Part 1

"NOOOOOO!" A shrill scream echoed throughout the large building labeled The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. "You sunk my battle ship!" May pouted, glaring up at her father whom was puffing on his cigar rather snuggly, arms crossed over his large chest. "S'not fair, you win every time." The demon child paused, putting a hand to her chin in thought. "Yooou CHEAT!" Taking her hand from her chin, May pointed a red finger at her father whom was sitting across the small table. Hellboy just blinked and raised an eyebrow at his daughter. "How can you cheat at Battleship?" He puffed out a cloud of smoke from his cigar and waited for May's response. "Uhhhh... You're tall! And... You can look over the little blocker... thing!" Nodding to herself, she continued to stare down her father, not about to give up the fact that he might have cheated. Her father just stared at her and looked down. It was true, he could have merely peeked over the small wall that separated their sides and cheated... But the fact was he hadn't even thought of that. "Well, that's pretty true. But I didn't." May just shook her head and let her forehead fall onto her side of the game. Her small, yet lethal horns almost denting the cheap plastic the game was made out of.

After May had finally resolved that he hadn't been cheating, she packed up the game and started her way to her small room. She let out a small sigh as she watched the many men in suits pass her, most of them not giving her a second glance. The one's who did take notice to her waved or nodded before continuing on with their busy lives underground. It's nice living down here, I have to admit...No one ever screams when I walk by or tries to kill me. But I wish I could live up there...Fresh air, people... "Hello May." The small demon child almost jumped out of her skin as the hollow voice rang out from beyond a plate of glass. Regaining her composure, she turned to the water tank where Abe, another 'freak' that lived underground resided. He was a good friend with her father, so she had grown up with him. "How come you always manage to scare me?" May put her free hand on one of her hips and swayed slightly to the side with staring the blue creature down. "Your just jumpy and you were in deep thought about the world above us." Abe smiled, fingers tracing the arubix cube he held in his webbed hands most of the time.

"Hey, hey! No mind reading!" The demon child set down her board game and started to turn the pages on the many books sitting outside the water tank. Unfortunately, since Abe had to stay in his tank, he couldn't take books into the water. In which case, people had to turn the pages for him while the books sat beyond the glass separating him from the world. "I didn't read your mind... You're easy. Just like your father." Abe grinned, head jerking to the side as he watched May. "It's that obvious?" The fish like creature merely nodded, May sighed. "I know all of us want to be normal, right? So we could walk around on the surface like we were any other person... Without being stared at or having someone scream at you." Abe listened silently; he wasn't much of a problem solver and knew that her father had felt the same way at her age. "As I told the others, all us freaks have is each other." May looked to Abe and sighed again, picking up the game she had set down. "Well... See-ya, Abe."

Once May had reached her room and put the game away, she flopped down on her bed face first. Tail twitching, she moved her head sideways to look at the small, black and white cat she kept in her room. "Heeeey, Zippy." Mewing, he rolled over and laid next to her head as she scratched his tummy. "Helloooo, dinner is served, madame." A tall, black haired man in a suit knocked on the large steel door that lead into May's room as he walked in, pushing a cart with food on it. "I'm not hungry, Hadly." The man stopped once the cart was next to the bed and sat down next to her, bouncing her up and down as his weight forced her to roll over until she was sprawled behind him. "What's wrong? Down about not being able to go outside?" May took her brown eyes from the ceiling to glare at Hadly silently. "Alright, alright. Sorry to bring it up." Standing, he looked around her room. "I don't blame ya... Your father always snuck out, too." He smiled, heading to the door. "Grounded or not." The demon child watched him close the thick door behind him and sighed.

Snatching a piece of chicken from the plate, May swung her feet around and leaped onto a chair that sat in front of a computer, constantly lit up and almost never turned off. Once the chair had stopped spinning, she took the chicken leg from her hand and stuck half of it in her mouth. After whipping her hand off on her blue jeans, she started typing.

ShadowCat36: Hey May, how ya doin'?

xHellGirlx: Eh, okay. Just got my dinner wheeled in

ShadowCat36: I'd love to get my meals wheeled into my room!

xHellGirlx: Not if you were on house arrest and couldn't even go outside...

ShadowCat36: That's true... Are you coming over anytime soon?

xHellGirlx: Yeah, meet me on your roof tonight at about... 1am, okay?

ShadowCat36: Okay, if I fall asleep then throw a rock at my head or something

xHellGirlx: Ha! Alright, but do you have a death wish or something?

ShadowCat36: Hardly. Oh crap! Mom's here, gotta go!

ShadowCat36 has signed off.

May stopped in mid-type as her only real friend outside The Bureau signed off. Sitting back, she finished her meal and fell onto her bed shortly afterwards. She'd wake up at about 11 so she could get ready and sneak out to go to Cate's house.

Around 11pm, May's mental alarm went off and she slowly opened her eyes. Mumbling to herself, she wiggled until he face was out from underneath her cat's fluffy body, which had somehow found itself right on top of her head. After confirming that it was 11pm, she began to get ready. Unlike her father, she tried her best to stay hidden among the many shadows of New York City and often dressed in all black and covering most of her face and body. She had received her mother's figure and human like features... But had gained her father's red skin, tail, and horns as well. May was always too scared to break her horns off and keep them filed down and was afraid it would hurt... That and when the last time she had tried to break them off they had almost came out by the root, which would have really hurt. Putting on a black beanie, a black scarf, and a black poncho over her red shirt, she slowly opened the large door leading into her room and slipped out.

May didn't know how her father managed to get out every time, being how big he was. She somehow managed to get out by the vents that coiled around under and above all the walls, floors, and ceilings. The demon child paused outside her room and looked around to make sure no one was watching besides the cameras, which she couldn't get around. Jumping up, she grasped hold of a vent in the ceiling and peeled it off with one hand, dropping it and catching it with her tail. Once she had heaved herself into the vent, she sealed the vent back and began crawling through the maze of vent pipes through the building. May had gotten lost in the vents the first few times when she was little and had to be removed, but since then she had learned the pathways like the back of her hand and in no time, she was lifting the vent that lead to the outside world.

Squeezing through the bars of the gate that surrounded The Bureau, May looked around her before darting off into an empty ally. I hate keeping to the back allies and the shadow's... Mumbling to herself, she leaped onto a garbage bin and started to climb up the buildings side that the garbage bin leaned on. After getting on the roof, May stuck her red hands on her pockets and shivered. A puff of white fog came out from the black scarf that covered May's mouth. The only thing she hated about the outside world was that it got so cold. Jumping from roof to roof about five or so times, she stopped on a ledge of a building to catch her breath, legs dangling over the side. As she watched the people walk by, she envied them. They had such simple, free lives and didn't even know it. Getting aggravated, she stood up and backed up, running and leaping onto the next building and the next until she was on the roof of Cate's apartment building. "She's not here yet... Must've fallen asleep." Grabbing a rope she had left at a previous visit, she tied it around a pipe that came out of the roof and slowly dropped down the side of the building until she had reached the window of Cate's room. Making sure no one else was inside; she tapped on the window before opening it. "Hey! ... Cate!" Cate stirred slightly and sat up. "Mmmm... I'll be up in a sec." Turning over underneath her covers, she fell back asleep. May glared at the lump of blanket that was her friend then grinned evilly.

"Ow!" Cate sat up, holding her forehead. "You didn't have to chuck a rock at my head!" May grinned, tossing a small rock up and down in her hand. "Hey, you said to throw a rock at you if you were asleep." Cate just glared at the red demon and grabbed her jacket. "I'll be up in a second." May grinned, closing the window and climbing up the rope she had used to climb down. Once Cate had gotten to the roof, the two teenage girls sat on the edge of the building and sipped mugs of hot chocolate Cate had brought up. "So I'm the only friend you have outside your home?" Cate looked up from her mug to watch May, whom was staring deeply into the brown liquid swirling around in her cup. "Yeah... I mean, I get on the internet to talk to people. It's the only way to meet people without them seeing me. You're the only one I know who didn't scream when I ran across your roof that one night." May paused, taking her eyes from her hot chocolate to look at Cate. "You didn't tell anyone about me, did you?" Worry filled her eyes, her friend just looked surprised. "Of course not. It's not like they'd believe me when I would tell them I meet HellGirl on my roof every now and then anyway." May just looked back down at her mug and took a sip of the hot liquid. "Good... I don't want to end up on TV like some sort of freak show." Her tail curled and uncurled as she thought.

Setting her mug down, May curled her knees to her chest and hugged her legs. "Sometimes I wish I looked more like mom instead of dad." Cate removed her lips from her cup and looked at the demon child. "Was your mom a human?" May's brown eyes glanced at Cate before going back to her feet. "Sort of. At least she appeared human. She was a pyro, though." Her friend nodded in understanding. "And you know who my dad is. The mysterious HellBoy." Uncurling her legs, she took her mug again and sipped almost angrily. "He doesn't get caught on TV as much as he used to." May didn't respond for a few moments, sipping from her mug. "He would always get spotted because he went to visit my mom a lot. Then my mom finally moved in with my dad and they had me..." She barely ever saw her mother anymore. She was always in the hospital.

When it got too late for Cate to stay up, May left. This time she just walked in the shadow's, not bothering to jump from rooftop to rooftop. Thinking about her mother lead her to the hospital. She loved seeing her mother, but she hated seeing her so sick. Letting out a sigh, she leaped onto the garbage bins outside the hospital and started to climb the wall. Once she got to her mother's window, she peeked in and waited until the nurse inside left, turning off the light as she closed the door. Luckily she had a room all to herself so May could enter without anyone else seeing her. After opening the window, she climbed in and went over to her mother's bed. May crouched, crossing her arms under her chin to simply watch her mother. Hearing something behind her, May twisted around and froze as she saw her father's large frame block the opening to the window. They both stared at each other until HellBoy made his way completely inside and shut the window behind him. Making his way over to his family, he knelt down next to May and let out a sigh.

"Mom's always been in the hospital... Why?" May looked up at her father with large, brown eyes. HellBoy looked down at his daughter for a moment before looking back at his wife, Liz. "When you were born, you were extremely tiny. You still are." May already knew this. Compared to her father, whom was over six feet tall, she was only four foot eight. "Your mom had lost a lot of blood and we weren't sure if she was going to make it... But she did." He reached out with his large, brick like hand and scooped up Liz's hand into his, rubbing the top with his thumb. "When you were about eight, she was diagnosed with cancer... Theirs still no cure for it, so all we can do is pray." May's pointed ears sunk slightly as she watched her father look so sad. The two of them sat in silence for the rest of the visit...

May had fallen asleep inside the hospital room and awoke to cold air blowing against her face. Opening her eyes, she looked up to see her father carrying her on his back. Usually she would have protested, but she was too tired to really care what was going on around her. The next thing she knew was the feel of her sheets going over her. She must have fallen asleep again while on her father's back. "G'night daddy..." May's eyes fell once again as she fell asleep, deep under her covers. HellBoy looked back at his daughter and smiled slightly before he closed the large door into her room...

May was jolted awake by the loud sirens indicating that her father and Abe would have to go out and fight some sort of ghost or monster. She had always wanted to at least watch what they did for a living. Throwing off her dirty clothes, she slipped on a clean, long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans before running out of her room, tying her sneakers in the process and stumbling. "Hey!" May flailed one of her arms as HellBoy approached her, ready to leave. A few men in suits were behind him and blinked in confusion as he stopped. "Dad, can I pleeease, please go with you?" The red demon glared down at her, narrowing his eyes. "Of course not, now go back to bed." Her heart sunk and she fell to her knees, pleading. "PLEASE! I'll just watch!" Her father just snorted and stepped over her, which was like a train zooming above her head. "Gah!" Growling, she latched her hands onto his tail and got dragged behind him for a few feet before he stopped, turning back to her and yelling. "I said NO! Go back to bed!" As May began to cower, she heard the familiar voice ring out. "Why not let her? It's only a poltergeist. Watching shouldn't get her in too much trouble. Plus, she's going to have to take over for you sooner or later." Myer's winked down at the demon child who was sprawled across the floor, still latched onto her father's tail. HellBoy let out a sigh and raised his tail to partially lift his daughter off the floor. "... Fine. BUT you're only watching! Nothing else." May screamed in delight and jumped up, clinging to her father then Myers, HellBoy's caretaker like glue before running off to put her other shoe on... Which she had dropped in her hast to ask her father for permission to go with them.

Once May had gathered her shoe and put it on, they were off. The large garbage truck they used to transport Abe, Hellboy, and now May pulled out of the driveway with all three inside...

May sat down on a bench that was located at the very front of the back of the garbage truck, hanging on to whatever she could as the truck swerved and turned. "Jesus, is the ride always this smooth?" Glaring at nothing at particular, she fell to the side as the large truck took another wide turn. HellBoy grinned as he watched his daughter. "Of course! You get used to it." He barely even swerved as he stood, loading his gun and looking it over multiple times. "So what does a poltergeist do, exactly?" May turned to Abe, grabbing a shelf above her head to keep her from falling into his lap. Abe's head twitched to the side to look at the demon child. "Well... They hurt people and are invisible. Some can float through walls. You know, the usual stereotype of a ghost." May blinked as she watched Abe latch on a black thing around his neck to keep him alive outside of the water. "Here." HellBoy tossed a pair of odd-looking goggles and a gun looking slightly similar to his own to May. Upon catching both items, she dropped them into her lap. "Woah, woah. What're the goggles for and I've never even touched a gun in my life." She then paused, recalling that accident when her father tried to teach her how to shoot a gun when she was ten. "Uhh... 'cept that one time." She shuddered at what had happened...

"Alright, just hold the gun like this..." HellBoy crouched behind his daughter who held a gun shakily in her small, red hands. Placing one of his hands over both of her's, she steadied slightly with his help. "Now aim with both eyes open at that paper target over there. Aim for the middle, okay?" May gulped, trying to keep bother eyes open and aiming for the target that was across the room. "Why do I have to learn how to shoot, daddy?" Her hands started to shake again, but HellBoy quickly steadied them. "Well, it'll be to keep you safe if you know how and I'm not there to protect you." May's eye twitched. The thought of her father not being by her side always sent a shiver down her spine. "On the count of three, aim and pull the trigger." She tensed as her father's rough hands guided her's so that it aimed perfectly at the small bulls eye in the middle of the target. "One..." She gulped, "Two..." She twitched, "Three!" Just as May started to pull the small trigger, a loud alarm went off. Both father and daughter jumped at the abrupt siren, but since May had already half pulled the trigger, it was too late. Her arms flung sky ward as she shot, the bullet grazing one of her father's horns. Both of them screamed and fell back, May sprawled over her father's large bulk, gun still froze in her hands and arms locked straight. "Well... That didn't work out." HellBoy touched the steaming line where the bullet had grazed and winced, burning the tip of his finger. May didn't respond still frozen from the shock that went through her body as she had fired the gun.

May shook her head, remembering her father thought she had had a seizure or something and had to peel the gun from her tiny fingers. "Well, I don't want you to go in their unarmed and there isn't going to be a siren to scare you this time... Plus, you're a lot older now and hopefully a lot less jumpy." The demon child looked up at her father, who was looking through different types of bullets that hung on a rack then looked back at the gun that was in her hands. "Please, I'm about as jumpy as a rabbit on crack." Sighing, she complied to her father's wishes and stuck the gun in a holster before buckling it around her waist. "So what're the goggles for?" May held up the goggles to her eyes before looking at Abe, who was starting to explain them. "They let you see poltergeists and other such beings." Abe didn't need a pair; his abilities would let him sense the otherworldly being. "Hn." May flipped on the goggles and put them to her eyes once more. "Ooooo, daddy's greeeen." Strapping them on, she held out her hand to look at it with the goggles on. "Oooo! I'm green!" HellBoy turned to his daughter and raised an eyebrow. "What side you got those weird genes will always be a mystery to me."

May rolled her eyes and stood up. "So the scenery is blue, people and stuff are green, and ghosties aaaare?" Her father stashed his gun in its halter, turning to the back door of the garbage truck. "Red." The demon child nodded. "So will I be able to feel these things or hurt them or will only this green bullet thinger hurt them." HellBoy glanced back at her, ushering her behind him with his large, brick hand. "Only the bullet, so always keep alert." As the back door of the garbage truck opened, May saw many men dressed in black suits and holding guns. "Red, Blue, and... Uhh... Purple are heading in." The demon child blinked, scowling but then smiling. Were they considering her part of the team? It made her giddy at the thought. As Abe and HellBoy walked inside, Hadley stopped her and handed her an oval shaped light with metal around it. "Here. This is what we use to keep track of each other. Just press the light to turn it on or off." May grinned, strapping the tracking devise to her gun halter that she had picked up earlier in the truck. "Does this mean I actually get to fight?" Hadly swayed from side to side, walking forward with May behind him. "Ehhh, I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet. I doubt your father will approve of you even being here. For now it's best just to keep safe until he loosens up, alright?" The demon child let out a sigh. "Ooookaaaay..."

As Hadly and May entered where most of the others had stopped, she demon child gawked and looked around. The poltergeist was in a museum? "That's kinda... odd." Hadly turned around to look at May. "Huh?" She blinked, "Oh, it's nothing. But why would a poltergeist be in a museum?" Hadley pulled his gun from his holster and walked to where most of the men were gathering around HellBoy and Abe, in front of a large door. May followed, trying to keep instep and wondering if it would be wise for her to draw the gun her father had given her. "Well, a new Egyptian exhibit was put up earlier this morning. Some of the artifacts must have held the spirits of old pharaohs or maybe even some of the gods were trapped inside some of the artifacts or something. I'm not really the head of the operation so I don't exactly know how it got in, I just gotta know what I'm dealing with, right?" The red teen soaked everything in, standing silent for a few moments. "... Coooool." Hadly's left eye twitched, one of the habits he had whenever May confused him by her behavior.

Abe removed his webbed hand from the door that sealed the poltergeists away from the whole crew, armed with guns or all kinds. "Very odd... It appears they aren't poltergeists or spirits... Anymore." HellBoy paused, letting the arm that held his gun drop to his side. "What?" He almost growled at Abe's new information and wretched off the goggles, as did the rest of the team. "What do you mean 'anymore'? Did they just suddenly sprout forms or something?" Abe's head twitched to the side. "Well... Something is leading them, some kind of god. Egyptian god. Though I can't make out which one." HellBoy just mumbled. "Well, how many?" "Over seven, at least." Abe spoke calmly as usual and stood, backing up from the door, others following his example. "God... Dammit." HellBoy placed his hand on the knob and started to turn it just as May pushed herself through the crowd of men, Hadly yanking her arm back just as she reached to the front line to stop her. "Daddy?" The demon turned to face his daughter, her large brow eyes glued to his face. "Are you gonna be okay?" "Of course. I've dealt with worse." Smiling at his daughter, he entered the room.

May let out a heavy sigh. "Red'll be fine, May." Hadly patted her shoulder and the demon child just turned to head to the back of the crowd of men without a word. The door that HellBoy went into crashed and buckled as something was throw into it on the other side. Most of the men crouched in reflex and May looked back to the door, worry filling her eyes. I That's it. /I While all the men were fixed on the door, the red teen slipped out of sight and out of the back where the garbage truck was parked. "I don't care if I'm part of the team or not, but I'm not letting dad face all those things alone." May leaped onto a trashcan before scaling the wall. Once she got to a window that lead into the room, she peeked in. Odd-looking monsters surrounded her father as he tried to fight them off. There were over seven, just like Abe had said and only two of them were on the ground. I He's going to get killed. /I May growled and used her elbow to small open the window. She then immediately regretted doing so and winced as shards of glass stuck out from her elbow, black blood running out of the wound and onto the building. For some reason... It didn't hurt as much as she had expected. Was it part of her father's genes? Either way, she had to help him somehow. After unlocking the window through the hole she had created, May leapt into a pillar and slid to the bottom.

"Hey! Hippo ass!" May drew her gun and scowled at the many odd looking creatures turned her way. The creatures were odd indeed; their rear was of a hippo, their front and mane of a lion, and a face of a crocodile. She had seen them in pictures before, but never knew what they were. Some of the creatures started to advance at her, May backed up slightly. What would dad do? I gotta help him somehow... In a split second she thought of it. "WHO YA GONNA CALL?!" As the creatures leapt at her at the abrupt yell, she leapt onto a glass case so she was out of their reach. The large creatures started to ram into the case to try and tip her off, but May hung on the best she could. Once she had gotten a nice balance, she started to shoot the creatures in their foreheads. Surely this would immobile them. But... It didn't. No matter how much she shot them, they merely got back onto their feet. "MAY!" May looked up as she heard her father call to her. He was still fighting through the masses of creatures, trying to get to her. "Da-!" The demon child was cut off as one of the monsters leapt through the glass that supported May's weight. Tumbling down, she fell on top of the glass and rolled off the stand.

Before she had a chance to react, one of the creatures leapt onto her back and started to claw and bite through her shirt, digging into her skin. May screamed and tried to roll over, only managing to use her gun to ram into the monster's eye. It let out a cry and stumbled off of her, giving May just enough time to scramble up and climb onto another glass case. She knew the same thing would probably happen, but it was better then running for her life on the ground. Unfortunately, she was out of bullets and could only use her gun as the creatures leapt up at her to ram into their eyes to try and blind them temporarily. "This isn't getting anywhere, Dad!" May screamed, jamming the barrel of her gun into the eye of another crocodile monster. "I KNOW that!" HellBoy was still punching his way through the masses of creatures to try and get to May.

Then, another monster crashed through the glass that supported May's weight and she fell to the ground. Shards of glass ripped and stuck into her already bleeding and torn back. The demon child screamed out but was cut off as one of the creatures latched its jaws around May's neck, flinging her into a wall. The wall crumbled away behind her as she made impact. The wounds on her neck and the impact into the wall were enough to knock the red teen out cold. "MAAY!" HellBoy's rage exploded as he whipped the monsters out of his way until he was crouched down at her side. "C'mon, May... You can't leave me here all alone." The thought of loosing his wife and daughter was too much for him, but he didn't have time to sympathize as more of the creatures tackled him to the ground. His rage and instinct to protect May kept him fighting the creatures off, punch after punch.

May blinked, breathing heavily. Pain coursed through her back, head, and neck as she tried to focus on her father's form. Her brown gaze was then caught by another object. Something or someone was standing in the corner, as if watching them fight for their lives like it was some sort of show. May growled and reached for her gun but remembered she was out of bullets. Quickly she looked around and found a green bullet that seemed to be filled with liquid. It must have fell from her father's belt as he had been fighting. Snatching it up and loading it into her gun, she aimed for the odd looking shape that stood in the corner of the museum and fired. Whatever it was, it let out a screech and disappeared on contact, taking all the creatures with it. HellBoy blinked in confusion, stopping in mid-punch as the monsters vanished. His attention them went directly to May as he spun around and kneeled beside her. "May! May, hang on. We'll get you fix up." The demon child's eyes started to close. "We got 'em, didn't we?" Once her eyes closed, her father scooped her up and slammed the door open. Most of them men jumped back, some ran to get the medics, and some, including Hadly, ran to HellBoy and his unconscious daughter. "She'll be alright, don't worry. She's a tough one." Hadly tried to comfort HellBoy who had dropped to his knees so the medics could bandage up May's wounds to keep her alive until she reached The B.P.R.D medical room.

"Nnnn..." May grumbled as she slowly opened her eyes. "Wha-"She stopped in mid-sentence and winced at the pain that shot through her throat. Abe looked down at her, bandaging the wound on her elbow she had made when she busted the window open. HellBoy spoke up, getting a sudden burst of energy to see that his daughter was awake. "Don't try to speak, Ammut bit into your throat so it'll hurt to talk for a few days." It was now that she was glad that she inherited her father's incredibly fast healing. Once Abe was finished, he looked to HellBoy, who gave him a glance that told him he wanted to be alone with his daughter. Abe didn't need his telepathy to know that much, and slipped out of the room. Taking his eyes from the door, he looked to May who was looking awfully tired and weak. "May... I knew you shouldn't have come. I'm sorry." May turned her head to give him an 'its okay, I wanted to come' look. "But... You did pretty much save my life. I doubt if you crashed in then they would've kept coming at me. The last time I was in a situation like that, your mother saved my ass." May gave him a weak smile, keeping back her urge to giggle at her father's expression.

After a pause of silence, he stood up. "Anyway, better get you to bed so you can rest." HellBoy gently picked up May into his arms and carried her to her room. Laying her down on her bed, she let out a sigh as he watched her almost immediately fall asleep. Today had been a rough day for her and him. Suddenly he dropped to his knees, feeling extremely faint. In all the hast, he had refused medical treatment so that all the attention went to May. HellBoy grit his teeth and pushed himself up, leaning on walls until Hadly caught a glimpse of him staggering around a corner. "Hey! Red!" Running to his side, he helped the large demon to the medical room and sat him back on the chair, still slightly smeared with the blood from May's back wounds. "We'll get ya fixed up." Hadly then ran out of the room to get someone to treat his wounds.

May woke up feeling weak and almost faint. She didn't bother to move from the position on her bed and reached her hand up to pet Zippy, who was dead asleep at her side. "H-"May coughed and stopped, remembering how much it hurt to talk. Ammut... What or who was that? She suddenly remembered her father mentioning the name. It had something to do with those monsters. "Nnnnnn..." May forced herself into a sitting position and winced at the pain that shot through her back. It wasn't as bad as before, thankfully. She then forced herself to stagger over to the chair in front of the computer and flopped down, turning it on. I'll look up some info on this Ammut creature. May leaned back in her chair, making sure only her shoulder blades touched the backing and not her lower back, which held most of the wounds. Ammut... Ammut... Here we go. The red demon scrolled down the page and started to read. I Ammut, devourer of hearts... Anubis... So this hippo/ lion/ crocodile thing ate the hearts that were unworthy of the afterlife after Anubis, weighed them. Odd, never thought they actually existed. /I

"Hey there. Feeling any better?" May closed the window with the information as Hadly walked in, a bowl of chocolate pudding in his hand. The demon child moved her hand in an 'okay but not great' gesture. "I see." Hadly walked over, helping her out of the chair and coasting her back onto her bed. "Here, try and eat some of this." Handing her the bowl of pudding, May took it and took out a scoop with the spoon. The second it touched her tongue she gave Hadly as disgusted look. "Yeah, I know. It has some medicine in it that will help with your throat. It'll probably be hard to swallow, too. But try and get as much as you can down, okay?" Hadly put his hand on her shoulder as she tried to swallow, pain shooting from her wound up to her temple. "Yeah..." Hadly let out a sigh, agreeing with her painful expression. "Try your best." Once May had gotten the spoonful down, she smiled at her caretaker meekly. Hadly was like a second father for her, sort of filling the void that her mother's sickness had caused. Nodding, he stood up and left. "Take care, now." The demon child watched him leave then looked down at the pudding. This was going to be harder then fighting all those Ammut's last night...

After getting most of the pudding down, she set the bowl aside and made her way back to the computer.

ShadowCat36: Hey!

ShadowCat36: ... Ya there?

xHellGirlx: Yeah, I'm here. Just pretty weak and sleepy.

ShadowCat36: What? Why?

xHellGirlx: Y'know the museum, right? We'll, let's just say some shit went down there last night. Dad and I had to do something and both of us got really messed up.

ShadowCat36: ... Danm. I'm not gonna ask what happened... I don't really think I wanna know. But are you and your dad okay?

xHellGirlx: I'm pretty sure dad's okay. I'm gonna check on him in a sec. I could be better. My back, neck, and elbow got pretty messed up. I probably won't be able to come over for a while, okay? Once I fell better, I'll be over right away. Might be a few days, though.

ShadowCat:36: S'ok, don't strain yourself and get some rest.

xHellGirlx: Yeah, thanks. I gotta go. Gonna check on dad then get some more sleep.

ShadowCat36: Okay, get better soon. See-ya!

xHellGirlx: See-ya.

xHellGirlx has signed off.

May rested her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes for a moment before standing. She needed to know how her father was doing before she got any rest of her own.

Things swayed as she walked down the long hallways of The B.P.R.D and she constantly leaned on the walls to regain her balance. It seemed like forever before one of the men in suits, a guy she knew as Garett, stopped her. "May! What're you doing out of bed? You should be resting." Garett was HellBoy's new caretaker since Myer's had gotten too old for the job and now ran other things. May made a humming sound and pointed to her father's room. "You wanna know how your dad's doing?" Garett looked back to where she had pointed before looking back at May. "He's fine, your dad's a tough one, just like you. He didn't get as beat up as you. Mostly just scratches on his front and back. Some on his arms. The usual your father always comes back with." May felt a cloud lift away from her head after getting the good news. "Let's get you back to your room..." After Garett had made sure May was settled in her bed, he headed out.

The next week was mostly filled with rest and healing for both May and HellBoy. But May had finally managed to sneak out and get to Cate's. This time she stuck to the allies since it was still painful to strain her body. "I'll be down in a sec." Cate disappeared back into her room shortly after the demon child had thrown a rock at her window. She had decided to just meet in the ally instead of risking opening her wounds and climb the side of the building. May stuck her hands into her pockets and rocked back and forth, a cloud of white mist puffing out from her scarf. It was getting even colder out every time she snuck out. Cate rounded the corner with two cups of hot chocolate as usual. Handing one of the mugs to May, she leaned on the wall of her apartment building. "So you're still a bit sore from what happened?" Cate blew the steam that danced out of the brown liquid and sipped. "Yeah, see?" The demon child pulled down her scarf to show a mild scar across her neck. Cate jumped. "Jesus." "Yeah, I got a lot on my back, too." May sipped on her hot chocolate, the liquid not bothering her anymore as it slid down her throat. "God... Some business ya got there." The two conversed until it got quiet late and Cate was about the head off. "Oh yeah!" The teen stopped and turned back to the red demon. "Here, I made this for you." She handed May a bead necklace with 'MAY' carved into the three center beads. "Wow... Thanks!" Wrapping the necklace around her wrist and making sure it was secure, she hugged her friend. "Yeah..." Cate giggled, "I was bored." May grinned, holding her wrist up so she could admire her friend's handiwork. "Well, I better be going, take care." Cate picked up the two mugs and waved as she rounded the corner. "You two and thanks again." The red teen waved back and vanished into the darkness that enveloped most of New York's alleys.

Not much had evolved about the Ammut's or the mysterious person or thing that May had shot that made the rest of the creatures disappear during the next month. The demon child pretty much forgot all about the incident. Not scars had lingered to remind her of the near fatal experience. Somehow, Cate had even convinced May to sneak out and come to a Christmas event that was being held in one of the many parks in New York City. Of course, they would stay at a secluded spot and watch the events and people from the sidelines. "Your sure no one will see me?" May's eyes darted about as she watched from the thick brush of the park's small wooded area. Cate rolled her eyes. "Unless some couple comes back here to make out, were perfectly safe." The demon teen just sighed and sipped on some hot apple cider. For a good while, Cate and May conversed and talked about the many people that passed the. Remarking on their weight, looks, and clothes.

"Hey, look at he-" A loud, ear piercing scream cut Cate off. May spasmed and almost choked on her cider before standing. Those things again! The red teen shuddered as she watched three Ammut's start to cause havoc, killing the people that got in their way. Cate put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my god! You've gotta help those people, May!" May looked down at Cate, almost shaking. This time her dad wasn't there to save her. "I can't just run out there!" "But you can't just let those people die! I know your stronger then most!" Cate stood, pointing towards the people who were getting eaten and mauled. May growled and threw up her hands. "Fine! I'm gonna do it just so you can get away. Run home the long way, though the woods!" Vaulting over the bushes that separated the two girls from the rest of the crowd, she started to run towards the three Ammut's that were causing all the chaos. "HEY! Hippo ass! Remember me?!" Two of the creatures turned to face her before running at her.

May looked around for something to defend herself with and snatched one of the canes from the set with the three wise men and the baby Jesus that a wise man held. "Lemme borrow this." Spinning it in between her fingers, she swung it down against one of the Ammut's heads and jumped back. I really wish I have that tracker thing and a gun right now... Some of the people that caught a glimpse of her took off running, screaming 'HellGirl' as they ran. Agitated by this, May used her anger to try and keep the two monsters fended off, drawing their attention away from the many humans that were running in horror. Dad and the rest must have gotten a call by now to get here or something. May swung the cane across the maw of an Ammut but when she took a step back, she tripped over something. "Arrrg, what the hell?" She started to get up but realized what she had exactly tripped on. A human body, the heart eaten clean out of the man's chest. "Holy Hell..."

Scrambling to her feet, she kept swinging the cane this way and that. She would just have to keep them occupied and off the human's until her dad and the others arrived... Right? A familiar voice then called out, or rather screamed out. No... Cate! Whacking an Ammut over the skull, she spun around to see the monster who hadn't chased her earlier with Cate dangling helplessly in it's jaws. "NOOO! CAAATE!" Forgetting about the two creatures behind her, she made a beeline for Cate. Upon reaching her, she used all the strength she had and kicked the large beast to the side so that Cate fell lifelessly out of its mouth. "Cate! Cate, c'mon! Hang in there!" May scooped her only friend into her arms and felt her pulse. It was slow and faint. "No! Cate, hang in there!" Cate's eyes opened halfway as she tried to speak. "Cate, don't say anything. Just try and rest. Your gonna be okay..." Cate just smiled slightly, "It's okay... It doesn't hurt anymore..." Her chest then heaved upward and she sucked in one last, strained breath before she sunk again, cold and lifeless. "NO! CATE!" The red demon felt her friends pulse. Gone. "CAAATE!" Tears fell from May's brown eyes and down her red cheeks.

Laying Cate down on the ground, she moved her hand over her eyes to close them and stood. Her fists clenched but she kept her face to the ground. They had killed her one and only friends... They were going to pay. May looked up, raven strands sticking to her dirty, tear stained face. Her deep brown eyes flickered and glared ahead at the three Ammut's who were all heading for her, the only live one within the park. Blue flames started to spiral from her fists as anger and pure rage built up within her. Her eyes flickered with pure hate and turned a startling yellow. "You..." Gritting her teeth, she screamed and ran face first into the small group of creatures. They surrounded her and ripped and tore at her red flesh, blood pouring off onto the slightly snow covered ground. May growled and screamed, punching at the monsters furiously to try and get them off of her, but to no avail. Then the blue flames shot from her hands until blue fire covered her entire body. With one last burst of energy, fire shot off around her until all three Ammut's were nothing but ash. When the fire subsided, May staggered and tried to focus on the figure in front of her. The same figure she had seen in the museum about a month ago. "You... Bastard... I'll kill... you..." The demon reached her red hand out to try and grab at whatever it was but her body failed. Eyes rolling backwards, she collapsed in the pool of her own blood that coated the ground. I'll get him... I'll kill him... Anubis... May's head fell to the side and her eyes closed, her bloody hand clutching the bead necklace Cate had made for her.


HellBoy let out a long, heavy sigh as he peeked into his daughter's room. It had been over a week after her only friend, Cate had been killed and she still refused to say anything, even to him. It was very unlike his daughter to stay quiet for so long. Though... He couldn't blame her. When his father had died, he remained quiet for at least three days. The only time she snuck out was to over look Cate's funeral as it took place. Shaking his head, the large demon just turned and started to head back to his room. "Still nothing?" HellBoy jerked his head up to see a rather downcast Hadly pushing a cart of food towards May's room. He just looked at the man with heavy eyes and shook his head before heading back to his room. The young man's brow sunk as he watched HellBoy leave and continued to push the cart to May's room.

"May?" Pushing the large door open, he almost jumped as he saw the demon child sitting at her computer desk, staring at a lit up screen blankly. "May..." Hadly pushed the cart further in, letting it stand next to her bed as he bent down to get to head level with May. "Are you okay?" Pulling her chair towards him lightly, he jumped as the red teen leaped into his arms and began to bawl on his shoulder. Her bandaged arms were locked around the young man's neck as if she never wanted to let go. It took what seemed like hours for Hadly to react. "Oh May..." Placing his hand around her and one hand on the back of her head, he pressed her close to him. "It's okay, let it all out..." May continued to cry her heart out as Hadly laid his forehead on her raven hair. Once the demon child was finished crying, she merely lay in Hadly's arms, as if she never wanted to let go. The world was just too cruel to look at anymore. But there was one last thing she had to do... Avenge Cate's death.

Pulling away from Hadly, she looked up into his deep brown eyes. "Hadly... We need to find where Anubis went." The young man was drawn aback. "Anubis? What does he have to do with it?" May stood and sat down at her computer, grasping the mouse in her red hand and opening up several windows. "All this time I haven't just been rotting away. I've been planning my revenge. Those assholes won't get away for what they did." Hadly started to scold her for using foul language, but kept his mouth shut. Now was not a time to correct her. She was right. Even though he didn't personally know Cate, or how much May loved the one friend she had on the outside, he perfectly understood. Standing, he kneeled next to her and stared at the screen. "Wow... You've done your homework." The several windows held all kinds of information about Anubis, the creatures know as Ammut, and all sorts of plans she had made herself. "The last thing I saw before I fell unconscious was Anubis. There was no mistaking it. The God of the Underworld who weighed the hearts to see which were worthy of the afterlife. The ones who didn't weigh up were feed to Ammut, the hippo/ lion/ crocodile creature that attacked the museum and the park that night..." May started to shiver recalling the Christmas party gone dreadfully wrong, but caught herself.

Not shortly after explaining her reasoning to Hadly, she sent him off to gather the others up and meet her in the library where volumes and volumes of literature were stored on all paranormal and spiritual happenings. It was also the room where Abe was kept in a large tank. Most of the men Hadly told were utterly surprised to hear about May. She had been completely silent for over a week and now suddenly she had some excellent plan for revenge? That and the fact she was only a teenager. Most of the men, even though they didn't think much of it, went to meet in the library anyway. HellBoy, however had a totally different reaction. This situation is all too familiar... When father died, this is exactly what happened. I wanted revenge. But this time what if it doesn't work out? What if my daughter has to risk her life? He swallowed as he made his way to the library with Hadly in tow. Then again, she'll do anything for revenge and I'll have to be there to protect her.

Once most of the men, HellBoy, and Abe were in the library, they turned their attention to May, who was pacing the room and gathering all sorts of reading material from the large shelves of books. Getting everything she needed, she slammed the books down on the large oak table in front of her, making most of the men either jump or give her an odd look. This had to be the most serious look May had ever worn. "Alright. I think I know what's going on with the whole Anubis, Ammut thing." Her brown eyes glared upward at the men and she leaned on the table. "The last thing I saw before I passed out a few weeks ago was Anubis. That I'm certain. Now according to this-"The red teen snatched a rather thick book from the stack she had acquired and opened it to page with both Anubis and Ammut pictured. "Anubis is the one who weighs the hearts of the pharaohs to see if they're worthy of the afterlife. If they are, the go to heaven. If not, Ammut the hippo ended, lion fronted, crocodile headed monster eats the heart if it proves to be unworthy." May moved her fingers across the page, indicating who and what she was talking about. "At the Christmas party, I noticed that some of the people there had their hearts eaten out and ONLY they're hearts, nothing else. The rest of the people were merely mauled in random fashion. I believe that they only ate the hearts of the unworthy and merely killed the worthy ones. Why they killed the worthy, I still don't know. I'm thinking some sort of power source."

This caught HellBoy's attention, "Power source? What would they need power for?" At this point, the demon child snatched another book off of her pile and skimmed the pages. Upon finding what she wanted, she set the book down on top of the other one and turned it so the others could see. "For this. This was the only thing missing from the museum after Anubis awoke and attacked it." May pointed to an urn that had hieroglyphics written along the sides. "The urn was said to hold the key to reviving all the other Egyptian Gods. If this is true and Anubis stole it, I believe that he might be trying to gather worthy souls to help him unlock the door which unlocks the spirits of the Egyptian Gods." The demon child stood up and folded her arms, waiting for her father to speak up since she had a feeling he would probably be wanting to speak up right about... Now. "So Anubis is using an army of Ammut's the gather worthy souls of the living and devouring the unworthy ones while he's at it. Once he gets enough power from the souls, he'll some how open a door to let all the other Egyptian Gods out of imprisonment so they can rule over the land like the did before..." HellBoy paused and put his hand to his chin as he looked up to his daughter. "So where is this door located anyway?" May smirked, "I thought you'd never ask..."

"Alright, so we have to get to Egypt, seal Anubis and his army of Ammut's back where they came from and get out in one piece, right?" HellBoy lifted his shoulders to adjust his large, leather trench coat. "Shouldn't be that hard, right?" Garett rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh as he cocked his gun. "Whatever you say, Red." May walked out of her room, clad in a battle outfit she had apparently made herself earlier for missions and such. "Alright, lets kick some Egyptian ass." Pulling up on one of her gloves, she snatched a gun off her dresser and turned to Hadly, who was leaning against the doorway. "Well, how do I look?" The demon child grinned and stroke a pose. Hadly's left eye twitched, "Awesome, can we get with the others now?" May huffed and stormed forward, grabbing her caretaker by the collar and dragging him forward with her. Hadly choked and quickly got in step with May, sputtering for her to let go the whole way to the large garbage truck that was waiting outside.

"It's going to be hard trying to get past the borders." HellBoy growled as his head made contact with the top of the crate him and his daughter were riding in. "How come? Don't they know The B.P.R.D exists?" May was on her back; legs leaned up against the wall of the crate as she stared at the top. "Of course not, only the United States government knows about it. If everybody knew, then it wouldn't be a secret." HellBoy rubbed the top of his head and looked down at his daughter. "Ohhhh, I see now... Were all a secret?" May winced as the pickup truck lugging the large crate with both of them inside hit a bump, causing her head to slam against the wood on the bottom. "You two doin' okay back there?" Hadly's voice rang out on the communicator latched onto May's belt. The demon snatched it up and pressed the button on the side before speaking into it. "That's a big no-no, ten four, one niner." May grinned, giggling at the long awkward silence at the other end of the communicator. "... Yeah. What?" Hadly raised and eyebrow, glancing over to Garett who was driving the pickup and also snorting at Hadly's look and May's remarks. "It means no. Can you slow down at least a little bit so I don't have a concussion by the time we get there?" The teen frowned at the portable walkie-talkie in her hand. "Sorry, Red princess. Gotta keep up the speed if were to make it in time."

May twitched as HellBoy snorted and let out a deep chuckle. "Red princess, that's a good one." The small demon child just stuck her tongue out at her large father and flicked an imaginary rock at his forehead. "So how are we gonna get past the boarder anyway?" May sat up and pulled her knees to her chest, hugging them tightly so they wouldn't separate from her body during all the bumps and holes the pickup truck hit. "Well, it's probably going to be the hardest part of this mission. We can't let them know who we are, so-"HellBoy was cut off as May's walkie talkie gave a loud ring. "Were coming up to the toll, get ready and tell us when you're hidden." Hadly's voice cut off abruptly before May could ask any more questions. "Well, when you ask I suppose you get an answer." The large demon lifted his daughter up with his large, brick like hand and pulled the floorboard up with his free hand. Stepping inside a narrow opening, he lay down and set his daughter directly on top of his chest. "So we have to hide?" HellBoy merely nodded and snatched the floorboard once more before resting it on top of both of them. "Ready." Switching the walkie-talkie off, he moved around until May had as much room as she could get... Which wasn't that much at all. The demon child gasped and pressed herself tighter between her father and the wooden board above her. "I can't... breath..." The hidden compartment had just been made to hide HellBoy, not him and his daughter. Luckily she was rather small and thin for her age. The demon reached his red hand up and placed two fingers on May's mouth to keep her from breathing too hard or speaking.

The small demon child could hear muffled conversing in another language immediately after they stopped. What would happen if they found them? Then again it wasn't like they were armed with machine guns and had an army waiting over the sand dunes... Right? May started to shudder but was stopped once she felt her father's free arm move from her lips to pat her cheek. The crate they were in then started to be hit with what seemed like sticks or touched and prodded as the people at the toll inspected it. It seemed like forever before the banging and conversing stopped. The pickup then began to move again but whenever May started to push on the wood above her, HellBoy immediately stopped her. Then finally, the walkie-talkie rang out. "Were clear, nice job guys." May jumped at the chance and lifted the floorboard, sitting cross-legged on her father's chest. Taking in a deep breath, she rolled to the side and flopped on the floor as the demon underneath her stood up. "Jeeze, thought I was gonna pass out in there!" May was lifted off the ground once more as her father replaced the floorboard. "You guys need to make that thing bigger."

The pickup and the black car in front of them drove on for hours until they stopped again. Having used HellBoy's large, brick hand as a makeshift pillow, May snorted and rolled into the opposite wall once the pickup stopped and let out a growl. Rubbing her head, she sat up, still half asleep. "Nnnn, we there yet?" HellBoy opened one side of the crate, stepping out into the dark, Egyptian night. May shivered and peeked outside. "Why'd we stop? Camping for the night?" The large demon snorted and lifted his daughter off the back of the truck. "Not likely, we just can't take the trucks any further. We'll have to go by camel and foot from here on." The teen paused, Camel? Giving a huge grin, she spotted a number of camels. Most were set up to carry large guns and other such equipment. Two were set up for riding. "Which ones mine?!" May let out a squeal and ran over to pat the lead camel on the nose, petting up and down it's brow and muzzle like a horse.

After getting everything set up, May was placed on a camel with Hadly and another man was on the camel in front of them. It wasn't long until the small demon had quickly fallen asleep, arms wrapped around her caretaker's waist to keep her from sliding off the camel's one large hump. HellBoy walked behind them, his hand clenching the camel reigns tightly. Most of the men were on foot leading the camels with equipment as they walked. It was true May was getting pampered, but that was probably because she was the youngest and the only female on the whole mission. Plus, she had been the one who had gotten the whole trip going. Hadly smiled down at the small teen as she slept. He had grown to love the little red ball of terror. He recalled the first time he was assigned to take care of her...

May was only about 14 years old when Hadly had been assigned to be HellGirl's caretaker. It turned out to be nothing like he expected. "You know HellBoy, right?" Hadly blinked at Sam, the young girl's current caretaker. "Well... Yeah, but I didn't think he was really real." The 21-year-old man shivered, remembering the encounter with the legendary HellBoy just a few moments ago. Sam snorted and opened up the door leading to May's room. Before a word could be said, a small suction dart shot out and stuck directly to Hadly's forehead. The young man screamed and fell back in surprise. A small, red child stood at the doorway, dart gun in hand. "Heeeey, your not Sam!" The older caretaker laughed and snatched the gun from the girl's red hand. "I thought we got that away from you. You sneaky little thing." May frowned but quickly drew her attention to the man on the floor, leaned up and staring at her from his position on the floor. Crawling over, the small demon yanked the suction dart from Hadly's forehead and smiled. "Hello! I'm May, who're you?" Sam made his way into the small room that was May's and gathered up the darts that were stuck on the walls. "That is Hadly. He'll be your new caretaker, okay?" The demon child shifted her gaze to her former caretaker and frowned. "W-What? What about you?" Sam smiled half-heartedly. "Sammie's getting' a little old, hun." Hadly had stood up and moved so that Sam could get past him. Not much later, Sam had died of a heart attack. May was devastated and at times even blamed her caretaker for Sam's death. They then quickly became extremely close and have been friend ever since. Hadly was sort of her older brother of sorts.

Hadly shook the thoughts from his mind and let out a yawn. "Hey." The young man jumped and turned his head to look back at HellBoy. "Take care of my little girl when I'm not around. Your all she's got." The large demon gave him a slight smile from his position behind him. "Of course. I'll protect her with my life." Hadly put his hand on May's head. "No need to worry..." Not too much longer they arrived at The Valley of the Kings. After setting up camp, they all turned in to get some sleep. They would probably head in sometime tomorrow evening.

"Hey May, wake up!" Hadly peeked into her tent and snatched the blankets off of her sleeping form to get her up. The red demon let out a growl that was muffled by the pillow, which was firmly planted under her face. "C'mon, we have to start getting ready to head in. I know your more anxious then anyone else here." May let out a loud yawn and sat up, still in the clothes she had been wearing the day before. "I'm up. I'll be dressed and ready in a minute." The caretaker smiled and shut the drape of her tent before heading off to get ready himself. The small teen let out another yawn and reached for a bag she had brought with her. I'll kill Anubis for what he did... And send him to an eternity of imprisoned solitude. She let out a growl and opened up the bag, which kept all of her equipment, and the outfit she had made for the mission. May slipped off her clothes and put on a pair of skater shorts, a tank top, a hooded cloak, gloves, and combat boots that reached to her shin. Finally, she stood and snapped her belt, communicator, gun, and bullets latched onto it. "Ready." The demon stepped from her tent and headed to the largest tent that had been set up for the meeting before they charged into the underground pyramid they believed held the key.

"Alright, were not sure if Anubis is already in there so we have to be careful. Also, this pyramid might be riddled with traps. We'll try and stick together the best we can. If we get split up, try and stay as close to others as possible." HellBoy loaded his gun and stuck it in his halter after finishing his speech. Most of the men were doing the same. "Lets go." The large demon stormed out of the tent, May following directly behind. Upon reaching the hidden entrance, everyone drew they're guns and followed each other inside. "Jesus, it's like a maze in here..." Hadly looked along the walls with his flashlight, silently admiring the hieroglyphics that lined the walls. "Yeah, they designed it so that robbers would die trying to steal from the mummies." May looked back at her caretaker, flashlight pointed at her father's large bulk in front of her. "See anything, Daddy?" HellBoy paused, causing everyone to try to keep from running into each other. "Theirs a split... Since we need to find out where Anubis is, we'll have to split up into two teams." The red teen started to shiver, knowing she would have to part from her father. At this time she wished Abe had been able to come along, but he would have died in such a hot environment even with the equipment used to keep him out of water for long periods of time. That way they could just tell which direction Anubis was.

It was decided shortly that HellBoy, Garett, and two others would go to the right and May, Hadly, and three others would go to the left. Hadly forced himself past May so he would be first, despite her wishes. The group of five seemed to be walking on forever and getting nowhere. Finally, Hadly spoke up. "Maybe this is just a dead end hallw-"He was cut short as he stepped on a loose brick and a sharp spike shot from the wall, slitting across the outside of the young man's stomach. Hadly fell back, May immediately caught in May's arms who drug him back as another spike shot through the floor and in between his feet. Hadly clenched his stomach, blood smearing onto his palm. "Danm... Luckily it only grazed me." A thin, slanted cut bleed showed under the sliced shirt that Hadly was wearing. After patching the wound up the best they could, they looked to the problem at hand. The hallway ahead of them was riddled with hundreds of spikes shooting out in every direction. "Were gonna have to crawl over them one by one." May was the first to dive forward onto a spike and to start crawling her way through them. As she neared the end, one of the spikes sliced through her arm causing her to yelp. Ignoring it, she went the whole way through before whipping the blood from her arm. "Okay, now you guys come through and bring the equipment with you."

Once all the men had reached the other side, one of the men lead the way even though May still thought she should. "Big Red said we have to protect you above all else, so that's what were doing." The red teen let out a heavy sigh and looked down at the small purple light glowing on her belt that kept track of her location. It wasn't long before they stumbled onto another trap. This time the floor opened up and the leading man fell into the pit, getting caught on tons of spikes at the bottom. It wasn't long until only Hadly and May were left, each person getting caught by numerous traps. The small demon's eyes were brimmed with tears. Her father had seen to much death and now his daughter was experiencing the same thing. This wasn't the job she'd thought it'd be. I wonder how Daddy is doing... May's eyes went to the ground, I hope he's okay...

HellBoy and his group had had the same fate at May's. Only HellBoy, Garett, and one other man had survived the traps set for them. The large demon paused and pressed his ear to try and contact his daughter. "May? May do you read?" The demon child stopped abruptly and snatched the back of Hadly's coat to force him to stop. "Dad's calling!" May pressed the communicator in her ear. "Yeah Dad. I can hear you but it's faint. The walls must be blocking the signals." HellBoy nodded, "How is your team? Is everyone still okay?" The small teen paused and the hallway was in silence until May finally got it together to reply. "No, only Hadly and I are left and he's got a wound on his torso." The large demon winced, picturing his daughter only having Hadly to protect her and all the other men that had died. "What about you? ... Daddy?" HellBoy snapped out of it to reply. "Only Garett, Victor, and I are left." May could feel tears start to well up behind her eye sockets but quickly put them at bay. "Did you find anything?" She could hear her father sigh on the other end of the communicator. "Nope. You?" Her heart sank, "Nothing. I'll keep in touch." After both said their goodbyes, May looked back at Hadly who patted her shoulder. "Your dad'll be fine... He's a strong one." The small demon tried to nod and give a weak smile as both of them continued on.

The two continued on in silence until it was abruptly broken by a slight rumble. "That... Doesn't sound good..." Hadly stopped and pointed his flashlight forward. "What's... RUN!" Hadly grabbed May's hand before she had time to react and started to take off in the opposite direction. A large boulder rolled after them at full speed directly behind them. The demon let out a cry and ran faster. "What is this?! An Indiana Jones movie?!" Both of them ran until Hadly spotted a small source of light peeking out from one of the rocks on the wall ahead of them. That it! It's our only hope! Hadly brought May to his side and pressed her tightly to him before slamming his shoulder into the wall where the source of light shown. The wall suddenly spun around and both landed face first into the hard ground on the other side just as the large boulder rolled past on the other side of the wall. The red demon reached for her head and coughed. "Ow..." She then realized she was in a brightly lit room with tons of decorations. "W-Where are we...?"

May looked over to Hadly who was leaned against a wall gripping his right shoulder and gritting his teeth and quickly crawled over to him. "What wrong?!" The caretaker gave her a weak smile. "It's nothing... I just hurt my shoulder ramming into the wall..." Glaring, the teen inspected his shoulder. "It's broken. You should stay here and I'll go find Anubis. I'm pretty sure he should be somewhere in here." Hadly, even though in extreme pain, glared at her and stood. "Yeah, right." May huffed and both of the looked at their surroundings. "It looks like Anubis has to be around here somewhere..." The demon child looked left and right until her caretaker snatched her shoulder with his working arm and forced her down so both were hidden. May's rear crashed on the hard ground and she started to yelp in protest but was silenced by Hadly's palm over her mouth. Both peeked above the block they hid behind and sure enough, Anubis was approaching a large alter like door.

The demon child breathed in deeply, moving one of her boots back, colliding with a small rock which make slight noise as it rolled back. May flinched and looked up to see Anubis turn his maw and sniff in her direction. Raising his hand, four Ammut's appeared out of thin air and started to lumber towards the block that Hadly and May were using as cover. Both of them sank lower, falling on their rears with their backs pressed against the cold concrete. The caretaker then looked to the demon child, "Call your father on the communicator if you can. I'll deal with these." Before May could protest on how stupid an idea that was, the young man spun around the block and began shooting wildly at the Ammuts who continued to charge at him. The demon child screamed as she could hear Hadly cry out. Quickly she grabbed her communicator and tried her best to reach her father. Come on... Come on! HellBoy paused, putting a finger to the earpiece of his communicator. "May? May is that you?" Her could make out something in his daughter's voice. She was panicking and screaming something about Hadly. "Hadly! Found... Ammuts! ... Anubis!" The com then fuzzed out. The large demon took in a deep breath, trying to stay calm. He had to find some sort of way to get to his daughter...

May tried to best to keep from crying as the com fuzzed out. Quickly, she threw it on the ground and rolled out from her hiding place, pulling her gun from its halter as she did so. Getting on one knee, she began shooting at the large creatures that were surrounding her caretaker. As the Ammuts backed off a bit, Hadly fell to the ground just long enough for May to grab his collar and yank him to safety behind the block they had hidden behind earlier. Most of his shirt had been ripped off; revealing his blood covered flesh with hundreds of bruises and open wounds. Three claw marks bleed across Hadly's face causing him to close his eye in a desperate attempt to keep the blood out. The red demon held her caretaker's face in her red hands, tears streaming down her face. "Hadly, you dumbass! You better stay alive or I'll hate you!" The young man just gave her a weary smile before falling limp in her arms. May quickly felt his pulse before setting him against the block. He's still alive... But I don't know for how long...

Raven locks covered the red teen's face, as she looked down, kneeled before Hadly. "You won't... Won't..." She clenched her blood-covered hands into fists before slamming the ground. "I WON'T LET YOU KILL ANYONE ELSE!" Leaping up, she came down on one of the Ammut's foreheads with the heel of her boot before spinning around until the four creatures surrounding her toppled over, front legs kicked out from under them. Standing, she began to use the strength she never thought she had and started to snap the monsters jaws and legs at every chance they leapt at her. But of course, no matter how many times she killed then they would merely get back on their feet. May continued the same routine the best she could until six Ammuts surrounded her and smothered her in their immense weight. In a futile attempt, the demon child tried to use her arms to cover her face only to have her arms ripped to shreds by the massive claws that kept coming down to strike her at every possible chance they got. I'm going to die here... I'm going to fail... Cate and Hadly aren't going to get revenge... May's eyes popped open to reveal a startling yellow exactly like her fathers. No... I'm not going to let them kill me. It's not over yet... I can't leave dad alone... With one last bit of energy, her entire body burst into blue flames. I'm not going to die! Her body spasmed as the fire radiating off of her shot out and covered the entire room, burning anything that got in her path...

A month later...

Apparently I had whipped out all the Ammuts with the fire blast I gave off before I fainted and only had wounded Anubis. While I was out, Dad had found us and somehow had sealed Anubis away. It took me three days to wake up and took Hadly about a week. I'm glad he's okay but has to take leave from The B.P.R.D until he recovers. I went to visit him the other day and he looked like... Well, shit to be blunt. They said he'd recover fully so I don't really have to worry. But I feel bad that he has to wear those three long claw scars across his face just so that I could get revenge. Of course, he denies all fact that it was my fault and we always end up arguing over it. He always wins. Heh... When I came to I could barely remember anything from the point of where I started the fire. I guess I have Mom to thank for the little gift she unwillingly passed down to me. I still can't force myself to start the fire or anything; it just seems to come as a last resort. The funny thing, though? My right eye stayed yellow even after I woke up. It's kinda like you can tell I'm half of my Mom and half of my Dad when you look into each of my eyes. Heh, sorry I guess... Getting too mushy. In the end, I think everything that happened had a purpose... Now I just have to figure out what it was.

May closed the small red diary to where it showed 'HellGirl' written in black letters on the front cover and looked out over the city of New York from the top of The B.P.R.D building. The black shirt she wore adorned the logo for the building itself as she pushed herself to a standing position with a painful grunt. Despite everyone's wishes, she had ventured out with all her injuries to the roof. Placing one foot on the edge, she looked over the city once more. Her raven hair swept behind her like black silk strings and over her differently coloured eyes. "Saften your seat belts, New York City... HellGirl's keeping an eye on you..."