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Groggily, She thought.

It was morning already. Eyes screwed shut, Risa reached out to silence her alarm clock. Her arm returned to the comfort and warmth of her sheets. Two birds outside chirped loudly to one another, and another pecked at her window. Tap Tap Tap... Damn, those creatures were annoying. What were they doing so early in the morning anyway? Risa was not a morning person. The fact that she had slept at 3:00 last night didn't help her situation at all. She was in bed at 12:00, but thoughts about a certain purple haired, drop dead gorgeous thief with black wings, plus the heat of the night, kept her tossing and turning for three hours.

"Maybe both of us have the fate of having a one sided love with him," Risa recalled herself saying to Hiwatari-kun on that fateful night down in a wet well in Azumano Rugaru Museum.

"Perhaps you're right." he admitted in that soft, gentle tone of his'.

Dark disappeared like he did 50 years ago. Have she ever truly loved him? She suppose she did, even with her silly fantasies back then. What a self-absorbed, rude and immature schoolgirl she must have been! How that must have clashed with her "physically attractive exterior". (quoting Satoshi) Dark's disappearance really shouldn't have hurt that much. It shouldn't fill her heart with loneliness, and dread to learn that she will never see him again. It shouldn't fill nights with tears, and thoughts of despondency. The pain was slowly ebbing away. It's time for her to crawl out of that hole of self depreciation.

Her second alarm clock went off.

"Why do you have two clocks?" somebody had asked.

For mornings like this. Her arm rose lazily, hovered in the air before crashing down on the second machine. If she didn't get up soon, she would be late for school, but it was painful to be walking around in this ungodly hour. Her head hurt, her eyes hurt and her limbs refused to move.

Thirty minutes later, she found herself running down the hallway, lunchbag in hand.

She was late once again.

"Give me a hand, Risa!" Saehara said in lunch break.

"Does it look like I have a hand?" she retorted.

It was true. She had an armful of art supplies. Ignoring Saehara's foul mouth, she continued her trek down the school yard. Her hair whipped around her face inconveniently in the wind. Through her tresses, she spotted Hiwatari-kun in the distance, staring at a tree. Curious, she walked quietly up to his back. He finally turned around to face her, looking a bit surprised.

A moment of silence ensued as the two stared at the moving branches.

"Hey. What are you thinking?" she started.

"Nothing much."

"Right." she said. "...and I stare at trees all the time for fun", she continued in her head.

"Nothing new anyway." He pushed up his glasses. "Do you need help with those?" he said, referring to the armload of supplies.

"It would be appreciated." she said, handing him an easle, and a bag of brushes.

"Do you like art, Harada-san?"

"I do, but I am horrible at drawing." They stopped for no reason to stare at yet another tree.

"How horrible can it be? I'll have to see your artwork to see for myself."

Risa smiled. They continued their slow walk across the schoolyard to the art room. Along the way, about a million thoughts coursed through Risa's head. This was the first proper conversation she'd had with Hiwatari-kun. When did he start talking so much, or about anything non-technical, for that matter? She chuckled a bit, recalling the time when he asked her out so that he could study her looks for his "investigation." After unloading the supplies, Satoshi checked his watch.

"We should head back now to avoid being late."

Nothing else special happened that day. Shikijou sensei announced that there will be a math quiz in two days, which Risa failed to hear because she was in the washroom.

Night again. Dreaded night. She needed the sleep, but tonight, her mind was not only invaded with the winged thief but also memories of a certain blue haired genius. Risa gave up tossing and turning, and rolled out of bed to stare out her window. The familiar sky made her feel secure, yet small.

"Dark." she declared. "I have decided to stop thinking about you. It's totally unhealthy and it's just plain silly. I'll be senile the next time you come back." She nodded to convince herself.

"Oh how I miss that shadow across the night sky."


"Stop it, Risa!" she snapped at herself. "You're doing it again! Now go to sleep." She climbed back into bed obediently. Her thoughts suddenly turned to Satoshi and the "incident" on the ferry. She really had to admit to herself, he looked cute with his sleepy head lolled onto her shoulder.

"And I thought you weren't interested in people with glasses!" she taunted herself.

"And who said I liked him!"

"Oh come on...look at those eyes!"

"Now that you mention it, he really does have beautiful eyes. Deep and blue, like the sea." sigh

The first alarm clock buzzed. It was silenced, then thrown across the room. The second buzzed as well, and it received the same treatment. The birds outside made hoarse sounding noises, hurting her peace.

"Risa! You're going to be late!" Riku's yell was incorporated into her dream. Five minutes later, Risa found the strength to roll out of bed, and found herself victim to a splitting headache.

Lunch rolled around eventually, after enduring a session of lame jokes and a lecture on cosine ratios and how they're important in life. Teachers these days. Thought they could make things interesting with jokes and life lessons. English was even worse. They studied Macbeth and analyzed the significance of Lady Macbeth's sleepwalking. It's not significant. It's just downright creepy. Imagine yourself walking around at night asleep, and washing your hands. Risa shivered at the thought of wandering onto her balcony at night. Or what if you lived near a graveyard? You could be sleepwalking into the rows of gray gravestones, trip over a root, and then wake up. Macbeth indeed. Woe to her who has to study Shakespeare and his funny language. Anyhow, her stomach is in dire need of substance as it has been empty since last night's dinner. There was no time to eat breakfast or pack a lunch, her wallet was empty and Riku was nowhere to be found.

"Be strong." she told herself, "You'll pull through this amazing day."

"Ugh. Who am I kidding. What a cruddy day." The pounding in her head did not abate, and her stomach was making embarrassing noises.

"Where are my friends when I need them? I feel like such a loser." Looking around, she spotted Satoshi at the base of a tree. Should she, or should she not? That is the question. Oops, that was Hamlet. Oh, what a coward she was! It's just Satoshi. She screwed her courage to the sticking place, and walked towards him with a slight bounce.

"So. What are you thinking of now?" she plunked herself down next to him. The tree was wide enough for her to lean against it and still be beside him.

"You look tired." he replied, completely ignoring her inquiry. How rude! He will pay someday for not knowing how to treat a lady!

He continued, "It's scientifically proven that a lack of sleep causes idiosyncrasy and a decrease in brain function."

Idiosyncrasy? Whatever that means, it can't be positive. Risa imagined her family doctor saying in a solemn tone, "You have idiosyncrasy. I'm sorry." She's going to have to change her sleeping habits.

Risa narrowed her eyes, "Yeah, yeah. I didn't need you to tell me that. How was your day? Hopefully not crappy like mine."

"Like usual. Doing and thinking the usual." And what would that be?

"You know, it's scientifically proven that thinking about the same subject every day is unhealthy." More like 'personally proven.' It got her four hours of sleep last night. A cool breeze characteristic of tree shades rippled the grass beneath their feet. They say breezes are the coolest under a shade. That's somewhat true. The weather was really nice today. Too bad she wasn't in Macbeth's world, and there was no such thing as pathetic fallacy. Ugh, why are all these English literary terms popping out of nowhere?

"I'm pretty sure you know what I mean." she said, knowing a bit about Satoshi's past.

He turned to stare at her, his brilliant eyes locked onto hers, and she suddenly felt self-conscious.

"Uh...um, I mean, we should let go of certain things, and stop wondering about..." she stammered, picking at imaginary lint, and feeling her face heating up.

"Harada-san?" Oh no. The grass was moving in circles, the school was fuzzy and her head felt like it was pounded by hammers.

"Are you alright?"

"Huhh, I'm fine." she heard herself say before slumping against a shoulder.

A.N. Eh? I'm sorry! I know the whole fainting thing has been done before, and many times in D.N.Angel, but I just couldn't resist. Besides, someone will have to carry her back, and sap factor would increase. OoPs! I gave it away. I was going to make Hiwatari a landing pad (think Daisuke and Riku...If Riku gets a personal landing pad, why not Risa?) but they were sitting, so oh well. Slumping against a shoulder will do.