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"Inuyasha don't walk so fast we're really tired!" Kagome yelled to Inuyasha who was a ways ahead of the group. They had been walking for a few hours and still no sign of jewel shards. "I don't believe this! You guys are so weak! We just started so suck it up!" Inuyasha yelled. "Kagome's right Inuyasha, we should take a break," Sango said holding Kirara in her arms.

"Fine but after this we better find some shards!" Inuyasha said crankily jumping up to a tree branch while the rest of the group sat down on the grass. Kagome chose to lean against a tree sighing with relief. Shippo curled up in her lap while she dug into her bag looking for the juices she had packed from her time.

"You guys want something to drink?" she asked when she pulled out the drinks from her oversized yellow bag stuffed with who-knows-what. "Thanks Kagome" Sango said getting up to fetch the drinks for her and Miroku. "Inuyasha, what about you?" Kagome asked looking up into the tree Inuyasha had climbed. "I don't need one" he said looking off into the distance. Miroku had noticed Inuyasha's uneasiness that had started a few days ago when they decided to hunt for shards in this area. "Is there something wrong Inuyasha? You seem to be troubled by something" Miroku said, though doubting he would receive a decent answer. Both Sango and Kagome looked up from watching Shippo and Kirara play and focused their attention on Inuyasha.

"There ain't nothin' wrong with me so stop buddin in on my business ya damn houshi!" Inuyasha spat. Kagome had also been noticing how Inuyasha had been a little less patient than usual. Miroku sighed; he knew not to take things from Inuyasha personal. Inuyasha caught Kagome staring at him and said "What!" "Oh...nothing, I was just worried" Kagome said quickly, not wanting to upset Inuyasha even more than he already was.

Sesshomaru sniffed the air for any unfamiliar youkai that were on his lands. None. He continued walking forward with his young ward Rin and retainer Jakken behind him arguing about why Jakken didn't croak like a real frog. Sesshomaru had been traveling across different regions of his lands making sure there were no invaders. Often he would take Rin and Jakken preferring to have others with him though he wondered how he Tai of the West got stuck in these situations. He had, many times before, pondered on why he had decided to revive the young girl but was glad he did as she took care of minor problems like Jakken. He would always listen to the way she tortured him innocently without even knowing she did.

He inhaled again and stopped. "What is it my lord?" Jakken said. "There is a familiar, though faint, scent in the air though I cannot place it" Sesshomaru said inhaling deeper and focusing his senses. The scent came to him again stronger and he recognized it to be Inuyasha causing him to create a rising growl that would scare anyone, except for Rin who wasn't bothered by things like that when she knew they weren't directed at her, though Jakken was the opposite fearing he had done something wrong. Trembling he stuttered "My lord?" Sesshomaru cut in saying "Inuyasha and his human filth companions have dared to trample over my lands!

He will not escape from me this time." "Inuyasha!" Jakken cried recalling memories from past occasions where they had met up with Inuyasha and his friends...though for some reason he always ended up being beaten to a pulp by either the houshi, exterminator, the miko or even her crazed kitsune! "Jakken" Sesshomaru said, breaking Jakken from his thoughts "You will stay here with Rin until I return." "But-my lord! When will you be coming back?" Jakken cried watching an evil grin appear on Rin's face. "Before nightfall" Sesshomaru replied, his cloud forming at his feet and as he took off he could here Rin saying "Come back soon Sesshomaru-sama!" with a muttering Jakken behind her.

"Inuyasha! Stop yelling already!" Kagome cried throwing her hands in the air fuming. Inuyasha had been going on and on about how nosy people were and how they should mind their own damn business while Miroku was sighing heavily regretting he had even brought up the subject. "Maybe if everyone would just stop ganging up on me!" Inuyasha cried jumping up and down on his branch crazily.

He started again but stopped...that smell...that stinkin familiar smell....it smelt like...like... "Sesshomaru!" he yelled and everyone stopped yelling registering what he had said. "Seshomaru's comin' so get ready!" Inuyasha yelled again impatiently. Everyone got into battle stance except for Kagome and Shippo, though she grabbed her bow and arrows. True enough Sesshomaru appeared before them with his emotionless mask on as always though it did not keep him from appearing like a regal prince. He stepped forward and Inuyasha grabbed the hilt of his sword yelling "What do you want now Sesshomaru!"

"Even an insolent whelp like you would know that you are traveling in the Tai Regions of the West which are my lands" Sesshomaru said with a calm voice. "We're here jewel hunting and we ain't leaving so go to hell!" Inuyasha cried unsheathing his Tetsuaiga. "Inuyasha! We can avoid all this!" Kagome yelled but Inuyasha just said "Feh!" "You should listen to your wench more often, at least she carries the common sense" Sesshomaru continued. "I said we ain't leavin'!" Inuyasha yelled lunging forward and attempted to slash across Sesshomaru but he dodged to the side. "Same as always dear brother" Sesshomaru said and continued, "always waving that sword around hoping to hit me."

Though Inuyasha paid no attention to him and lunged forward again so Sesshomaru lashed forward also just about to meet when!......Kagome ran between them yelling "Stop! Miashid ju'stadoy melitho neyo-..." but before she could finish Inuyasha pushed her out of the way and they both slammed into Sesshomaru raising a cloud of dust. "Kagome? Inuyasha?!" Sango and Miroku both yelled running forward and shielding their eyes from the dust. The dust subsided and Kagome and Sesshomaru were the first to rise clutching their heads, which had probably hit each other. Then Inuyasha rose yelling "What the hell were you thinking?! You almost killed yourself! Next time don't be so damn stupid!" but no one was paying attention because they were inspecting Sesshomaru and Kagome.

Inuyasha pushed everyone aside and said "What's everyone lookin' at?!" he said inspecting Kagome standing next to Sesshomaru. "Inuyasha we have a HUGE problem!" Miroku yelled. "Get off me, wench!" Sesshomaru yelled at Kagome who was trying to pull away but her hand was....STUCK?! "What the hell are you talking about Sesshomaru! You're the one holding onto her!" Inuyasha cried out seeing their fingers weaved between one anothers. "Inuyasha open your eyes!" Kagome yelled frantically "We're STUCK!" "What the-.." Inuyasha stuttered. He grabbed Kagome's hand and pulled while Sesshomaru stood firmly but their hands would not part. "The solution is obvious" Sesshomaru said.

"What is it?" Kagome said and even Inuyasha listened intently. "Obviously you chanting those words when we collided cast some type of spell so now reverse it so I can continue my battle with Inuyasha" Sesshomaru said, eager to get away from Kagome as soon as possible. "Ya' stupid git!" Inuyasha yelled "Don't you think if Kagome knew how to reverse it you would be out of this situation?!"

"You can't reverse it?!" Sesshomaru said panicking. Kagome stood silently and said, "Sorry...This is an unknown spell to me but I think the only way we can get rid of it is to go see Kaede." "Unbelievable!" Sesshomaru sighed "I'm stuck to human filth and of all the miserable lowly commoners I had to get stuck with Inuyasha's wench!" Kagome was panicking too...what if they couldn't reverse it?...would Kaede know how?.. The sun was slowly setting and nightfall would be upon them.

"There is nothing we can do today" Miroku sighed watching the sun go lower "We will have to start tomorrow morning."

This was all true no matter how anxious everyone was to resolve the misspell so everyone silently sat down preparing for sleep...everyone except Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Kagome.

Kagome said in a whisper " Does this mean we have to sleep together" it was mostly directed to herself but Inuyasha and Sesshomaru still heard it and they sighed. "You touch her and I'll take advantage of the fact that your only arm left is facing an inquiry right now so be warned" Inuyasha said serious. Kagome shot him a nervous glance but he said "It's ok...he can't do anything right now, anyways his main priority is the same as yours so no sweat." Inuyasha jumped onto a tree where Sesshomaru and Kagome were in his view. Kagome was about to sit down still nervous but Sesshomaru said "No, I left Rin and Jakken alone.

I told them I would be back today before nightfall and it has already passed" he said looking at the darkened sky. Kagome remembered the small girl she had seen with Sesshomaru during brief moments and had even wondered why he would allow a human child to accompany him. "Fine then lets go" Kagome said walking forward but was stopped again because of Sesshomaru. "What?" she said turning back to him. "Walking is too slow. Don't do anything idiotic like screaming" Sesshomaru said and he jumped into the air, Kagome WAS going to give a yelp but sufficed for a gasp when remembering what he had just said.

She was cold and a little scared of how high they were but was happy when she looked down as saw a faint red blur between the trees and realize Inuyasha was following them for her safety. They began to descend after eight to ten minutes and landed next to a large fire with Rin sitting next to it and Jakken leaning against the trees. Rin jumped up and ran swiftly catching Sesshomaru's leg in a brief hug of welcome. Jakken got up too and cried, "My lord you have returned...but what's this? Why did you bring Inuyasha's miko with you?"

"That you will find out later but for now we will be traveling with Inuyasha until I decide otherwise" Sesshomaru said while Jakken was about to protest and ask questions but Sesshomaru was acting rather less patient than usual so he continued listening. "Miko, take Rin in your arms so we can depart" Sesshomaru said. Kagome picked up the happy Rin who said, "Rin's name is Rin!"

Kagome giggled at the girl's misuse of grammar, but it was cute. "What about Jakken-sama?" Rin asked. "Um...How about Inuyasha?" Kagome said. Inuyasha appeared from out the woods where he was standing and grabbed Jakken by the collar saying "Feh!" "Fine. Hold tight to Rin" Sesshomaru said jumping into the air again. Kagome watched amused as Inuyasha jumped from tree to tree trying to keep up and not caring much for the toad, Jakken, seeing as he let the frog demon's head bash against a tree every once in a while. Kagome sighed.....it was going to be very interesting from here on.

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