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Last time: Trunks announces that Goten is pregnant and his family goes on a rampage.

Chapter 29

Not Welcomed

Gohan fought his hardest to shove his way through the drunken crowd towards the spiraling stairway to reach his brother, who was currently being carried in the arms of the crowned prince. He saw the uneasiness and weariness in his brother's posture after the announcement was made. He wanted to get to him before he was out of sight once more, and who knew for how long? He cried out his brother's name as he watched him descend up the stairs. Drunken Saiyans fell to the floor as Gohan pushed them out of the way, forging a path for himself.

"Where do you think you're going, bud?" A large guard shoved Gohan away from the edge of the steps, "Only the Royals and certified guards with clearance are allowed up there."

"You don't understand—"

"I THINK, I do understand," he snapped his thick fingers and two guards, one rather large and the other very young, stood by his side, "Dil, Sano—get him out of here. No one causes trouble on my watch"

"No, you can't! Goten, he's my—!"

"How DARE you call Prince Goten's name in such formality?" The guard trotted up to the captive Saiyan. Both of Gohan's arms were held behind his back, "Such disrespect—but what can I expect from a third class?" He punched Gohan in the gut roughly. Even with Gohan's immense strength, with the stress of the night and the riled up emotions inside him—being punched by an elite only weakened him even more.

"Gah!" Gohan lurched forward, the guards at his sides holding him up by his forearms, "You…can't…my brother—"

"Zo-kun, you didn't have to do that!"

"WHAT did I tell you earlier, Sano…?"


"Just take him outside with the dogs where he belongs. Such disrespect at a lavish affair as this. Should be ashamed, third class. But take note that I am being merciful by putting you in the hands of my brother, he is much more lenient then I." With that said, Zo-kun turned roughly away and headed back to his post.

The scene went unnoticed by the upper crust of the party, only a few lowly soldiers and palace guards seemed to take an interest in the squabble. Sano clicked his tongue sadly and took the arms of the still writhing Gohan and heaved them over his shoulders, allowing time for Gohan to reach his bearings, "C'mon."

"But my…I can't just leave…" Gohan's face was red with shame and sadness. Shame for being so weak in front of elites, considering he himself having immense strength, but with his inability to call it forth on command was less prominent. His father warned him about this. Even as a child, only when intense anger flowed through him did he ever achieve such feats of amazing strength. Bardock and his sons tried to teach him to call forth the power on any giving moment but failed. He felt sadness, not so much for himself, but for the little brother he was leaving behind. In the hands of the sadistic prince. Gohan did not know all the facts of their bonding but with the short amount of time he had spent with his brother was enough.

Goten was in pain—so why did he go back to him. Why did he leave his brother standing wide-eyed and dumbfounded on the ball room floor tonight?

"Where do you live?"

Gohan choked back whatever tried to escape his throat, whether it was a sob or vomit, he did not know. All he knew was that it burned, "What?"

The longhaired warrior looked down at Gohan once more. Gohan was still bent at the waist, obviously his stomach not yet recovered from the brutal punch that his own brother had bestowed, "I asked where do you live? I can take you there. I would feel pretty bad if I just left you on the streets. My brother wasn't lying when he told you that I was much more nicer then he is." Sano gave a heavyhearted chuckle as he sat Gohan on the curb a block or two from the palace. It was dark and very quiet. The muffled banter from the palace drifted smoothly through the night air like spiraling dust on the prairie in a gentle warm breeze that tickled wisps of air on your head.

"Why are you helping me?"

"You seemed so sincere to get to Prince Goten, like you realty cared about him. I guess I felt that I could trust you. Plus, I don't know what it is, but I felt like we have met before." Sano took a seat next to Gohan. He leaned his head back to gaze at the winking stars above him. His elbows perched on the dirty abandoned curb with his back length hair brushing the ground behind him, "Have we met?"

Gohan looked at the younger man next to him. He also felt they have met. The face seems so familiar, but the hair and body was different, "I don't, maybe. I have always been horrible at names even if we had met, I probably couldn't recall who you are."


The cool breeze continued to sway the duo's hair. The sweet scent from the palace perfumed the night with the many assorted foods that have been cooked for the feast. Gohan was positive that he could almost taste the sugary cream puffs that servants were passing out on their trays.

"What you said before."


"About how you felt you could trust me. I'm glad."

Sano could only raise a brow at the older Saiyan. Gohan looked to be somewhat recovered from the punch, no longer was he bent over or grasping his stomach, but the redness in his face has yet to retreat the pale skin.

"Ya' know—I have always been the one to watch over my brother. When we used to go to the marketplace on days off, he would ALWAYS go to the same booth. They had this candy," Gohan balled up his hands and placed them on top of each other to form a large rock shape, "They looked like sparkly rocks. They were freakishly hard and practically pure sugar. Father allowed him only one a week. They were small, but large enough to last the whole day if you sucked on them enough. But anyway, one time he ran off to this booth without telling anyone. Not my Dad, Grampa, or my uncles. Well of course we knew that he would be there when we discovered he disappeared. So Dad told me to go make sure he was there 'cuz he was only I think—five or six at the time—Saiyan or not, he was not supposed to run off without us…"

Sano remained quiet. He was confused ad to why Gohan was telling him this story about his nameless brother. He assumed that he was a bit buzzed from the ball, but nonetheless he was polite and allowed his new friend to speak thinking that Gohan needed to get something off his chest.

"…So I went. And lo and behold, he was there. But he was crying. I looked to the corner of the booth and there were three older boys, at least thirteen to fifteen years maybe. My brother had a red mark on his face and on the ground at his feet was the purple candy—purple was his favorite you know—it was broken and covered in dirt. The boys were laughing and gleefully eating their own candy. I knew they did something so I rushed up to them…" Gohan made a pushing gesture with his arms, "…and shoved the Hell out of the biggest boy. I assumed he was the leader. I didn't say anything—I just punched the crap out of him. I got on top of him and gave him a left hook then a right. I have NEVER felt so angry in my life."

The older Saiyan looked down at his hands and smirked a strange crooked smile. Sano could see the gloss in Gohan's eyes, the redness in his cheeks darkening.

"The other boys tried to pull me off of him. They punched my sides and yelled and kicked but I wouldn't let go. I think one of them bit me, heh. Random guards who were just cruising around I guess saw us and pulled us apart. And of course with my bad luck, the boy that I had been beating on was the son of a local noble. And being a third class—I wasn't let off from punishment. Even though the boy snottily confessed to picking on my brother and breaking his candy. I was put into servitude. Not for a long time, only a year or so. So everyday I would have to fly over to this noble's house and wash latrines with this tiny brush. Even if they were spotless I had to clean them—everyday."

Gohan chuckled, "it's pretty funny when I think about it."

"You were very protective weren't you?"

"I still am."

"You remind me of my brother. He used to intimidate all the other kids from being mean to me. That is until he left for the academy, because when he came back he was much more—how he is now. Stern and stoic. But I know he cares."

"Then after all that--my brother came up to me crying so hard. I thought his lungs were gonna burst. I picked him up and asked him what was wrong and he told me that he was so scared. He told me that he hated seeing me so 'mad-looking'. That I frightened him. He begged me not to ever fight like that again. Not with anger. He was always too soft I think."

"He seems wise. How is he now?"

"He's hurting."

The two sat in silence for a bit until Sano stood up and offered Gohan his hand. "Well, better get goin'!"

Gohan took his hand and stood up straight, only a twinge of pain erupted through his stomach, but nothing he couldn't handle, "Oh and by the way—I'm Gohan."

"Sanoske Segarea. But you can call me Sano."


"Dammit, I don't see them!"

"But they have to be here!"

"Well then Kakkarot, if you think you can find them faster then I can, then be my damn guest!"

"You don't have to be such a grouch Turles!"

The group of five males and one female searched frantically for their missing family member. They searched by the wine tables, the thrones, the feasting area and the ballroom area—they came up with nothing.

"Raditz, now can you tell me?" Yolli tugged painfully on Raditz's hair, "C'MON!"

Raditz huffed, "Fine." He dragged Yolli by the hand to a corner near where Kakkarot and his father were searching, "We're looking for Prince Goten."


"Because he is family."

Yolli's eyes widened at her lover's statement, "Family? How?"

"Goten is my nephew and Kakkarot is his father." Raditz let out a heavy sigh and leaned against the wall, "It all started when Goten got pregnant the first time, he lost the cub—because of Prince Trunks. I really don't want to go into detail. And now with Goten pregnant a second time. We just fear something horrible will happen again. We have been trying to contact Goten for a long time now, but Trunks will not allow it. We KNOW he is hurting Goten and we have to get him away from Trunks. Like anyone will believe us—third classes versus The Prince of all Saiyans. Boy, I can just imagine that holding up in court…."

Yolli put her hand on her lover's arm, "Raditz, I'm sorry."

"Our family bond is straining. But we can all still feel Goten. He's afraid and hurting. We need to find him."

"Nothing will stop us, Raditz. I know it!"


"I can believe YOU got us KICKED OUT, Kakkarot!!"

"All I did was try to go upstairs, but that stupid guard and his cronies ganged up on me!"

"You could have fought harder little brother," Turles' nose was turned up snootily.

"It wouldn't matter, Turles," Bardock leaned against Torah on the darkened street, "They were elite palace guardsmen. Even if we all fought back we would have been tried by the royal court going against the higher-ups. Although I do think we would be able to take them all, but I do not want to get on the wrong side of the legal system, especially not now."

Torah put his arm around his Chibi, "But you are the prince's family. Why didn't they recognize you? You went to the Induction didn't you?"

"Yes," began Bardock, "But somehow I fear that this is Trunks' doing. Ever since that day when he came to the house to pick up Cub, I got a bad feeling about him. He had this look on his face. He was so possessive. It all started there. We would send messages to his and the King's palaces, but we would never get a respond back. Our crew got sent on twice as many missions as before so we were barely on the planet half the time."

Bardock thought back to the day when Trunks came to take Goten away again. The cold radiating off his stares and the rigid-ness of the prince's voice….

"Pardon me Sirs for not using the front door, I just wanted to surprise my Chibi, by coming through his bedroom window. I hope that this is not a bother to you all," Trunks responded smoothly while wrapping his long furry appendage around Goten's tiny waist as he stood, bringing him into his secure hold. Raditz only growled deep in his throat. All the Saiyans felt what Raditz was feeling, something about the Prince was just...disturbing. And they didn't like it one bit…..

……..Bardock took a step forward and looked hard at Trunks, giving a cold stare, the same cold stare that Trunks was mimicking at Bardock. Then Bardock did something that no one ever expected him to do to the prince. He stuck out his hand and shook Trunks'.

Bardock's stare never warmed or faded. It stayed cold, much like Trunks'…….

……."Take good care of him Prince...'cause I'll be watching. Nobody, and I mean nobody gets away from hurting my youngest boy's youngest. Is that understood Prince?" Trunks nodded coldly, and roughly pulled Goten with his tail from around his waist down the stairs to his vehicle. Goten looked back behind him as they walked seeing the serious and worried expressions of his family, he himself gave a frown.

"…Why did we wait so long…?"


The large wooden door shut loudly behind them, the echo bouncing off the walls of the dark corridor on the other side. Trunks still held his mate in his arms, a smirk on his thin lips. The bundle in his arms looked flushed, eyelids drooping heavily causing his lashes to tickle his redden cheeks. He 'humphed' playfully, still smiling down at Goten and laid him on the bed for which they shared. Goten scurried to turn on his side, his back to his smiling mate.

Trunks begin disrobing his formal attire. The heavy red cloak thudded against a chair in the corner, left there to be forgotten until a servant came in the morning to clean. His armor and boots were thrown into the closet and his gloves placed silently on to the small table of the vanity. He was left in his dark blue spandex. The full body suit fitted to the contours of his shape. Each muscle on his arms and legs perfectly defined through the material. The outlines of his physique only worried the distraught Saiyan on the bed. He peeked over his shoulder when he heard the light crash of his mate's clothing and continued to look on as he undressed. The toned body of his mate only reminded him of the damage that he was able to inflict.

Trunks walked into their bathroom, without shutting the door, filling the tub with warm water, adding salts and scented oils to the water.

Goten laid on the bed, his ears dazed with the sound of the tub being filled and the slow shuffle of his mate's feet on the floors, "You need to relax. I drew a bath for us. The oils will help you sleep. Mom promises that it does wonders…"

"Trunks, I just wanna lay down—"

"Goten—"The elder Saiyan grasped his mate's shoulder, jerking Goten towards him, "I insist…" The younger Saiyan was tugged up again to his feet. His robes were now disheveled as well as his hair. Random strands stuck out in stress even more so then normal. Trunks did not let go as he led Goten to the large tub. Once inside he locked the door and began to discard his spandex. They were left in a pile on the floor as he kicked them into a corner. He was left only in purple boxers. Goten turned away to do the same.

"Wait," his prince said, "I want to see your face. Why do you turn from me in shame, Chibi? It's not like I haven't seen you naked before…"

Goten turned back around, his face red and hands shaking. He wasn't shamed about his nakedness, but ashamed of what he did earlier that night to his brother.

'I betrayed him. I asked for his help and I turned it away'.

His hands went to his sash, but too preoccupied with his thoughts of his brother, he was going much too slow for Trunks' tastes. The elder prince step forth to grasp his mate's hands. He led the smaller hands to quicken their pace upon the sash. The expensive sash crumpled to the ground, allowing the robe to flitter open. Next the robe was taken off. Trunks tossed it on top of the toilet. Goten finally looked up into Trunks' eyes. The purple haired prince smiled devilishly and stroked his cheek.

"Are you tired love? Your face is flushed and your eyes look weary. It must have been a long night for you, baby," Trunks kissed him.

Goten did not feel the love he felt just hours ago down at the ball. He felt a shiver run a marathon up and down his spine, like a nervous itch that would not go away. But he was sad. He needed contact to fill what he left behind. His family and Sanoske. With Trunks' lips and body he could fill the void. Though feeling guilty and needy, Goten kissed back.

Trunks undid the buttoning of his mate's undershirt and loosened the pants. Now both equally lavished in only their boxers the two remained connected at the lips. Trunks could feel the salty flavoring of his mate's kisses. He felt the hitch in each breath and the quivering of Goten's lips. He knew he was crying but that did not matter right now.

"You did well tonight."

"You could have let me see my family at least."

"You saw Gohan didn't you?"

"But what about Dad and gramps and my uncles and Sa—"

"Hm. What was that last one?"

"M-my uncles."

"Right. Now lets take that bath now shall we?" Trunks kissed up Goten's neck, his left hand on his mate's slightly bulging belly. He led the younger boy to the bath, sitting him down in it then taking his place behind him. Trunks cuddled Goten into his arms as he leaned back enjoying the heat of the other.

Goten couldn't help but feel something was going to happen soon.


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