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"The person I choose....." Inuyasha didn't finish. "Tell me!" Kikyo screeched. "I choose the person I love the most............ and that person is- (Who do you think he'll choose? )

"......and that person is- crash- what the" Inuyasha started. He looked around trying to pinpoint the source of the large crashing sound. Out from the forest a large soul collector appeared slashing it's head around and souls from Kikyo's body began flying away from her, "It's Naraku! He's trying to kill me Inuyasha!" Inuyasha pulled out his Tetsuaiga yelling "That little.... Kikyo run for cover! I'm slicing this worm in half!" Inuyasha ran forward slashing the soul stealer in half without effort. "That was pathetic" Inuyasha spat. The souls began drifting away but Kikyo's soul stealers grabbed them and returned them to her. "Inuyasha, Naraku is trying to get rid of me because he knows I cannot be trusted. He will try over and over until he finally succeeds" Kikyo said standing up.

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Kikyo. I promise I'll protect you" Inuyasha said embracing her in a hug. Kagome's legs felt really weak and she was sure she was going to burst out crying. Inuyasha.....you promised you would always protect....me' Kagome thought, blinking madly trying to keep her tears from falling. "I must hurry and leave before Naraku sends more demons after me" Kikyo said, rising into the air suspended by her soul collectors. "Be careful" Inuyasha murmured.

Kagome looked back at Sesshomaru and said, "Could we go back now?" Sesshomaru nodded with a bored expression on his face. Holding onto her waist again and quickly headed back to the guest room pondering over what Inuyasha had said. They arrived through the window and he jumped onto the bed. He looked at Kagome. She wasn't crying but he could smell tears forming and her scent was also cloaked in sadness and surprisingly......anger? Inuyasha....the name used to make him annoyed but now it made him furious. Why did Kagome even bother over his brother when he was standing right in front of her, literally. He thought about it for a second. Would he take Kagome if she did have feelings for him?

Inuyasha's shadow danced across the walls of the room as he crept into his bed. He looked over to Sesshomaru and Kagome. They both seemed like they were sleeping. Did Sesshomaru see him leave? He didn't follow him so it didn't matter. If he asked him, which he most likely wouldn't because Inuyasha's life was "pathetic" and "boring", he would just say for him to mind his own god damn business! What if Kagome heard, would she be suspicious that he had gone to see Kikyo? No way' he convinced himself and he drifted off to sleep.

Kagome had fallen asleep already and Sesshomaru just sat there sighing heavily thinking How in the seven hells do I get myself into these situations?' He looked at Kagome. She looked peaceful when she slept but he was sure she was miserable after witnessing Inuyasha with the undead clay miko. He wanted to know if Kagome had feelings for him. Sure, he had seen her blush like seventeen shades of red whenever he held onto her waist but he could understand he was irresistible. (At least he knows he's gorgeous ) Now if she hadn't blushed once, he would have had to assume there was something seriously wrong with her. So, she was attracted to him....or his looks. He was tired of pondering over the same thing so late at night, and fell asleep.

Kagome was the first one to wake up, which surprised her since she was one of the last ones to fall asleep. In a split second she remembered what had happened late last night. Inuyasha.....and Kikyo...she and Sesshomaru were spying on them. Her heart fell a little recalling Inuyasha's words to Kikyo. I promise to protect you.' The words rang through her mind like echoes. Well it was mostly her that was spying on Inuyasha and Kikyo. Sesshomaru most likely didn't care, but Inuyasha had not answered Kikyo's question.... Which one would he pick? She wondered if she had cried last night. She couldn't remember. She looked up at Sesshomaru. He seemed like he was sleeping but she doubted it seeing as how he usually pretended he was sleeping even though he was awake.

Sesshomaru' she thought. He had taken her to watch Inuyasha, which was far out into the cold forest and when he had brought her back she hadn't even thanked him. He was really good looking, that was for sure! But what about his personality? Kagome had been really surprised lately at some of his actions recently and what about the small girl Rin that he took in? She was human. Maybe he wasn't as ruthless or human hating as she thought he was. Well, he did always try to do the honorable thing...as long as it didn't make him seem like a weakling. No, he would never return her feelings for him...would he? She had seen emotion flash through his eyes sometimes when he was around her. He was always watching her, too.

She leaned forward. His eyes shot open and she was so surprised she fell off the side of the bed pulling Sesshomaru with her landing with a "Thud!" Sango and Miroku woke up and ran over to the side. Sango asked, "Are you alright? What happened?" Sesshomaru pulled Kagome up and she said laughing a little "I fell off the bed and....uh..pulled Sesshomaru with me." Seeing everything was all right Miroku and Sango both headed to the dining room to have breakfast after doing their beds and cleaning up a bit. "Sorry" Kagome said. Sesshomaru didn't say anything because his mind was racing Was she attempting to kiss me while I slept?' Was I trying to kiss him while he was sleeping?!' Kagome thought after she apologized.

Damn, next time I should just keep my eyes closed and THEN open them after she kissed me' Sesshomaru thought. "Thank you for last night" Kagome said. Inuyasha shot up from his bed yelling "WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?! Did he do something?!" Inuyasha pounced on Sesshomaru bringing all three of them down. "INUYASHA! SIT!" Kagome yelled, but that was a bad idea. Inuyasha fell right on top of her and Sesshomaru and for a second their lips touched. Sesshomaru's usual calm eyes widened and so did Kagome's. For a second all her worry's disappeared. She tried to lift her head but..Inuyasha's body was on top of them. She looked straight at Sesshomaru.

After the shock of actually kissing her, even if it was by mistake, he calmed down and relaxed just waiting for Inuyasha to get off. Inuyasha finally got off and they both jumped up avoiding each other's gaze. "Inuyasha, NOTHING happened and if you don't drop it I'll say 'SIT!' again" Kagome said and Inuyasha smashed into the ground again but by then she and Sesshomaru were already out the door heading for breakfast.....if they could eat without making a mess.

Besides thinking of the kiss he had received from Kagome, Sesshomaru was thinking how handy it would be to be able to "sit" Inuyasha anytime he wanted. He was holding Kagome by the waist again and as usual she was blushing again. He liked it when she blushed...she looked really....well she looked good. "You're going to have a hard time if you plan on eating" Sesshomaru said. Kagome stopped blushing and looked up confused and realized what he meant. She couldn't use her hands and her mouth was about three inches from Sesshomaru. She sighed, now that she thought about it she wasn't really THAT hungry. Maybe it was because she ate yesterday afternoon or maybe because of her depression about Inuyasha and Kikyo. Just recalling the memory made her eyes burn and heart drop. Sesshomaru found that when he sped up his pace she leaned closer to him so he began moving faster towards the breakfast room and was pleased when she did indeed lean closer to his chest.

She looked up at Sesshomaru and he looked down at her. They stayed like that for a moment and she edged closer confidently but in her mind she was thinking WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! NO! MOVE BACK! NO! NO! NO!' She ignored her thoughts and pushed her lips upon his. His eyes widened again and he was about to pull back but instead, to his surprise, returned the kiss. His mind became foggy for a second and as a consequence for not looking where he was jumping they both smashed into the door to the breakfast room.

They both looked up. Well, they had made it to breakfast. This door was the entrance to the dining room. The door opened and Sango was holding the handle and looked down at both of them. "Uh....Are you alright? What were you guys doing, you practically broke the door" Sango said inspecting the front of the door that now had large cracks running through it. "My servants will fix it" Sesshomaru said pulling himself and Kagome up rubbing his head. Kagome smiled inside. He had returned the kiss!.... or maybe he couldn't pull his head back enough so he just gave in. Think positive!' a voice said in her mind.

Well, that confirms it. She is definitely attracted to me' Sesshomaru thought amused.

They sat down and Kagome surprisingly didn't object to sitting on his lap. Sango looked at her friend with a "What the heck are you doing?" and Kagome said, "It was either this or standing ALL day." She was sure to emphasize the word "all" by saying it a little louder and Sango shrugged her shoulders in agreement/whatever kind of way. Miroku was too busy eating to talk but apparently wasn't too busy to grope Sango. There was a large "Whack!" followed by a "Thud!" The unconscious houshi was placed back on his chair after he fell off and Sango resumed eating. Kagome sighed at their daily routine but was still extremely happy because of Sesshomaru and somehow still managed to mope over Inuyasha.

It was a complicated emotion. Inuyasha burst through the door, which broke since it had already been exposed to the hit caused by Sesshomaru and Kagome, and a plate of food was set in front of him. He continued watching Kagome and Sesshomaru all throughout breakfast. Something was going on between them.....he could feel it.

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