A/N: Here's the next chapter. This chapter features almost exclusively Raine and Sheena, but there's a reason it has to be them. All I'll say is that Zelos is in trouble now!

Raine awoke with a horrible realization-she still had the curlers in her hair, so her whole head was covered in ridiculous curls. As she was taking out the curlers, she glanced into the mirror on the wall and nearly screamed. It looked like a bird had tried to nest on her head and failed miserably. Sheena had put these awful curls in her hair, so maybe she knew how to get rid of them.

"Sheena! Sheena! Wake up!" Raine urged, shaking Sheena a bit too roughly.

"What? Raine, it's too early. Leave me alone."

"Sheena, you have to help me."

"With what? If it's Zelos, you're capable of beating him up on your own."

"No, for once he's innocent. It's my hair."

"What about your...oh, I see." Sheena had to struggle to stifle her giggles. She couldn't let Raine know how stupid she thought her hair looked.

"You put the curls in; do you know how to get them out?" Raine urged, anxious to be rid of the offending hairstyle.

"They'll fall out on their own," Sheena yawned.

"How long will that take?"

"I dunno. A couple of days, maybe?"

"I can't let anybody see this! I need them gone now!"

Sheena sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Okay, okay, don't have a fit. I'm awake. I'll help you. Maybe if you used a hair straightener, you might be able to tame that mess on your head. I bet Zelos has one. He has more grooming products than the rest of us combined."

"Hm, you're probably right about that. Is there any way we can borrow his hair straightener without him seeing my hair? You know he'll say something rude."

"I'll go ask him, if he's awake. I won't tell him why I need it. In the meantime, put on a hat, or tie a scarf around your head. I wouldn't go out in public like that if I was you either."

"Thanks for the advice," Raine remarked sarcastically.

The two women met outside Zelos's bedroom five minutes later. Raine had found a bandana somewhere and tied it around her head. She looked a bit odd, but at least it hid the curls. "Did you get it?" she asked hopefully.

"No. I keep knocking, but he won't answer. I hope he's not passed out or anything."

Raine sighed. "I suggest you go inside and shake him awake."

Sheena made a face. "The last thing I want is to have him catch me in his room. He might get the wrong idea. Besides, Lloyd and Genis said he sleeps naked. Haven't we seen enough of that already?" Unpleasant memories of the trip to Altamira invaded Sheena's mind. " We don't have much of a choice though, do we?" Sheena opened the door, eyes squeezed tightly shut. "Is it safe to look?" she asked Raine.

"I don't know. I'm not looking either. "

Sheena somehow managed to find the courage to open her eyes. To her surprise, most of Zelos was covered by blankets. He was shirtless, but that was all she could tell. Then, she burst out laughing. Zelos was wearing a pink eye mask. "Raine! Hey, Raine! Look at this!"

Raine giggled. "He never fails to look foolish, does he?"

Sheena poked Zelos in an attempt to wake him. "Zelos? Hey, it's time to get up, okay?" No answer. She shoved him a little. "I said get up! Weren't you listening?" He still didn't respond. Sheena's patience was gone. She began slapping his face. "DAMMIT ZELOS! WAKE UP, YOU IDIOT CHOSEN!"

Finally, Zelos responded in a confused, sleepy voice. "Huh? What is it?"

"I need to borrow a hair straightener. Do you have one?"

"Yeah. It's in here somewhere," he mumbled, before turning onto his side and going back to sleep.

"He's hopeless," Sheena sighed disgustedly. "We have his permission, so it looks like all we have to do is find it. How hard could that be?" She immediately began searching the room, starting with the bedside table.

"I don't know if poking around Zelos's room is a good idea," Raine commented. "I'm a little afraid of what kind of things we might find."

"You want to get rid of those curls or not?" Sheena demanded impatiently. "It's a risk we'll just have to take."

Raine nodded. "Where do you think he keeps it?"

"Who knows? Is it on top of that dresser?"

"No. What about on one of those chairs."

"Nope. It's not on the floor, and it's not on a tabletop. Looks like we'll have to start looking inside the drawers, even though I really don't like that idea." Sheena opened the drawer on the bedside table. It contained the usual kind of thing that might be in such a drawer- a comb, face cream, a candy bar, nothing interesting.

Meanwhile, Raine tried the desk. She didn't really know why Zelos might keep hair care products in his desk, but it didn't hurt to look. In fact, she was mildly surprised the goofy Chosen even had a desk, considering he didn't seem to do work of any kind. True to her suspicions, the search was futile. "Sheena, I'm going to check the bathroom. Have you looked in the dresser?"

"That's the next place I'm going to look. This is starting to get ridiculous."

Sheena opened the top drawer and examined its contents. It contained, as expected, clothes. The next drawer, to Sheena's disgust (but by no means surprise), housed a large collection of dirty magazines. Grimacing, she closed it and opened the next one.

Suddenly, Raine called out from the bathroom, "Sheena! I found it!"

"Good!" Sheena responded cheerfully, but her tone changed when she glanced down into the drawer she was about to shut. "ZELOS! What are these doing here?" She was holding a pair of underwear, but Zelos didnt' respond. He was still asleep. "Raine, you'd better come here. I think Zelos may have something of yours."

Raine gave Sheena a curious look as she left the bathroom, hair straightener in hand. "What do you mean?" She looked in the drawer. "Women's underwear? Don't tell me he wears them. HEY! These are mine!" She snatched a pair of panties out of the drawer. "I've been missing these for awhile now, but I thought maybe they got lost last time I did the laundry."

"I bet these other ones belong to Colette and Presea. How long has that filthy pervert been stealing our panties? I can't believe we didn't catch him sooner." Sheena was red-faced and fuming. "There's no way we're letting him get away with this!"

Somehow, Zelos slept through the whole thing. When he finally did wake up, he walked into the bathroom sleepily and splashed water on his face. When he looked in the mirror, he froze in shock. Scrawled onto the glass was a message written in red lipstick: ZELOS WILDER, YOU'RE A DEAD MAN! - R.S & S.F.

"Sebastian!" he hollered for his butler, panicked.

"What is it, Master Zelos?" Sebastian asked.

"What? How'd you get here so fast?" Zelos looked confused.

"If you had been paying attention, you would have seen me enter your room five minutes ago."

"Whatever. Take a look at this. What does it mean?" the shaken Zelos asked.

"Hm...it would seem that Professor Sage and Miss Fujibayashi are upset with you. Have you done anything to make them angry?"

Zelos rolled his eyes. "Those two women are crazy. They're always angry with me."

Sebastian shrugged. "I'm afraid this is something you're going to have to settle on your own." With that statement, he left the room, leaving Zelos to wonder what Raine and Sheena were plotting to do to him.