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This is shonen ai (boy love) between squall and seifer (but not for a while) so you have been warned. pg-13 for language, may go up later.


Seifer sneered in disgust at the sight before him. The once powerful sorceress who had held his mind in her tight control now laid in a heap before him.
"You got what you deserved bitch."
The heap coughed pitifully and tried to rise, but only managed to raise her head above the ground.
"Zut up pitifull zervert of mine."
Seifer shook his head.
"I am no longer yours Ultimecia" he whispered, staring into the eyes of the witch who had savagely ripped his mind apart and claimed it as her own, forcing him to turn on friends, Garden, the world as a whole. Eyes that he once feared to gaze into in fear of invoking her anger bore into his, but he did not lower his gaze.

The surrounding area changed as time and eras past them as the continued to battle it out. Seifer stood up, eyes still locked in place as he tightened the makeshift bandage around his stomach, a leaving present from his former rival. He laughed at the defeated sorceress.
"You failed Ultimecia. You can't do anything to me now. Just give up and finish dying you old bag."
Glaring at the blonde, Ultimecia let out a harsh laugh.
" You pitivull valiure. You really zink zat you've von? Ha! You can't escape your punishment zat easily."
Seifer snorted and turned around.
"Later bitch. I hope you choke on your own vomit or something," he called out over his shoulder, sending a patronising wave to her.
"Ha voolish boy! You vill pay vor your impertance!"
The witch began her final chant. Feeling the rising power, Seifer turned towards the sorceress.
'No, her power should be gone'
"Ha! I managed to keep a bit ov my power vrom that intervering girl. Not enough to keep me alive, but enough to make you regret vailing me!"
Seifer felt a warm feeling come over him as the world spun. Ultimecia let out a cruel laugh before collapsing, dead. It seemed like an eternity before the world stopped spinning. Looking through new eyes, Seifer said only one thing:


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