A large, strong man is seen walking up an old, dusty dirt road; this man isn't an ordinary man, however… This man is a highly learned man, one of great wisdom and intellect, a brilliant man. Though, you should expect such a person to be so learned, he must have such logic and intellect to devise instant battle tactics and strategies right off the top of his head. He is known as one of the strongest mages in all of Celtland, the master of Earth magic, his name: Bartholomew. After his years of fighting and adventures, he decided to settle down and have a child with his wife, Agatha, a great mage known for her amazing Healing powers. As his walks up this dirt road, a small child is spotted by his side, dressed in peasants' clothing, not nearly close to his fathers' flowing cape, staff and headband. This child has been raised since birth to follow in the steps of his father, this child has not yet been named, for naming a child for who's fate is to become a mage is an unholy act, the name is to be given by the Grand Abbot of the Melrode Monastery, which is the destination of the small child and his father...

The large man turns toward his child and speaks with his deep voice to him, "My child, this is the day in which I have been waiting for for so long, the day where you begin your training at the Melrode Monastery. Did you know that I trained here as a child?"

The child looks at his father in amazement, "The Monastery was up back then?"

His father laughs as he replies, "My child, this Monastery has been up for 790 years, kept up by the great faith of the monks inside it, by the grace of God; my child, 32 generations have gone by since the Monastery was built."

The child, with a look of surprise in his face, speaks, "Wow, God is very powerful, what else can He do?"

His father starts to get a serious face, "My child, the magical powers the mages can use is provided solely by Gods will and is raised by your faith. After you find the strength and faith to fight with magic in battle, each fight won will provide you with more spirit, and more spirit means more faith, and eventually, with enough spirit, you will earn stronger magic abilities. As one of the rare spirit tamers, you also have the ability to see the spirits of lost souls that God hides from the view of the common human; by helping these lost spirits find a cause, which is to help in your cause to destroy evil spirits-"

The child, questioningly interrupts, "If God wants to help destroy the evil, why can't he just give someone a lot of faith and let it be done?"

His father, thoughtfully answers, "Faith is the belief in God or in the teachings of a religion, one must find it on their own, one can not just be thrust upon with such beliefs. What many don't understand is that while they want Gods love, they must love Him to receive his love, one must actually have more than faith, they must show that they will love him in return for His acts of care; He wants love like most anyone else, if he just gives somebody faith, would that be real love? No, it wouldn't."

The child happily accepts this reply, but has one more question, "But… Why are the creatures we are training to destroy able to create magic attacks? Aren't these abilities given my faith and God?"

His father answers, "Yes, and that is a very good question, and their attacks are provided with faith as well… but evil faith for the Unholy God. Unlike our God, the Unholy God doesn't care for love, he wants hate; to create hate, he puts faith into innocent creatures, who, with the evil faith, become distorted. They have weaker abilities then a Mage because of this." the father decides to change the subject, "Are you ready for your training? You will be faced with challenges which you could never imagine, you will be faced with extreme mental and physical stress, you will suffer tremendous pain from these challenges, are you ready?"

The child thinks hard about this, and after a time, he replies in a serious voice, "Yes, I am, I can take it, I was raised by you under the guidance of our God, right?"

The father proudly proclaims, "You make me so proud, I could have asked to for a better child."

After these words, the tips of the Monastery were seen over the ledge as they both start becoming anxious, walking up the dirt road, each step getting closer to the doors of the Monastery.

"All my life, I have been preparing for this day, I have prepared for training for years now. Now I'm ready. I have had to go through years of study, physical training, mental conditioning… All so I could be ready for more preparation, soon, soon I will become a mage and help in Gods mission to eradicate the world of the Unholy Gods' work. But for this, I know that I must leave my old life behind, my father…"

As these thoughts pass through the childs' head, they walk down the walkway, his heart beating faster, he feels his heart hitting his chest, he becomes more and more nervous, more and more anxious for his fate. His father walks up to the door and tells his child to open the door, as is custom to allow one to open the doors to their own fate. The door slowly opens under the weak push of the child, but it eventually opens.

Tears start to form in his fathers eyes as he speaks, "You are about to embark upon your training, I must leave you now, I will pray for you."

Father and Son hug each other as the guard comes to take the child, the guard puts his hand on the fathers elbow, "I must now take the holy one, I know this is a hard time for you, but I must take the holy one now."

The child and father let go and the son, with tears streaming out of his eyes, is taken away… The father sees his son being walked away crying as the doors to the monastery close, the father falls to his knees and starts sobbing.

"I will miss you, my son, the next time I see you, you will be a mage." He sits on his knees and closes his eyes, "Agatha, I wish you could see him now, he has become more than we could have ever guessed, why did you have to leave? Why?"