my sights," Then two husky guards trudged over to their fallen prince and lifted him up on to his weary legs. As they walked out the door he gave me his best death glare, but I refused it to let it get to me.

The King gave me a look of compassion, which was very rare,and walked out the door following his beaten son. "Gohan I- he raised his hand telling me shush, my Grandfather came over to me gave me a good squeeze. After he released he said "You're a real fighter...stubborn but a fighter." "Don't worry he will never bother you again squirt," Gohan gently picks me up and carryies me out side to the hover car. I needed medical attention.

"So what now cub?"

"I don't know Gramps...I just hope that bastard roasts in peace."

My Grandfather laughs and ruffles my hair, "After all this and all you been through you still got your sense of humor cub."

He shuts the door and gets in and sits next to my brother who's in the driver's sit. I guess it's all over now . But I still wonder how it all started...I bet you want to know huh? Well you're about to find out.

My name is Son Goten and this is my story about my round trip through hell with Trunks, the Prince of Vegets-sei.

That was chapter one. The rest of the chapters is a long flashback of how Goten got involved with a man like Trunks. Please can you send me some ideas in reviews. Flames are welcomed but go easy.

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