Hello, this is a fic I thought of while I was reading this one manga scan. It's about how Ryou is never involved in Yugi's little gang. He's usually never included in the "Group Pictures" and in the friendship speeches and stuff. So yea, that's my inspiration. A sad little manga scan that made me wanna cry. Anyway I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I haven't written a fic in a while so I hope it's okay. :] Oh yea...Shounen Ai I suppose. I could be like some of those people and say there's "HARD CORE YAOI", when really all there is, is some holding hands and huggin. I can't write yaoi! I'd get all giggly! . But I do like it heh.

Names so you don't get confused:

Bakura or Ryou = Nice Bakura.

Yami Bakura= Evil Kura? Yep eeeeevil....

Marik= Sorta sane Marik.

Yami Marik= Really insane, crazy hair Marik.

I think the rest are easy to get.

Ryou walked down the quiet street. He was on his way home after school. Most of the kids were hanging out with their friends, but Ryou always liked to go home right away. He didn't stop and play at the arcade or go to the mall. The reason was, he didn't have anyone to do that with. The people he had once considered his friends never seemed to want him around. Whenever he showed up to hang with them, they would disperse saying they had things to do. Then later he would see them all together again somewhere else. So he preffered to go home without running into his so called "friends".

He turned the corner and there he saw them. They were at the local pizza shop sitting around talking and laughing. There was Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu and Yugi. He decided to just, overhear what they were saying.

"Hey Honda! I bet I can stuff a whole pizza slice in my mouth at once!" Jonouchi shouted.

"Oh yea!? Well I bet I can too!" Honda replied back. They both greedily grabbed a slice and proceeded to shoving it down their throats. They both started gagging and soon the pizza ended up on their plates in a half chewed state.

Ryou sighed, "What idiots." he thought. He continued listening.

"You two are such children. But even though you are so mentally screwed, I'm still glad to have friends like you guys." Anzu said grinning. The group sighed and together said "Yea."as if they were on drugs or something.

"Come on guys! Let's put our hands together and make our smiley face that faded away months ago!" Anzu suggested beaming with sappy happiness. They all put their hands together and Ryou almost threw up.

"We're such great friends that...that...we should have a sleepover!" Yugi cheerfully said.

"Sounds great Yugi!" Jonouchi gleefully replied.

"Yea. So who are we gonna invite? And where is it gonna be?" Honda asked.

Yugi sat there thinking for a while. "Well I guess it can be at my house, and us four will be there for sure. Then we can invite Mai, Shizuka, Otogi, and the Kaiba brothers."

Ryou sighed.

"Excuse me Yugi, but why do we have to invite the Kaiba brothers." Jonouchi asked glaring at Yugi. "Mokuba is okay, but Seto?"

"Oh Jonouchi grow up and live with it. It's not like you have to talk to him. You could just ignore him." Anzu said. Jonouchi glared at Anzu.

Yugi started to think again. "I feel like we're forgetting someone."

Ryou looked up for a second, filled with hope.

"Who would that be?" Anzu asked him.

"I don't know. I'm seeing white, but...I just can't remember. Oh well, it's probably not that important." He shrugged.

"Oh I think I know who you are thinking about. Your probably thinking about that Ryou Bakura." Jonouchi said.

"Oh yea." Yugi replied. "The spirit that he has is way too scary and mean. Plus Ryou is weird."

"Yea. He's so quiet, that he's almost as scary as the spirit!" Anzu added.

"Then we're obviously not inviting him." Honda said. Ryou sighed again. He felt like crying. Ever since he had gotten the ring, his life had been horrible. But also, he had made a best friend from the ring. Ryou decided that even though he lost many friends and got physically damaged by the ring, it was better than not ever receiving it at all. Because he never would have met his partner.

"So then, when should we come over to your house?" Anzu asked Yugi.

"How about tomorrow at 8. By then we should have invited everyone. Jo, you can ask your sister obviously. Honda, you ask Otogi. Anzu, you can ask Mai. I'll ask Mokuba and Seto. Then you guys call me and tell me who's coming okay?"

"Yea!" They all agreed. And then they went their seperate ways, most likely home. Ryou made his way home, depressed.

When he arrived at his house he looked around caustiously. He wanted to make sure that no blonde egyptians were hanging around his house. He walked up the path to the house and opened the door hoping that there weren't any inside too. When all was clear he set his school bag on the table next to the door. Then he looked around for the spirit. Nothing.

"Spirit!" He shouted. He didn't hear anything for a while. Then he suddenly heard someone shout from one of the back rooms.

"What is it? You're late!" A slightly taller version of Ryou came out and leaned against the hall wall glaring at him. Ryou stared back surprised. Was he mad at him?

"Uh...what's wrong?" Ryou asked his mirror image. Yami Bakura just glared some more at him.

"You're late. That's what's wrong. Where were you?"

"I was just...uh..." Ryou couldn't think of an excuse. He didn't want the spirit to think that he was pathetic, spying on people he wished were his friends. But he also was a bad liar.

"What? Were you actually with Yugi and his lame friends?" Yami Bakura asked.

"Uh yea I was. Sorta. I overheard them talking...about something." Ryou sighed. Yami Bakura looked at him confused.

"So you just 'overheard' them talking? You were spying huh? And what's this sighing for? What'd they say?" Yami Bakura stopped leaning against the wall and went and sat on the couch. He motioned for Ryou to sit next to him. Ryou went and sat next to him and leaned his head against the spirits shoulder.

"Well, I heard them planing a...sleepover party."

"Okay? What's the problem with that. Let them have fun together in their little geek group."

Ryou sighed. Again.

"Well I heard who they were inviting. And...well they aren't invinting me."

Yami Bakura just looked at Ryou like he was crazy.

"Ryou, that's a good thing. Why would you wanna go to one of their parties?" The spirit laughed. Ryou glared got up and glared at him.

"Well maybe I would like some friends other than you!" He shouted. Yami Bakura was startled that Ryou actually yelled at him.

"You do have friends! You have me, Marik and Yami Marik!" Yami Bakura said smiling.

"Marik and his insane other half are not my friends!" Ryou fumed. Yami Bakura looked confused.

"I thought you liked them..."

"NO! I have always hated them! They are loud, and annoying!" Ryou shouted again. He started pacing around the room.

"Well I'm loud and annoying too. You tell me that a lot." Yami Bakura said. "There must be another reason why you hate them." Ryou stopped pacing and turned and looked at the spirit.

"Fine. It's... because... Marik is always hanging off of you!" Ryou blurted out. Yami Bakura just gave a sly grin.

"Ah I see. So you're jealous. Hehehe..." Yami Bakura chuckled. Ryou just glared at him and calmly said "Yes. And I'd appreciate if you wouldn't invite them over anymore."

Yami Bakura just sat there. "Eh..heh...yea.."

Ryou raised his eyebrow and looked at Yami Bakura. "What did you do?"

Bakura laughed nervously and said "I just invited them over before you got home."

Ryou practically exploded with anger, just as the door bell rang.

Yep...that's all for now. It will get better with the arrival of the Mariks. I plan on having them crash Yugis Party. Heh, anyway please review! Even if they are nasty and flamey. I like knowing people read my story, even if they hated it. :]